Observing Myself Get Fucktarded: Eating Crappy For a Month

I didn't set out to do an experiment and in fact, it's not even as poorly controlled as are most of my haphazard hacks. So, rather than call it a "self experiment," I think I'm going with: "observing myself get fucktarded." Deal?

I just fell into it. Around the last week or two of July, in the midst of moving to where I'd be living in three places at various times, I migrated into two things of import:

  1. Stopped cooking (many reasons, including selling my gas range). So, mostly restaurant, take-out, some fast food—but I tried to keep it real. So, for example, in Fat Head style: burger and drink, hold the fries usually.
  2. Was taking zero supplements, including PS (or any other RS or fermentable fiber supplementally), and zero probiotics from either my recommended stash or dairy-based.
  3. Neither sought ought gluten grain products, nor avoided them when they were around.

But, I was also pretty physically active, and it ended up that I was feeling great, and so at a point, I thought: why not continue this season of debauchery and see where it takes me?


  1. I had diminished appetite almost all the time. It was actually weirdly uncharacteristic. Whereas, I could always finish a burger, fries and drink meal, I was leaving a few bites and sometimes even more of just the burger.
  2. I lost weight—about 8 pounds in 3-4 weeks. I'm not really ready yet to go into what I think I know in terms of long-term weight loss using RS (see my post here, see Grace's recent post here), but since this began about 18 months ago, I've knocked off about 15 pounds or so in total, with 8 of them in the last month on no supplemental RS.
  3. Kinda roller coaster in terms of going from fucking awesome sleep to crap no sleep; and as well, going from a euphoric state of well being to having a deep understanding of Robin Williams' plight (a little hyperbole for the masses, there).

But here's the real kicker and it just began a couple of days ago, and has intensified: I'm back to having mildly chronic nasal congestion, itching, sneezing, runny nose and drip.

SO, I'm headed back to the regular routine, starting today. Just can't tolerate the nose crap. But the appetite and weight loss are mystifying to me and I tried not even one little bit. If anything, I tried to not try.

'Splain it to me.

Richard Ridiculous

I lafed at myself over the podcast interview I did yesterday, beginning about 35 minutes in, here. Spent a good hour being interviewed by John Harris and Andrew Weaver, two pretty funny guys.

We basically talk about gut health in general, Paleo diet, barely get to resistant starch in the hour we had. But it was totally open format, lots of bouncing around.

35 minutes in, if you dare. It was fun chatting.

Logic 101: Why The Resistant Starch And Gut Biome Revolution Means Doom For VLC/Keto

It has gone way beyond an embrace of resistant starch. Back in the day—meaning about a year ago—my Google alerts delivered webstuff on RS a coupla times per week, at best. Now, it's a half dozen per day as the world comes to realize the enormity of the gut's profound influence on health in the very general. RS is but one element, but a very important one: easy to see results fast and cheap.

...Lafably, you still have people writing only about the Krebs Cycle, the hormones leptin and insulin, "signaling," and "PATHWAYS!!!!" et al. You see, I take criticism because I never put you to sleep with that sort of deconstruction minutiae. Let those who blog that stuff have their geek followers. Don't care. Never did.


More fish, troll I.

I've come to receive more and more comments from VLC/Keto proponents trying to be conciliatory about it—cool enough, progress, etc. I don't mean to pick on rs711; it's merely the latest, and the one that inspired this post specifically.

150g of CHO is too much for more and more people.

This is absurd.

But, I'll explain nicely. A comment along the same lines—trying to reconcile the irreconcilable—put this forth:

I don’t know why the keto/low carb community will not just choose to integrate RS. As you point out some already have. Why not the rest? How long will it be until RS supplements start appearing in stores?

My reply:

Because, they understand quite well that embracing it is like welcoming Barbarians at the gate of the Castle.

Bank on it.

...I’ll elaborate just a bit to give you a clue as to why this is and why RS is a zero-win for VLC/Keto.

Should it turn out that supplementation via things like PS, green plantain/banana flour, etc., help folks, then it takes no genius to conclude that they were fucktarded from day one. Or, ignorant-fucktarded, to be more magnanimous.

