Laf Bruce Jenner

Look, I could give a shit whether he's found he wants to publicly suck donkey dicks whilst getting pounded by gay Catholic priests from behind...while nuns look on doing little circles.

...It was only recently that I even was aware of the deal at all, but Janet "JudgyBitch" Bloomfield's post crossed my email and made me laf uproariously and it would be untoward of me to not share it instanter: Let’s talk about Bruce Jenner.

What I find interesting about the Bruce Jenner situation is the notion of privilege and power. Jenner lives in a house filled with crazy, beautiful and incredibly wealthy women who use their looks to generate enormous amounts of income. Surely, it must be clear to him and everyone who watches these fame whores that the power to use tits and ass and turn it into cash resides with women. Good luck with the whole “women are oppressed” shtick at Casa Jenner. The whole Jennner/Karashian bankroll demonstrates beautifully that money determines privilege, not gender, and not race. Bruce is now set to join the powerful women of his clan as one of their own, and good for him. I don’t fault these women for stripping down for cash – they understand their ability to generate the big bucks lies in their looks and they are taking full advantage of that.

I just want the conversation to be honest. Don’t give me any crap about “patriarchy” and “oppression” when the size of your ass impacts your bank account so directly.

What I find depressing about the reaction to Bruce is that in order to elicit compassion and kindness and understanding and support, he needed to announce that he was, in fact, a woman. There’s the whole MHRM argument in a nutshell. Bruce the Olympic athlete, Bruce the gold-medal man, Bruce the world record holder got to suck it up, man up, shut up and expect nothing in terms of emotional support and empathy. Now that he’s a woman, or soon will be one, the media goes mad to offer him the kindness they deny to men. You can bet the feminist media in particular will trip over themselves to provide Bruce the woman with all the support they routinely refuse to offer men. Bruce now no longer needs to be taught not to rape, because he has magically lost the ability to rape, amirite? Bruce will now be the automatic victim of domestic violence (assuming it’s a man who hits him and not one of those psycho women he lives with). Bruce is now under no obligation to provide evidence for any accusations of sexual assault he cares to make. Bruce is now oppressed, victimized, and in need of rights.

Bruce is joining the privileged caste, and it will be interesting to watch and see if he understands that his transition will be more than just physical – it will be social and cultural, too.

You go girl. I don't care what you think about Janet. You're not as smart as she is. She knows how to unpack shit. Essentially, the only thing I have with her ever is the drum beat on same topic, but it's what it is.

Wildlife-ing in Los Zacatitos (incl. a short story of a rattlesnake encounter)

Last evening I got back from the off-grid Zac's Bar & Grill here in Los Zacatitos, Baja, Mexico, and was sitting out on the covered patio just musing. Actually, I was watching a gehko on the wall making a mark on a bug. He missed, then jumped after another, later. That was behind a column, so not sure whether he was successful.

But I had a couple of battery-powered, 120v ceiling lights on—via the 6, 12v-truck-battery bank and inverter, charged 366 days per year via solar panels on the roof—on, and moths were swirling. Suddenly a bat swooped in and by "swoop," I mean that's where the word comes from because that's what it sounded like. Scooped up a couple and made his or her leave without even waiting for a thanks.

...I seem to have built up a quick immunity to the various bug bites and stings, as they don't itch for more than about 30 minutes. I've learned to keep the lights off in the sleeping area for hours before bed. Best not attract them.

This morning, decided to make the 10-minute-ish walk to the beach and was paying less than the attention I ought and suddenly, almost stepped on this local friend. Once my heart started beating—@ 200bpm—again, I considered my situation.

IMG 3165

If you give him a chance, he'll let you know you ought not tread on him. Plus, he does his part to control the rodent population; and, he eats nose-to-tail—literally. What's not to love?

Given that, I decided he ought not be playing around in the road and get squished, so I determined to get him off it. Regardless of the risk, if just one rattlesnake life will be saved, it's all worth it.

