Serendipitous Righteousness

Beatrice was away for a girls' weekend. In itself, rather hubristic, but I can man up for it and house sit the doggies. The new Fitbit made them happy and they got more walks than average. ...That Bea did a girls' weekend just two weeks ago with a different set of girls is no matter at all; says nothing about me.

What's important is the leftovers she brought back, including this.

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Uber Lyfts

I don't have a dog in the competitive race, but I initially used Lyft because of free rydes whyle I was getting Lyft, Tyre and Whyyl work done on the Beemer.

Airport dropoffs for my trips to Baja, car's all been great and I don't have to annoy friends and family (...a friend in need is...a pest). Always engaging. You meet the most interesting people. Lately, I've been using Uber, but most drivers seem to be getting business from both.

I wish them both well. Apart from the experience—such as smart, engaging drivers—and it's never taken more than 7 minutes for a pickup and usually it's within 5—I just love the disruption of the whole thing. Suddenly, you have city politicians being pinched between selling off Taxi-Monopoly medallions for tens of thousands of dollars along with the businesses that invested million to start Taxi companies while making sure plenty of the revenue got into the hands of this worthless-fuck set of gatekeepers, and hundreds of thousands of "taxicabs" owned by regular folk making a buck on the side while offering multitudes of scale better service and overall experience.

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Bitten By The Fitbit Bug

Yep, got it yesterday early afternoon and pretty soon became quite intrigued and even motivated by the little gizmo.

I was only peripherally aware of Fitbit and a few wearable data loggers—probably by means of a walk by at Best Buy kiosk or something. First impression: how ridiculously obsessive.

Then a commenter in a post a while back spoke very highly of it.

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Giordano Bruno is not Running for President

When I finally began thinking for myself—fuck everyone else—at the age of 20, finally separating from the religious indoctrination my parents never escaped from—and still have not—I read a lot about Galileo and Copernicus as visionary revolutionary types.

It took a while before I learned of someone who went further.

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Home Battery and Solar Leapfrog Point of Order: TESLA is now a player

I understand it is very, very difficult for 99.99999999999% of you to even imagine living off grid. People are generally NOT interested in this revolutionary, earth changing disruption. They just want to pay their power-comany, municipal-monopoly by-grace-of-state-force bill and be done with it, just like their grandparents did.

But, 0.000000001% of people change the world and the rest always just go along as crash test dummies.

To reiterate, from that last post:

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Hashimoto’s Thyroid Update: Carbs, Probiotics and Gut Food; and Improved

I'm not going to be snarky about this because I don't in fact count it as a "cure," yet. But, improved for sure, and no thyroid meds. Here's the previous posts on the topic:

After I wrote the first post, having test results indicating a diagnosis of Hashimoto's (elevated TPO Antibody and TSH), I set about to institute a protocol involving a whole list of Don'ts, then re-test in three months. I ended up not following most of the Don'ts, but rather focussed on the gut, per my subsequent posts; i.e., Dos rather than Don'ts.

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What I Learned Living Off The Grid

It's a follow-on to these posts:

I'm purposely writing this while never having read a single thing about the ins-&-outs of living off grid; i.e., away from municipal electric, gas, water, and sewer services. Instead, I went and just did it for 5 days, and rubbed elbows with people in a remote—mostly American and Canadian expat—community in Los Zacatitos, at the tip of Baja—some of whom have been doing it routine for as long as 30 years.

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Done Deal. Moving to Los Zacatitos, Baja Sur, Mexico. Many Pictures

Just sealed the deal. While the lease begins May 1, through October, I'll likely not get back down there until mid-May or so (just got back here to CA yesterday). Beatrice and doggies will arrive mid-June. $650 per month. I'll just let these photos do the talking. Oh, one thing: the fruit on the fire pit? The melon is for the chipmunks (way cute tiny, adorable, very shy). The citrus is for the colorful birds.

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Laf Bruce Jenner

Look, I could give a shit whether he's found he wants to publicly suck donkey dicks whilst getting pounded by gay Catholic priests from behind...while nuns look on doing little circles.

...It was only recently that I even was aware of the deal at all, but Janet "JudgyBitch" Bloomfield's post crossed my email and made me laf uproariously and it would be untoward of me to not share it instanter: Let’s talk about Bruce Jenner.

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Wildlife-ing in Los Zacatitos (incl. a short story of a rattlesnake encounter)

Last evening I got back from the off-grid Zac's Bar & Grill here in Los Zacatitos, Baja, Mexico, and was sitting out on the covered patio just musing. Actually, I was watching a gehko on the wall making a mark on a bug. He missed, then jumped after another, later. That was behind a column, so not sure whether he was successful.

But I had a couple of battery-powered, 120v ceiling lights on—via the 6, 12v-truck-battery bank and inverter, charged 366 days per year via solar panels on the roof—on, and moths were swirling. Suddenly a bat swooped in and by "swoop," I mean that's where the word comes from because that's what it sounded like. Scooped up a couple and made his or her leave without even waiting for a thanks.

...I seem to have built up a quick immunity to the various bug bites and stings, as they don't itch for more than about 30 minutes. I've learned to keep the lights off in the sleeping area for hours before bed. Best not attract them.

This morning, decided to make the 10-minute-ish walk to the beach and was paying less than the attention I ought and suddenly, almost stepped on this local friend. Once my heart started beating—@ 200bpm—again, I considered my situation.