Nobody had access to isolated RS in human evolution. Ergo, starch consumption in various forms is a more appropriate dietary regime.

Resistant starch is a Trojan Horse for the VLC/Keto crowd. They know that very well, and it's why you see such vigorous defense of VLC/Keto all over—which, I dismiss entirely; because, I know what it is, and why it is. I'm pretty good at knowing in what to invest my energies. Duh. Try to protect an investment in a dietary regime from the 1970s that turns out to be wrong because unknowns weren't integrated, or try to understand more and more about the gut biome; where, incidentally, 100% of the revelations point to the benefits of real-food carbohydrate in the diet?

Place your bets. LC/Keto are Buggy Whips, but go ahead and try to keep the industry alive.

So, that's really the most fundamentally logical reason why VLC/Keto is now doomed: the rapidly emerging science of the gut biome that heretofore, has been 100% unaccounted for.

Moreover, this logically means that Paleo advocates ought divorce from LCers and lend no more support. It is simply the Law of Identity—i.e., of non-contradiction—that LC is about restricting a macronutrient (carbohydrate) no matter what, and Paleo is about understanding the appropriate human diet via ever developing knowledge about not only what was eaten but now, gut microbiology that dovetails quite nicely with the developing evolutionary and anthropological knowledge in other areas.

The puzzle is coming together, which is the essence of the Paleo paradigm qua foundational template.

Want a belly laf? Human mother's milk is about 30% sugar.

We should have known, eh?

Alright, the second part of the logical equation is more practical, lo, pernicious. You see, the VLC/Keto advocates have had a trick up their sleeves for decades to fool you. It goes like this:

  1. Do an Atkin's style Induction Diet for 2 or more weeks
  2. Measure ketones; pee purple
  3. Test your blood glucose regularly, especially after meals
  4. Freak out when you next eat some carbs and see your BG readings

A self-fulfilling, baked-in-the-cake scam of confirmation bias.

Here's the thing.

When you go ketogenic—either by LCHF (low protein too) or fasting—you develop physiological insulin resistance. Because your brain requires upwards of 130 grams daily of glucose, then if you're not ingesting it because LC-Guru, your body—as an evolutionary survival adaptation in the face of perceived starvation—makes it from protein (even your heart muscle if it has to; welcome to the optimal chronic dietary regime). But, it also guards glucose like Fidel Castro holds onto 1950s communism. To do that, it gives you a form of metabolic syndrome. It's analogous to the physiological "Type 2 Diabetes" of a bear in late fall, about to hibernate for 5 months.

What's the result? It's that, in the way VLC/Keto is promoted now, you have been admonished to monitor your blood glucose regularly. Of course, everyone knows everyone cheats and when you do let Satan into your bed with that piece of your child's birthday cake, WHAM! You're minimally pre-diabetes, if not type 2.

You have self diagnosed. You can no more eat any carbs than a couch potato who fears a heart rate of over 100 bpm can climb a flight of stairs. I suppose that couch potato would be analogous to a low-carb butter ball.

Guess what? This isn't just speculation on my part. I have scienzez to show you.

  1. Way back in 1928, 1936, and 1972, three very similar experiments were conducted on Inuit living their traditional diets. The results were identical even though the testing methods improved. They gave them a huge bolus dose of glucose and unlike you LCers who can't "climb a flight of stairs," they displayed normal physiologic glucose tolerance, spiking to about 140 mg/dL, perfectly normal. Cleard within a couple of hours. Then, they put them on an 80 hour fast in order to induce unequivocal ketosis. Gave them the same glucose. They spiked to 400 and 3 hours later, some were still over 300. My post on it: To Reiterate, Just In Case You Missed It: No Elevated Ketone Levels in the Inuit.
  2. Ironically, Vilhjalmur Stefansson—the guy who popularized the arctic and Inuit for countless VLC/Keto advocates—tested out exactly the same after his Belleview experiment. Crap ability to handle glucose after the year, restored to normal after 3 weeks on a nomal diet: More Uncovering of the Inuit Myth: Stefansson and Anderson Belleview Experiement; Compromised Glucose Tolerance.