I tried some small pebbles dropped nearby, not on him. No joy. So, picked up some of that gravel, tossed it in his general direction, and that did the trick. Wish I'd have caught how quickly he got into a defensive coil. As I was getting ready to film, he began moving off, but I caught this 20 seconds and be sure and turn up the volume.

After my ocean swim and the circumspect walk back, there's a foot long iguana in the back yard.

Coming back from my afternoon ocean swim my attention was diverted, and past runs a road runner, lizard in beak.

What an amazing privilege to be able to observe close and first hand (not TEEVEE) something that's not a sanitized, scrubbed, disinfected, paved-over, made-up, politicized, socialized, media-ized, commercialized, start-up-ized, entrepreneurialized, capitalized, developed view of the wild.

Free the Animal?

...Watch out for those snakes in the grass. I know you're about to embark on about a year and a half worth of agitating; deciding which one you're going to stand in lines to give a thumbs up for....

Los Zacatitos

Should I rent the place, I'm going to be anxious picking up guests at the airport and bringing them back. The 10-mile drive from San Jose Los Cabos to here takes 45-minutes through rough, barren terrain. I can already palpably feel their uncertainty and trepidation.

Where on Earth is he taking us?

Well, pressed for time. More later. Things to sort. For right now, here's the office. The Internet smokes. BTW, this bar and grill, like everything here, is completely off grid. You should see it lit up at night, though.

IMG 3140

Here's where I slept last night, just to the left.


Watched bees pollinate cactus flower this morning, after being awoken by the noise of waring or playful birds—haven't decided which, yet. Lots and lots of birds. I'm sure I'll miss waking up to the noise of traffic and pricks with loud motorcycle soon enough, though.

There Is No One Perfect Human Microbiome. Or Human Diet. Or Social System. Some Are Better For Some Things Some Times.

I'll be flying down to Cabo tomorrow morning, again. Staying in "Casa Corazon" in Los Zacatitos, about 8 miles east of San Jose Del Cabo. Beatrice will fly in Saturday. We're looking to rent the place for about six months.

Before I go head-down in preparations, let me leave you with a few things to ponder, given my last two posts: here, and here.

  • There's way more to chew on now than macronutrients. To state it another way, I'm kinda beyond the dietary wars. I'm also kinda beyond waring in general when the whole of any person is more important that anyone's assessment of how right or wrong they are on some fine point.
  • New science is demonstrating that while the human gut microbiome is of vast importance, it does not look like there are silver bullets any time soon in our future (why my approach is shotgun rather than boutique). See here, and here.
  • One thing you can absolutely say about the average longest lived populations on earth is that they're omnivorous and tend to shotgun their guts with various foods gut bugs love. The vast majority of them are lean, and they tend to be leaner on average that most everyone else. They actually live longer too, in case that's actually important—and you recall from all the saturated fat and cholesterol wars: pointing out that all-cause mortality trumps.
  • The one area where the Low Carb Movement gets a gold star in my view is in helping to cause saturated fat and cholesterol phobias to Jump the Shark. Oh, sure, you still see it in articles; but, 99.99% of "journalists" are unrelenting, unrepentant...and worse: ignorant beyond simple awareness Fucktards. We know this. They are literally unaware that there is even a debate about it. It's the very worst kind of Fucktard. News readers.
  • Demonstrating how one or some set of things is completely wrong is not equivalent to demonstrating how something else is completely right. So, while we have nothing to fear from normal ingestion of saturated fat or cholesterol in the context of real foods, that's not the same as saying that because a low-carb diet generally offers copious amounts of these things, then we should unduly restrict carbs per se.
  • And it certainly doesn't mean that when things don't quite go as planned for some many, that we double-down, publish and promote books to explain away hypercholesterolemia, weight gain, loss of sleep, stress hormones and on and on...with what essentially amounts to: carbs aren't low enough, and protein is too high.
  • Just like nature is dominated by negative feedback mechanisms; so too, I think, is biology dominated by J-Curves. Not linear or one-sided exponential relationships, but Yin-Yang-ish. We all understand the fallacy that because some is good, more is better. But you must complete the puzzle: just because too much is bad, zero is not necessarily optimal. This is essentially the idea of hormesis or, "finding the sweet spot."
  • And then there's J-Curves ON or comprised of J-Curves; i.e., integral and differential calculus. Everyone knows too much alcohol too often is bad, but the epidemiology research shows that on average, a little sometimes, is better than abstinence. but hormetically, this will hold for tons of things: sugar, starches, grains, fat, meat, fruit, vegetables, and the list goes on. So, rather than "pick your poison," I suggest "pick your optimalites." You don't have to have two cocktails per week if you don't want to. The next guy doesn't have to have a baked potato. Neither has to have a 1-pound prime rib (OK, I've gone to far) or a big helping of ruminant liver. You'll have to come up with your own calculus.

