Los Tiempos Van Cambiando

The times they are a changin'

You know it, you see it. Je suis fier d'avoir appris à parler français à 30. ...Voy a aprender a hablar español a los 54.

I'm starting with music.

My Lawnmower-Powered Aircraft Has Arrived

 Just yesterday.

IMG 3125

The manual has been read cover-to-cover, everything quite intuitive if you already know how to fly a hang glider safely.

I'll be busy getting a few things sorted before flying it, such as having the emergency parachute integrated into the harness, then getting all attachment points fitted to my wing.


doodlebug over mystic wales hang gliding 1328135944
Doodlebug over Mystic Wales

I'll be flying down to Cabo next Wednesday, Beatrice on Saturday, both returning same flight Monday. We'll be staying at the new prospective place, and either paying the $3,900 upfront for the first six months of rent, or finding something else.

Once I've made a decision, I just don't fuck about, about it. Get 'er done. If you later find you made a mistake, then just get something else done.

Why Do I Go Out Of My Way To Beat You Up So Much?

Because I care.

But understand. I don't give a putrid, runny shit about what you think. Not a one of you. There's precious little in comments that even ever raises my eyebrow when it's in contradiction.

I care about what you value; because, I know what you really value. And it annoys me that so many of you betray what you value over the putrid, runny shit you got indoctrinated with just to spout to others so they suck up to you.

It hurts me when I see people putting the putrid runny shit ahead of what they really, truly love out of life—which I do not believe is a life comprised of decades of cowtow-401K-cubicalism, with stock options for a startup that has about as much chance as cherries, pineapples, and three sevens. Just guessing.

You can grab an amazing life now. I'm 54 and excited for reals, and I've lived abroad and travelled the world. Then I came back, started a company, made $3 million yearly for a while. But I hated my life and what it cost me in soul and alcohol consumption to do it.

I'm changing it as fast as I can and it would be untoward of me to not share. You can do it too, even if you're 18 or 20, and get a big jump.

Emigrate from lands that count on you to feed the beast for your life, then get a pittance to live in a cracker box and have full medical care so that a lot of money feeds back into the 1st World CAFO.

...Yes, plans are moving along. I'll probably board a plane to Cabo Monday or Tuesday. I'm going to be staying at the property.

My Bird’s Eye View of Land’s End Baja Has Shipped

While others rent cars, this is how I plan to explore the tail end of one of the world's longest peninsulas. Don't care to dispute which is truly longest between Malaysian, Kamchatka, or Baja. They're all fucking long. Once I hit TJ (which is about 8 hours drive), it's 21 hours drive time to Cabo.

I wish this thing could cart a cargo load.

Yes, I have the requisite experience. No worries. Anyway, it's in a UPS box right now, on it's way here. I'll have to do a few mods in terms of a reserve parachute setup and a keel chop, but it's all handled.

Damn, I Have To Fly Down to Cabo San Lucas Again, ASAP

Once you've made a real decide, things move quickly.

And guess who's become the great catalyst? Beatrice. After years of trying to get her to take her CTA retirement designed for Bay Area California, move abroad, live for pennies by comparison, and mock American slaves paying for it via W2 safety-net deductions, I think she finally gets it.

I'm still going to have to work on her doing the mocking with righteous hubris, take no prisoners, in-your-fucking-face-and-fuck-your-landofthefree. I'll work on it. The dog walk on the beach with year-round just-right ocean temperatures and 80ish degree arid climate should help. I'll get her to laf at all you wage slaves, news junkies...voters who think The President is important—rather than a pathetic, impotent fuck of a steaming pile of shit married to a stupid bitch—if it's the last thing I do.

I just spoke with Judith. Elderly woman and artist by trade who designed and had this place built. She's renting it out for a whopping $650 per month. Oh, it's off grid, too. No electric bill. Photovoltaics, battery storage, inverter. The fridge is propane, so as to quell the average load.


So, looks like I'll be off again soon, within a week or two. Judith insists I see everything and am happy before renting it.

Oh, BTW, it has two separate palapas-bungalows on the property. Since I'm in the vacation rental business, I might rent those out and live free, or minimally, at zero cost.