At what point are people of good sense going to recognize that the new knowledge of the gut biome and its requirement for much fermentable fiber is a complete game changer (VLC/Keto is just a small aspect, though the very most wrong of everybody on this point)? At what point, as well, are people of good sense going to recognize that VLC/Keto has been a convenient, baked-in-the-cake scam (unintentionally, but the convenience exists) all along by creating physiological insulin resistance that by means of admonishments to measure blood glucose regularly, is then used anecdotally to convince people that carbohydrates are bad?

But you know what? All you VLC/Keto folks are welcome to continue. I love beating you up, and I don't need to recite PATHWAYS!!!!! from textbooks to do it.

Australian Catalyst: Gut Reaction; It Signals The End of VLC and Ketogenic Diets For Everyone

I'm blown away.

You'll see.

The last week, I've been at a rural mountain place where data is quite fast, but metered; and since my brother pays for it, I have to shuttle stuff away for later.

...And so it was when a commenter, last week, clued me in to another Catalyst program from Australia (Yea, the same one that took it in the shorts because they threatened the profits of the statin-drug industry that's in the billions of $$$—most profitable drug in history...not, like, antibiotics, that saved hundreds of millions...).


New research has linked the Western diet to asthma, autism, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, emphysema, cancer, and the list goes on. The reason a healthy diet could be even more important than previously thought is because food affects the bacteria deep inside our guts. Unbeknownst to most of us, we each carry about 1.5 kg of bacteria – that’s trillions of tiny microbes that contribute 100 times as many genes as our genomes do. In the last ten years, a technological revolution means scientists are now beginning to discover just how crucial these microscopic creatures are to our overall health...and what they’re learning is shaking the very foundations of medicine and nutrition.

This is 100% what our book—and I will always characterize it as such—is about. Literally, I do not think there's a single idea or sentence that Tim did not have the foresight to include, for me to wordsmith.

You must watch this. Ridiculously, there does not seem to be any embed code, but oh, well, watch it. I can't wait for part 2. ...I'll have to satisfy myself with Season 6 of Parks and Recreation, and just getting into Season 1 of The Wire in the meantime.

...The part I haven't addressed but decided to include in the title is the part about the end of VLC and Ketogenic Diets (for regular folks, I understand its therapeutic value). This is addressed, not directly, but by implication in the video.

The problem is that there is an intransigent low carb industry now that is just as successful as antibiotics were, with the same consequences. Antibiotics carpet bomb the gut, VLC starves it. In both cases, you can eliminate or ameliorate problems by lowering populations of pathogens.

Both, however, come with the same costs: you've killed or starved the good ones, too.

You know why I have come to hate and loath the VLC community? One word: intransigence. None of them will dare to integrate this, because integrating it is suicide. And they know it.

They thought they knew it all. Perhaps they did, but it was only 10% of the equation and they're riddled with confounding variables in the 90% range, up to 1,000 species, producing unaccountable compounds.

Laf. I want to see them all in potato soup lines.

Update: I must add that yesterday, I was working on some of Tim's integrations and though it's covered previously in the book, he brought up again how the gut bugs "train" the immune system. Listen to the video at about 7:50.

Gut Biome Book Update: Intestinal Fortitude

Intestinal Fortitude is the working title. Credit: Mark Sisson for the idea. I like it.

I feel compelled to give an update about the progress of the book originally launched by Tim "Tatertot" Steele and I last December, incorporating Grace Liu as Science Editor in February. The reason is simply that I keep getting emails and comments various places, asking for updates—and everyone is still under the impression that we're all three still collaborating on it. Nope, not since mid-June.

Well, just like rock bands had and have conflicts, so did we. I won't get into details. Irreconcilable differences. All anyone will ever know from me, besides close confidants I trust. I believe Tim and Grace will handle it similarly. There's always fault to go around, chez moi too.

Such is life. Fortunately, everyone gets to do what they want and that's what the three of us have done.

Basically, Grace's contributions have been redacted and Tim and I have come to an agreement regarding his massive contributions. I'm working solo, now; vigorously, of late.