Waxing philosophical, I'm tired of feeling the need to put in my 2c on everything that goes on out there. Right now, it's the boat people of the Mediterranean. Who would have predicted that? Loads of irony if you look. How about the German pilot that killed a few tons of peoples by exploiting the very thing that was supposed to make taking down a commercial aircraft from the cockpit controls nearly impossible? ...And all the while, shit tons of trillions—in terms of dollars, lost time, and justifiable outrage—have been squandered in making people feel like safe sheep in TSA lines. The ironies are so fucking hilarious it's almost as tragic as all the safe-feeling people who brutally learned that the state cannot protect you.

Alright, I suppose that's about enough. let's see if I can get through the next election cycle without blogging about any of it, elevating it to a stature it doesn't deserve.

Are you really going to spend a shit ton of your human capital over the next year and a half agitating over who's going to rule you next? You going to be that pathetic?

Human Genes 60% Associated With Obesity; Gut Genes 90% Associated With Obesity

I placed a bit of a clue in yesterday's post, to see if anyone would pick up on it.

You are 99.99% genetically identical to every other human on the planet. Whereas, in terms of your gut microbiome genetic sequence, you can be 90% different from the person next to you.

Nope, at least not that I've seen in comments. You had to watch Rob Knight's TED video to really understand the profundity of the potential, here. Isn't it amazing that with 99.99% identical human-cell genes, we can have such a variety of features between humans? Tall, short, fast, slow, smart, dumb, blond, black, strong, weak, ugly, and even uglier pink bags of flesh & water draped over frames...and the list goes way on.

And even at such fine (I was going to write "cunt-hair") genomic margins, we've managed to understand a very great deal about what causes those differences. But the thing is, it's also inviolable. Nothing you can do about it. Sorry guys (and gals, because you know size does matter), penis enlargement is but a fantasy. You're stunk with your junk.

But how about obesity? To its credit, society hasn't generally bought into the notion that being fat is the equivalent of being stuck with too large of a penis, too-small tits or, two small-tits.

And with good reason. It turns out that if you gather together a whole bunch of fat & lean people—50% fat, 50% lean—and then look at only their human-cell gene sequence, you'll predict which are fat and which are lean 6 out of 10 times—one time more out of ten, than just flipping a coin.

How about if you sequence their gut-genome instead? Here's Rob Knight, at 11:26, via the transcript.

So I mentioned that microbes have all these important functions, and they've also now, just over the past few years, been connected to a whole range of different diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease, heart disease, colon cancer, and even obesity. Obesity has a really large effect, as it turns out, and today, we can tell whether you're lean or obese with 90 percent accuracy by looking at the microbes in your gut. Now, although that might sound impressive, in some ways it's a little bit problematic as a medical test, because you can probably tell which of these people is obese without knowing anything about their gut microbes, but it turns out that even if we sequence their complete genomes and had all their human DNA, we could only predict which one was obese with about 60 percent accuracy. So that's amazing, right? What it means that the three pounds of microbes that you carry around with you may be more important for some health conditions than every single gene in your genome.

So, now, using only the gut-cell gene sequence, you go from a correct prediction 6 out of 10 times, to 9 out of 10 times—four times more than random chance, and 300% more predictive (see how I can dazzle with numbers, over just correlations and associations?) than human-cell sequencing. I knew those college courses in statistics would come in handy, someday.... Here's a clue: ALWAYS gauge what you think you know against random. For, this is precisely how you are manipulated by fucktard News Readers every day, who haven't a clue.