Or, you know, slave away in that cubicle, imagining that you have to make a shit-ton of money to live in the overpriced, overhyped, overpopped culture that has thoroughly lost its way and whorishly divorced itself from virtually all lasting meaning.

Ponder it, while sitting in line at the Starbucks drive through, while waiting to get your upper spiked upper concoction to drink.

Update: OK, I'll admit it. Some of the snark in this post was inspired by me starting to watch both Silicon Valley and Veep yesterday, via my new HBONOW account. The two together almost make up for Ron Swanson and P&R.

Lamb Shanks Sous Vide

Well, what do you think of this dish I made a couple of nights ago?

IMG 3116
Click on the image for hi-res

Well, lamb shanks are one of my favorites and I usually braise them. This time, sous vide and they were perhaps the best ever. Only, I didn't make them, only reheated them. Turns out my parents-in-law had a package on hand, made by Cuisine Solutions in the freezer. My first thought was 'oh, pre-prepared, packaged food; bet theres a list of ingredients 4" long, mostly unpronounceable.' Then I looked more closely. First clue was it was cooked sous vide, is individually packaged, and all you need to is reheat (I defrosted by cold water immersion a few hours).


Not too bad at all. For reheating once defrosted, I brought a pot of water to a boil, turned off the heat, waited a few minutes, then put in the pouches and covered for about an hour. About half way through. I made some mashed potatoes. It's completely silly to not enjoy this on a bed of slightly buttered, salted, and peppered mashed potatoes.

They have a whole bunch of sous vide foods, and they're available at Costco, BJ’s, Wegmans and Whole Foods. Enjoy. They're fantastic.

Going Clear HBO Documentary

Just a quick note to recommend the thing. Watched it this morning under my new HBONOW subscription, that frees you from being tied to a cable or satellite near GovCo monopoly. Cool also is quick signup under my existing Apple account. Nice work, gentlemen.

Anyway, having been on the Internet and in particular, USENET, since 1992, I've been well aware of Scientology whistleblowers and the efforts of the former to SLAP them for a long time. But, I was never interested to look very deeply. Just another thing that's whacky as a football bat, like the son of doG being born of a virgin, dying by crucifixion for all the babies born into sin, condemned to eternal torture in hell, and then rising from the dead on the third day. No, that's not insane. Alien-maned DC-8 replicas under the command of Zenu dropping frozen bodies into volcanoes 75 million years ago, releasing Thetan spirits to mind control humans at birth...now that's insane.

Anyway, even with only a peripheral curiosity, it's a well done, captivating documentary. I highly recommend it. Of for nothing else, lottsa lafs.

Update: Unrelated, but another recommendation is the HBO documentary Sinatra: All Or Nothing At All, in 2 parts. Especially part 2. Talk about a guy who grabbed life by the balls and squeezed as hard as he could for decades.

I Will Not Bake Or Sell You A Gay Wedding Cake. Now Go Fuck Off.

I've been the handy-man-on-call for an elderly coupla dykes. Happy to do it, and they asked nicely and we were friends. And yea, lots of gay friends over the years. I understand how, like having black friends, that actually makes me anti-gay and anti-black—a total transparent, grandstanding mess for public opinion. Because, as you are well aware, I'm all about wide, public, positive fucking-opinion. I work hard at it. Get along. My motto.

But: friends. Do you get it? It was personal. I wasn't forced and even after a rocky start with those two (both retired Sheriffs, too) we all came to find we couldn't help ourselves. There's so much more to a person than their political views. Jeanie died a few years back after multiple battles with various assortments of cancers. I loved her. And she always had Jamison's for me. I'd have baked her and Sharon a cake for any occasion, because they were friends.

I can't stand the gay agenda. It's actually managed to become worse than the atheist agenda.

They can all go fuck themselves and I hope that if anyone is actually forced to bake a wedding cake for someone they prefer to not associate with, they mix in plenty of various mammalian sperm and other bodily fluids. Supposedly, it's high in protein and what's more, it may not require that 1/4 tsp of salt. ...And nose boogers for texture. People will think it's pineapple.