When the book is done and published, the acknowledgements will credit Grace for much inspiration and Tim: for writing 90% of the rough draft during the cold, dark Alaska winter...while I was busy putting together post after post in general promotion—now over 100 posts—on resistant starch, incorporating many more aspects of the gut biome in general. There's only a single chapter in the book on RS, specifically.

It stands at about 350-400 pages.

Yesterday, as I was working on the editing and wordcrafting of some of Tim's draft, I put up some updates on Facebook. So, here's a taste:

  1. On the gut biome and Autism
  2. On the gut biome and Alzheimer's
  3. On the gut biome and Autoimmunity in general
  4. On the gut biome and Rheumatoid Arthritis and Ankylosing Spondylitis

About half of the book is manuscript ready at this point. Another month or two, and it'll be done. No idea when actual publishing will happen, but I guarantee it will happen.

Grace and Tim are engaged separately in their own endeavors and I wish them both the best of success. Grace blogs at AnimalPharm and Tim has dipped his toe into blogging waters at VegetablePharm—and he's also engaged in a graduate program in biological sciences he'll perhaps blog about. Additionally, Grace did a presentation at the Ancestral Health Symposium 2014 and her presentation is now up and I highly recommend it.

Onward. As always, every time, no exceptions ever.

Why Are Americans Such Fucktards About Food For Kids?

I've blogged about school lunches a few times before. Here's my favorite: It’s The Crap; Just Eat Real Food.

School Lunch Frankenfood
American School Lunch Industrially Manufactured Frankenfood

America: the fucktarded land where kids can't even get a freshly made fucking PB&J sandwich for lunch; no, they have to come industrially assembled in a factory with bulk-purchased, cheapest possible ingredients, packaged, and then trucked far & wide.

By comparison, here's what a typical school lunch looked like in France back in 2010 when I published that post, inspired by this article.

School Lunch in France
School Lunch in France

Shameful, in every respect. Not that I think it's the responsibility of the State via coerced taxation to buy a free lunch for anyone; but since that's not going away, it does seem minimally prudent that it be used to ensure quality, or that hell, priorities get adjusted? I've recently written about how Americans don't give a shit about their children. Not really.

...Speaking of which, I note that the National Debt has increased about $3 TRILLION in the same 3-year period of time. Public debt is an awesome barometer in noting just how much fucktard parents and fucktard grandparents are liars. They dote on and on about the kids; but they want their "retirement," and by doG, those kids, grandkids, great grandkids...great, great, great, great, great, great grandkids are going to pay for it all, with interest, while they wave their flags, read every single AARP press release that ever came out, and sport "I voted" stickers. Pathetic.

Tom Brokaw was wrong. It's not "The "Greatest Generation." It is—literally—the most entitled feeling generation in the history of planet Earth. I'll take the previous one, that endured the Great Depression, anytime.

Moving right along, here's what French school lunches look like in 2014: What French Kids Eat For School Lunch (It Puts Americans To Shame!):

Impressive, caring French school lunches for an investment in healthy kids (click to enlarge)

First courses: cucumber and tomato salad; cabbage and tomato salad; tabouleh (made with bulgur); and potato and pickle salad.

Main courses: veal marinated with mushrooms, broccoli; roast beef, potatoes, baked tomatoes with herb; breaded fish, cauliflower; and sausages, zucchini.

Cheese with  three of the four meals.

Desserts: apple tart, kiwi, peach, ice cream, apple.

“All our fruits, vegetables, fish and meat are sourced locally, some of them from local farms,” according to Dany Cahuzac, the city counselor in charge of school matters, including the cantine. The local bakery delivers bread, a staple of every French meal, fresh every morning. And every two days, there is at least one organic item on the menu. Once a month, an entirely organic meal is served. The only drink offered at lunchtime is filtered tap water, served in glass pitchers.

OMG! Water to drink, only. It's likely assumed that they had full fat milk for petit déjeuner that morning.

...Instead of hanging heads in abject shame and failure in the face of an admission of guilt over what can rightfully only be described as child abuse, what does America do instead? It literally makes a Federal Case out of it, enlisting the wife of the holder of the highest political office—in oder to garner political points more so than anything else.