As a comparison, I tried to get to the bottom of association/correlation for smoking as a comparison, since everyone accepts (rightly) that smoking is bad, though it's based on highly predictive association / correlation, but though not in the same way that some amount of cyanide injected will absolutely cause death 100% of the time. Or, the guillotine.

But, the whole thing is so tarnished by PC-bullshit that it's literally difficult to find simple raw data. Moreover, because they can't technically say that smoking causes lung cancer (since vastly, most lifelong smokers don't get it and some non-smokers do get it), they say that smoking causes an increased risk.

And this is true. The next time you decide to drive 6 hours somewhere instead of fly, you are causing an increased risk of death. You aren't causing your death—not like if you injected yourself with cyanide, or blew your brains out—but you have caused a statistically verifiable increase in the chances of your untimely demise.

Statistics are amazingly wonderful in terms of humans being able to gather, categorize, tabulate, crunch, and spit out ideas. But, just like with children, you don't let them play in a snake pit.

Bottom line? Always make sure you are dealing with associations and correlations, and never let them give rise to absolute causality because they almost never do—except when it's fucking a priori obvious. All you need is a single lifelong chainsmoker to not get lung cancer to falsify the causality that smoking causes lung cancer. You can't say "cause" until it's 100%, 100% of the time. Sorry, words mean things. But, same time, also realize how complex it is even on that 0.01%. A bout of poison ivy, a bea sting, peanuts, and a few other things can cause death or minimally, cause very serious anaphylaxis that can be deadly. And just to fuck with you even more, researchers in Australia temporarily inoculated peanut allergy victims with probiotics.

But it's very highly associated, and so why go on a fool's errand for unobtainable causality when you pretty much know it's as bad as taking car-breakdown refuge on a dark night in a garage with a mysteriously large number of chainsaws hanging from the ceiling (maybe you saw the TV commercial—funny)? That's the other side of the very powerful sword of epidemiology.

To round it out, we're very soon going to be seeing fecal transplants from lean people to obese people, and if not in a clinical setting, a DIY setting, if it's not already happening. I'll be staying tuned.

Gut Bugs, Probiotics, Prebiotics…And how our microbes make us who we are

Coincidentally, I finally watched Rob Knight's TED talk—that had been in my to-do queue for over two months—on the same day Mark Sisson came out with his reformulated Primal Flora. Mark explains.

The funny thing about science is that it’s a moving target. It’s evolving, and if the science evolves, so too must the supplements based on its findings. To stay abreast of it all, I’m always researching and listening to advisors and other experts to make sure that my formulations are optimal. Gut health as a health topic has exploded in recent years, as has the amount of research being done, and what we know about how the foods we eat, behaviors we do, and supplements we take affect our guts has evolved. I recently updated the Primal Flora formulation to reflect the latest developments. It now contains an (almost) entirely new set of probiotic strains. Below I’ll explain what these are, how you can benefit, and share my own experience using the new formulation.

That much is good enough, but it gets better.

...I need to explain a few concepts. You are probably aware that most common probiotics and fermented milk products contain primarily lactobacillus and bifidobacterium species. The reason I elected not to focus on those is because these species are already very prevalent in our guts – there are probably over 20 trillion – so adding even 20 billion more CFU (colony forming unit) is only boosting the population by one one-thousandth. And that’s if they even survive the harsh acidic environment of the stomach (which most probiotics don’t). Instead, what I wanted was a number of well-researched species that I could deliver to the GI tract where they could colonize and do their unique jobs. To do this, most had to be what we call “spore formers” that remain dormant until they reach the appropriate parts of the gut, undamaged by stomach acid. These needed to be the species and strains that were proven effective in years of solid research, in many cases signaling to other bacteria to increase or decrease.