I'm glad those buttfuckers chose this battle. I will never again in my life speak in support of the gay lifestyle, and I used to be known to walk out on people in restaurants over the FREE ASSOCIATION principle of the matter.

Go fuck yourselves.

Dr. Eades’ Groupies: I’m Not Happy Unless You’re Not Happy

Let me make it absolutely clear that I take unabashed delight in the frothing at the mouth I've had over the last few days, intensified since this last post: Why Did I Finally Go After Jimmy Moore and Michael Eades After Years of Supporting Them?

Here's some fun excerpts in my email this morning from four super-fans. I'm in Mexico (again). Checking email is infrequent. Some were notifications from 1st time commenters, which go to moderation—since I'm loath to invite someone in who knocks on my door and when I answer, says "let me in, asshole." Go fuck yourself, with attitude.

Richard isn’t giving you answers because he has none, and your questions are highlighting problems in the resistant starch research he tried to make money with.

Yea, I'm not giving answers I don't have to someone I don't know looking for an Internet diagnosis. Plenty of places to go for that. The implication is that it's ANSWERS that matter, not honest inquiry and flowing with the science. 

what an ignorant deuchebag you are richard. some major dickheads out here blogging, you being one of them. go fuck yourself!

Again, more of the same sort of thing. How dare I or any other ignoramus question Eades-edicts (ANSWERS!!!) that have come up as a result of tons of recent research that call such edicts into question. If taking delight in rubbing Eades' pompous-ass, condescending face in it—along with his fucktard groupies—makes me a dickhead, guilty. Go fuck yourselves with my compliments.


Indeed, I was "pimping" LC in 2008 and beyond. Worked for me, until it didn't. Then I integrated new research and don't think LC is a particularly good lifestyle for most people—though it probably has short-term and therapeutic advantages in certain circumstances.

After reading every post on diet on your site I have to conclude that your hate for the low carb community has nothing to do with health and everything to do with the fact that your fat, hypothyroid ass loves carbs.

Right. I used to hate "carbs," now I love "carbs," so I'm going to create a shitstorm over my weakness. It's really too dumb to answer, but if you must, I like and love foods. Some happen to have carbohydrates.

Another funny one is the guy (he's been in Eades' comments too) who's "in contact with 50 PHYSICISTS who agree with him." Yea? Well The Duck Dodgers are in collaboration with 51 PHYSICISTS!

OK, for the sake of explaining the evolution, let's go:

  1. The first inkling I got that LC (or Paleo for that matter) was incomplete was doing Martin Berkhan's Leangains. I did quite well on it, in both body composition and big gains in thy gym, rather like advertised. So, how could eating so many carbs (mostly from potatoes with little added fat) be so beneficial if LC and Paleo had all the answers? And you should see some of those comment threads back then, where eating potatoes was a big sin.
  2. LC did nothing for me later except make me feel tired and cold.
  3. Then came "The Potato Hack," back in about 2012 or so. How could so many stalled LC dieters kick off big weight loss eating 90-95% carbohydrate, and from POTATO?
  4. Then came Resistant Starch. Feed the gut, the gut is important (I have a Google alert and at this point, there's something like a dozen new articles daily about it, worldwide). I didn't blog about the rice news because I'm not interested in showing people how to eat twice as much rice, which is the tone of the whole deal.
  5. RS highlighted the importance of the gut biome, and also probiotics. Most of he foods for the gut—that demonstrate benefits in studies—are found in various natural carbohydrate foods. Another chink in the LC / Paleo "armor." So, lots of other foods and fibers came into play. My various Google alerts for things gut biome delivers dozens of articles and studies daily. I have dozens unread in my inbox right now.
  6. Then came Tigernuts, a tuber that appeared likely responsible to solve the mystery of the big shift ~3.5 million years ago in hominoids, from C3 to C4 isotopes. Integrate to that that a hominoid could harvest a day's nutrition in about 2 hours, tigernuts have about the same macro profile as mammal milk, and the micro-nutrition of vitamins and minerals edges out muscle meat—not to mention that they are both gut food and come with a set of soil-based probiotics on their surface.
  7. Then came serious questions about the whole "legend" surrounding how people in extreme cold environments survived—particularly Inuit—rendering the entire thing largely a bunch of mythology promoted by conniving frauds and opportunist peddlers.
  8. And finally, the big dig into hormesis and "toxins," where, it turns out, avoiding them may be a "cure" that's actually detrimental. Yes, there are tons of "toxins" that are highly beneficial and health promoting. Dose is important.
  9. And finally, all along the way, remember that I actually have a blog with over 100,000 total comments, and I've read every single one. I see everything, the positive and the negative self reporting, and fuck you if you don't like it, but I go with what I see, predominantly.