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Los Zacatitos

Should I rent the place, I'm going to be anxious picking up guests at the airport and bringing them back. The 10-mile drive from San Jose Los Cabos to here takes 45-minutes through rough, barren terrain. I can already palpably feel their uncertainty and trepidation.

Where on Earth is he taking us?

Well, pressed for time. More later. Things to sort. For right now, here's the office. The Internet smokes. BTW, this bar and grill, like everything here, is completely off grid. You should see it lit up at night, though.

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There Is No One Perfect Human Microbiome. Or Human Diet. Or Social System. Some Are Better For Some Things Some Times.

I'll be flying down to Cabo tomorrow morning, again. Staying in "Casa Corazon" in Los Zacatitos, about 8 miles east of San Jose Del Cabo. Beatrice will fly in Saturday. We're looking to rent the place for about six months.

Before I go head-down in preparations, let me leave you with a few things to ponder, given my last two posts: here, and here.

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Human Genes 60% Associated With Obesity; Gut Genes 90% Associated With Obesity

I placed a bit of a clue in yesterday's post, to see if anyone would pick up on it.

You are 99.99% genetically identical to every other human on the planet. Whereas, in terms of your gut microbiome genetic sequence, you can be 90% different from the person next to you.

Nope, at least not that I've seen in comments. You had to watch Rob Knight's TED video to really understand the profundity of the potential, here. Isn't it amazing that with 99.99% identical human-cell genes, we can have such a variety of features between humans? Tall, short, fast, slow, smart, dumb, blond, black, strong, weak, ugly, and even uglier pink bags of flesh & water draped over frames...and the list goes way on.

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Gut Bugs, Probiotics, Prebiotics…And how our microbes make us who we are

Coincidentally, I finally watched Rob Knight's TED talk—that had been in my to-do queue for over two months—on the same day Mark Sisson came out with his reformulated Primal Flora. Mark explains.

The funny thing about science is that it’s a moving target. It’s evolving, and if the science evolves, so too must the supplements based on its findings. To stay abreast of it all, I’m always researching and listening to advisors and other experts to make sure that my formulations are optimal. Gut health as a health topic has exploded in recent years, as has the amount of research being done, and what we know about how the foods we eat, behaviors we do, and supplements we take affect our guts has evolved. I recently updated the Primal Flora formulation to reflect the latest developments. It now contains an (almost) entirely new set of probiotic strains. Below I’ll explain what these are, how you can benefit, and share my own experience using the new formulation.

That much is good enough, but it gets better.

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Los Tiempos Van Cambiando

The times they are a changin'

You know it, you see it. Je suis fier d'avoir appris à parler français à 30. ...Voy a aprender a hablar español a los 54.

I'm starting with music.

My Lawnmower-Powered Aircraft Has Arrived

 Just yesterday.

IMG 3125

The manual has been read cover-to-cover, everything quite intuitive if you already know how to fly a hang glider safely.

I'll be busy getting a few things sorted before flying it, such as having the emergency parachute integrated into the harness, then getting all attachment points fitted to my wing.


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Why Do I Go Out Of My Way To Beat You Up So Much?

Because I care.

But understand. I don't give a putrid, runny shit about what you think. Not a one of you. There's precious little in comments that even ever raises my eyebrow when it's in contradiction.

I care about what you value; because, I know what you really value. And it annoys me that so many of you betray what you value over the putrid, runny shit you got indoctrinated with just to spout to others so they suck up to you.

It hurts me when I see people putting the putrid runny shit ahead of what they really, truly love out of life—which I do not believe is a life comprised of decades of cowtow-401K-cubicalism, with stock options for a startup that has about as much chance as cherries, pineapples, and three sevens. Just guessing.

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My Bird’s Eye View of Land’s End Baja Has Shipped

While others rent cars, this is how I plan to explore the tail end of one of the world's longest peninsulas. Don't care to dispute which is truly longest between Malaysian, Kamchatka, or Baja. They're all fucking long. Once I hit TJ (which is about 8 hours drive), it's 21 hours drive time to Cabo.

I wish this thing could cart a cargo load.

Yes, I have the requisite experience. No worries. Anyway, it's in a UPS box right now, on it's way here. I'll have to do a few mods in terms of a reserve parachute setup and a keel chop, but it's all handled.

Damn, I Have To Fly Down to Cabo San Lucas Again, ASAP

Once you've made a real decide, things move quickly.

And guess who's become the great catalyst? Beatrice. After years of trying to get her to take her CTA retirement designed for Bay Area California, move abroad, live for pennies by comparison, and mock American slaves paying for it via W2 safety-net deductions, I think she finally gets it.

I'm still going to have to work on her doing the mocking with righteous hubris, take no prisoners, in-your-fucking-face-and-fuck-your-landofthefree. I'll work on it. The dog walk on the beach with year-round just-right ocean temperatures and 80ish degree arid climate should help. I'll get her to laf at all you wage slaves, news junkies...voters who think The President is important—rather than a pathetic, impotent fuck of a steaming pile of shit married to a stupid bitch—if it's the last thing I do.

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Lamb Shanks Sous Vide

Well, what do you think of this dish I made a couple of nights ago?

IMG 3116
Click on the image for hi-res
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