Cool, now we get to wait for the Usual Suspects; the Nattering Nabobs of Negativism to come out of the woodwork over the "dangers" of HSOs (homeostatic soil organisms) or "spore formers." It's like they never got the memo that all kids eat dirt if you give them a chance (and this is where you'll find the bacterial spores in big numbers). ...Anyway, I just wish Spiro Agnew hadn't also coined the trite America, Love It Or Leave It bromide, like he owned the place...

So, now watch the video. It's a fabulous introduction to the gut biome, absolutely essential in dismissing and then ignoring stupid, presumptuous, pretentious people who have yet to catch on but who will instead act like they always knew, and came up with the idea years ago.

Quick review:

  • There are 300-1,000 different microbial species in the average human gut.
  • In terms of cellular numbers, they can outnumber your 10 trillion human cells by 10 (100 trillion bacteria).
  • In terms of genes, it's 20,000 of your genes to 2-20 million microbial genes.
  • The microbes between your mouth, skin, vagina, and gut are so vastly different from one-another as to compare a tropical ocean reef with a desert.
  • Cunnilingus takes on new dimensions. It's probiotic!
  • You are 99.99% genetically identical to every other human on the planet. Whereas, in terms of your gut microbiome genetic sequence, you can be 90% different from the person next to you.
  • Every microorganism in and on your body is a nano-chemical-plant. They're also warriors and anarchists.

I've been using using probiotics for a while now, since I first got the notion that perhaps they were at the root of a lot of problems, including obesity and over-plumpness: Probiotics: The Genetic Component of Obesity. I didn't know what the magic was, only that I suspected it was there. It goes way back to when I first began using PGP (pretty good paleo), fasting, and heavy lifting to lose an initial 60 pounds: Hunger. That's from 2009, so perhaps it demonstrates that I was always unsatisfied with "easy" macronutrient solutions (low or high carb; high or low fat; high or low protein, etc.) or "easy" nutritional solutions (high, low, or no grains; high, low, or no starch; high, low, or no animal foods; or high, low, or no vegetable foods).

Remember, this is Free the Animal and from day one, the theme is that we derive our principles by observing wild animals. Biochemistry is cool & all but no amount of understanding or Krebs Cycle remix is going to fix human problems.

Humans need to fix themselves and approaching the wild is an approach that has billions of years worth of earth-laboratory testing behind it. To state it another way: extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence.

If I wrote that "Hunger" post today, six years later, it would probably be called "Cravings," or "Appetite." I was being amused just this morning over thinking that a sign of a problem is often touted as "are you experiencing a loss of appetite?" You know what? I recall experiencing "loss of appetite" many times as a kid and young adult. My dogs experience "loss of appetite" about 3-4 meals per week. Is that really the key to not getting fat?

What I do think I have come to believe is that the more one eats, the more often, in company with a mentality that always has a hefty appetite, fat is in your future. Whatever the source of your insatiability, it's not wild animal. It's not human ancestral. It's Neolithic. It's Food Engineering. It's a shiny new car three times per day. Day in, day out.

You're welcome to disagree and go buy a keto meter and testing strips.

Here's my story.

  1. Love hate with various probiotics and various gut foods—from the Mark 1, Mod A potato starch where we started, to my Fart Powder concoction.
  2. I found eventually that the bloated feeling or excessive poop volume most often shows up when I take the probiotics with human food or with the gut food.
  3. Taking whatever probiotics first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, via raw milk, water, OJ, or coconut water most typically (no plan, just what I felt like...even Tea Java) changed everything profoundly for me. Let it settle over at least a couple of hours or, don't even worry about it. Eat when you have an appetite again.
  4. If you feel hungry, but instead down some probiotics with water, what does it mean when hunger goes away and doesn't return for hours, sometimes nearly the whole day?