And since one ought never pass up a chance to use the word audacity in reference to the Obama administration, they had the audacity to call the thing the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act. Watch what these teachers and kids think about that.

And here: See Why This Kentucky School District Just Told Michelle Obama To Take Her Lunch Plan And Shove It.

The promise of a significant influx of federal money was not enough to convince officials in one Kentucky school district to stick with the school lunch program endorsed by Michelle Obama. According to a Cincinnati Enquirer report, Fort Thomas Independent Schools will no longer be confined by the strict mandates set forth in the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act that went into effect earlier this year.

Despite the fact that the district would receive hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to implement the regulations, administrators cite the fact that kids are not eating the resulting meals as their reason for dropping the program.

Well, one problem is that so many kids can't even recognize food anymore. It's been bred out of the population. On the other hand, I do note that the guidelines mandate that only skim or 1% milk can be served. 1% has 25% of the milk fat of actual milk.

The other thing is that I believe most schools nationwide don't even prepare food in the school kitchen, anymore. When I was in elementary school, I volunteered for the kitchen almost all the time. I loved working with the nice lunch ladies. There were daily deliveries of of food: meat, fish, fowl, vegetables and fruits. These cooks would actually do something radical like follow a recipe, put food in pots and pans, and cook it. It would be served on cafeteria platters that had to be washed; and we had forks, knives, and spoons.

Perhaps if schools went back to preparing actual food and encouraging kids to pitch in with the preparation, serving on the line, and cleanup, they would develop an appreciation and these problems will take care of themselves, by the kids themselves.

Update: Via Angelo Coppola, here's a 5-minute CBS News report about school lunches in France.

Newsflash: Whores Work for Money, Not Votes or Wishes

 It is so laf.

STUDY: You Have ‘Near-Zero’ Impact On U.S. Policy

A startling new political science study concludes that corporate interests and mega wealthy individuals control U.S. policy to such a degree that “the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.”


Who rules America?

The new study, with the jaw-clenching title of "Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens," is forthcoming in the fall 2014 edition of Perspectives on Politics. Its authors, Martin Gilens of Princeton University and Benjamin Page of Northwestern University, examined survey data on 1,779 national policy issues for which they could gauge the preferences of average citizens, economic elites, mass-based interest groups and business-dominated interest groups. They used statistical methods to determine the influence of each of these four groups on policy outcomes, including both policies that are adopted and rejected.

The analysts found that when controlling for the power of economic elites and organized interest groups, the influence of ordinary Americans registers at a "non-significant, near-zero level." The analysts further discovered that rich individuals and business-dominated interest groups dominate the policymaking process. The mass-based interest groups had minimal influence compared to the business-based interest groups.

The study also debunks the notion that the policy preferences of business and the rich reflect the views of common citizens. They found to the contrary that such preferences often sharply diverge and when they do, the economic elites and business interests almost always win and the ordinary Americans lose.

The article's author, Allan Lichtman, then goes on—in utter face-palming imbecility—to conclude:

Rich individuals and business interests have the capacity to hire the lobbyists that shadow legislators in Washington and to fill the campaign coffers of political candidates. Ordinary citizens are themselves partly to blame, however, because they do not choose to vote.

America's turnout rate places us near the bottom of industrialized democracies. More than 90 million eligible Americans did not vote in the presidential election of 2012 and more than 120 million did not vote in the midterm elections of 2010.

Translation: If a whore goes instead for the cash and ignores 125 million wishes, in order to spread her legs, then we simply need 90 million more wishes. What a moron. Lichtman: you're a fucktard.

Anyway, here's the study draft (PDF): Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens.

Now, pop quiz: who wrote this and for how long has he been saying it in various iterations and forms?

"Voting: getting a 1/300 millionth say in your own affairs."

There's a good reason that 90 million American's are smart enough to not bother voting, ever. They understand this:

At least they have the common decency to cover themselves.

Source: Anarchy Begins at Home: The Blog Series Part 8 – The Quality of Neolithic Social Power.

Alright, onward. There's my toldjaso for the day. Take the fucking Red Pill already.

Update: George Carlin Doesn't Vote (and not because he's dead)