In terms of #9, I've seen thousands of positive anecdotes surrounding LC and Paleo over the years, and I'm one of them. But I've also seen just as much negative, when one takes the long-term view, i.e., a "diet for life." Well, we're humans for life, so in spite of short-termthereputic value, I became persuaded over time that such is its proper context.

Just as importantly, as I have blogged about all the things surrounding #1 - #8, I have thousands of anecdotes of people experimenting themselves, and achieving breakthroughs and benefits. I'm one of those too. So, it all begins adding up.

Now, contrast that with a pompous-ass, condescending Eades where even after we initially attempted to be very kind and conciliatory with new information on much of the stuff above, were met with ridicule, dismissiveness, and affirmations that it's so simple and he'll eventually get to it.

Eades can go fuck himself. So can all his pathetic, fucktard, mouth-frothing groupies. You know who else? Everybody who won't stand up similarly. Contempt have I, for all of you. Life is too short to tolerate intransigent bullshit for the purposes of protecting fiefdoms and nefarious back-scratching liaisons.

Here's the most recent anecdote.


I can say I ate up the ketogenic bullshit for years and gained weight and still stuck to stuffing my face with coconut milk, butter, and heavy cream and acting like the calories were going to magically disappear “because ketosis.”

My bottles of the three probiotics you recommend are running dry, I’ve been through about 7 bags of potato starch, I’ve been back to eating lots of rice, potatoes, fruit, and veggies for a while now and I’m quickly on my way to being in the best shape of my life. Last July I was 220lbs, now I’m 190 and much stronger.

It takes very little thought now to know if I’m eating right, I eat about a pound of starch, a pound of meat, and have a shake with berries, a frozen banana, green ORAC, 4 egg yolks, a scoop of pure grassfed whey from truenutrition (highly recommended) for 30g of protein, some whole milk, and 4 tbs of potato starch. Super filling and easy, and full of nutrients.

I feel fucking amazing and I look great. Thanks.”

Or, strive to figure out a way to make LC work for you. I hear that—seriously—drinking bleach allows you to eat LC like a whale, which makes sense because the whole LC thing is all about being a glutton and getting into heaven anyway. It's makes you "born again."

Why Did I Finally Go After Jimmy Moore and Michael Eades After Years of Supporting Them?

I feel like I need to explain myself. And, I think you deserve an explanation.

1. Jimmy Moore is a faithful man who steadfastly refuses—after years of self-demonstrated failure—to to question his faith. The man's modus operandi is faith, all the other stuff is just dressing and frosting. In that post: "despite faithfully eating low-carb, high-fat." It's the one phrase that explains everything.

2. Dr. Michael Eades can never be wrong ever. What he felt good about thinking he knew 20 years ago is stronger than ever. Eades needs little explanation. He's graduated to political-like maneuvering in order to always be seen in the light that his acolytes accept without any question. It's clever of him that he has many divorced-from-self-mind fans who have vastly different political views (Mike is a scaled-libertarian; I don't scale: I'm an anarchist). Perhaps after appliances, he can tide his idle time—between reading 150 studies and 20 books per month—hiring himself out to political consultants.

Eades is a fucking liar, and anyone with a brain knows it—and he ought just stop doing that shit because he could be of real value if he stopped to think about it. Moore is an exuberant believer.

It's the difference between an athiest Pope, and a simple Parrish priest whose biggest sin is faithful devotion to the Pope[s].