There's an "intuition" put forth by some stupid people that feeding your gut is per se fattening, because the resident organisms don't care, just want food, and so are going to motivate you to just eat (brain-gut connection). Well, such thinking does have the virtue of acknowledging CICO and ironically, brain-gut (only works 1-way, though). This is simplistic thinking by egregiously stupid people who've no concept of the constituents in the gut, as mentioned way above. Briefly, because too stupid, failing to take an overall big-pic look, fail to recognize the bugs are in perpetual chemical warfare, have an average of a 20-30 minute lifespan to do their thing, give off exotoxins when they die off, can share genes, can give off by-products that feed the gut and give off chemical-hormonal signals your brain understands and acts upon. It can go many ways, not just EAT MOAR! It can make you lose your appetite too.

There are good reasons to assume that sometimes, those brain signals can be a loss of appetite. Gut bugs invented the war of attrition.

So where do we go? What specific gut bugs do you need, in what quantities do you need them—when—and what is the timing, quantity, and formulation of their optimal food?

Let me lay it right out, explicitly:

- You don't know anything, never will, and everything put forward by other stupid people is completely wrong. I'd be wrong to give you a solution. I care (like Tim Steele). They don't.

You need to get yourself a shotgun. Saw off about 2 feet. Essentially, rather than trying to figure out what boutique bacterial strain out of potentially a thousand is going to do what you want, and what food is best for them, you shotgun it.

I have recently untaken a little comparison of the probiotics I like. There's two new ones, the reformulated Primal Flora, already mentioned, and a crazy-super-high dose Elixa, out of the UK. Karl Seddon emailed me some months back.

I've been reading your blog a fair amount over the past few weeks. Mainly it's quite memorable because of your entertaining, less-than-subtle way of wording your views and the (tongue in cheek) confrontational, call-out style of some of your posts. The humour is certainly appreciated over here in the UK, Ha! [...]

My name is Karl and I am the creator of a probiotic called Elixa. It's based on technology I developed over 3 years after graduating from university here in the UK. It's very different from the standard probiotic supplement (it's a short-course, it contains 500 Billion CFU per dose, and the encapsulation technology is what I developed after completing my studies in Biomedical Engineering at Oxford in 2011). I got interested in probiotics after my research (on my own IBS condition) lead me to a heap of scientific journal articles about gut microbiota. I realised that this area is not pseudo-science and yet there was still something greatly lacking in the effectiveness of all probiotics that I tried. It was actually fairly obvious where they lacked but the technical solution to that 'obvious' problem was very tricky. I still think that a lot of supplement manufacturers simply use the term probiotic based on its popularity/demand rather than their own sincere belief in the effectiveness (or potential effectiveness) of probiotics.

Anyway, after putting 3 years of my life into R&D for this problem, I have recently completed the development phase and begun full-volume production. I think that Elixa will change the pseudo-science reputation of probiotics entirely. Early feedback has been surprisingly awesome. It's not one of those supplements where people are saying: 'Er... yeah... I think it does something...'

My customers notice a definitive effect right from day 2/3, onwards (It begins with noticing improvements in their skin). They are in no doubt about it - to the extent that they email me to share their results. This is exactly what I had hoped for - A probiotic that can begin to fulfill what the scientific literature is insinuating (with regards to the huge potential probiotics could play in the future).

So he sent me four 3-day-dose rounds. I took the first over 3 days, the second about a week later; then, upon Karl's recommendation, did the last 6 doses in a week. This is where it became very obvious to me to take them on an empty stomach, let things settle out, then eat when you're truly hungry, later. Don't be surprised if far from going back for 2nds, you very often leave food on the plate.

I dd a comparison of the brands I use.

Screen Shot 2015 04 19 at 7 30 48 AM

Here's the PDF. Looks like about 50 strains amongst 15 genera. Who the fuck really knows what specifically does exactly what? And that's The Point. Shotgun. BTW, a lot are spore formers, some aren't. It's a mix.

In terms of comparison, I really have to give Sisson props for being completely transparent. The only one that gives the specific strains and the CFU (colony forming units) for each strain (others I had to average, and PA only gives total mg). The others are trying to guard trade secrets, which is fine, but I guess Mark doesn't feel the need to, because maybe the formulation changes again, over time, as he learns more. That's the way to truly compete. Salute, Sisson! It isn't the original Coca Cola recipe.

So, the basic procedure I've followed over the last month or so:

  1. Did the Elixa rounds, as described. Because such a massive dose by comparison (like taking a dozen Primal Defense, the nearest in terms of same strains), took them alone and experienced epiphany.
  2. When those ran out, I began with 1-each per day, same way (empty stomach in the morning) of Primal DefenseAOR, and Prescript-assist. Same deal. "Loss of appetite." Only thing, is it would get untoward after 3-5 days (TMI frequency, volume, discomfort, etc.), so I'd back off to zero for 2-3 days.
  3. Then, a few days ago I began doing the same thing with only Mark's Primal Flora. I'm three days into 3 caps each morning. Very, very gentle. Same appetite.

If you like a good shit, you might want to get Mark's deal if for nothing else. :)

Going forward, after I do Mark's at 3 per day for 5, 2 per day for 5, then 1 per day for 5, I'm going to do all four (excepting Elixa, which I'll just do every couple of months exclusively, as that's the design idea).

I know I have ways to go, but I'm not even using the scale because things just keep going in the right direction quite naturally, i.e., a loss of appetite. I did put up a photo a couple of weeks ago. Updates to follow.

Los Tiempos Van Cambiando

The times they are a changin'

You know it, you see it. Je suis fier d'avoir appris à parler français à 30. ...Voy a aprender a hablar español a los 54.

I'm starting with music.

My Lawnmower-Powered Aircraft Has Arrived

 Just yesterday.

IMG 3125

The manual has been read cover-to-cover, everything quite intuitive if you already know how to fly a hang glider safely.

I'll be busy getting a few things sorted before flying it, such as having the emergency parachute integrated into the harness, then getting all attachment points fitted to my wing.


doodlebug over mystic wales hang gliding 1328135944
Doodlebug over Mystic Wales

I'll be flying down to Cabo next Wednesday, Beatrice on Saturday, both returning same flight Monday. We'll be staying at the new prospective place, and either paying the $3,900 upfront for the first six months of rent, or finding something else.

Once I've made a decision, I just don't fuck about, about it. Get 'er done. If you later find you made a mistake, then just get something else done.

Why Do I Go Out Of My Way To Beat You Up So Much?

Because I care.

But understand. I don't give a putrid, runny shit about what you think. Not a one of you. There's precious little in comments that even ever raises my eyebrow when it's in contradiction.

I care about what you value; because, I know what you really value. And it annoys me that so many of you betray what you value over the putrid, runny shit you got indoctrinated with just to spout to others so they suck up to you.

It hurts me when I see people putting the putrid runny shit ahead of what they really, truly love out of life—which I do not believe is a life comprised of decades of cowtow-401K-cubicalism, with stock options for a startup that has about as much chance as cherries, pineapples, and three sevens. Just guessing.

You can grab an amazing life now. I'm 54 and excited for reals, and I've lived abroad and travelled the world. Then I came back, started a company, made $3 million yearly for a while. But I hated my life and what it cost me in soul and alcohol consumption to do it.

I'm changing it as fast as I can and it would be untoward of me to not share. You can do it too, even if you're 18 or 20, and get a big jump.

Emigrate from lands that count on you to feed the beast for your life, then get a pittance to live in a cracker box and have full medical care so that a lot of money feeds back into the 1st World CAFO.

...Yes, plans are moving along. I'll probably board a plane to Cabo Monday or Tuesday. I'm going to be staying at the property.

My Bird’s Eye View of Land’s End Baja Has Shipped

While others rent cars, this is how I plan to explore the tail end of one of the world's longest peninsulas. Don't care to dispute which is truly longest between Malaysian, Kamchatka, or Baja. They're all fucking long. Once I hit TJ (which is about 8 hours drive), it's 21 hours drive time to Cabo.

I wish this thing could cart a cargo load.

Yes, I have the requisite experience. No worries. Anyway, it's in a UPS box right now, on it's way here. I'll have to do a few mods in terms of a reserve parachute setup and a keel chop, but it's all handled.