Mexico Fun

This has been ideal. Weather perfect here in Rosarito Beach, room perfect, food great. The people, a pleasant joy.

Some pics for your vicarious enjoyment.

IMG 2745
Living Room
IMG 2743
With a View
IMG 2746
More View
IMG 2749
Bea & I Split a Lobster Last Night
IMG 2747
IMG 2748
IMG 2751

Bea and I were here with her family back in about 1996, I think. Her bro-in-law said we've got to go to Manuel's. I never forgot those carne asada tacos, right off the grill, with the girl in back pressing fresh corn tortillas and popping them on the grill as fast as they were being ordered.

Back then, I still remember they were $1 each. 18 years later: $1.20. But for that 3-taco lunch and Mexican Coca-Cola (cane sugar, not HFCS) Bea and I split, they cut us a deal: $3.20. I could get used to that.

Go 49ers! We'll be back stateside in time for the game and Xgiving dinner in Vista, CA tomorrow.

BTW, I’m In Mexico

FullSizeRender 1

Fun, as usual. Love the underlying anarchy of this country—like so many others all over the wold.

It's so very unlike a land of the free fantasy.

What Darren Wilson and Bill Cosby Have in Common

Neither will face criminal prosecution.

The former, because a collection of people magically anointed as Grand, somehow, beyond all reason in my intellectual space, decided that it wasn't even worth trying in a courtroom so all facts were public and challenged as a courtroom is designed to do.

The latter, because 35 years is simply too late. We're humans, not Grand Juries.

The ALMOST 99 Cents Per Book For 15 Books Deal

 ...The best laid plans...

So there's a promotion running tomorrow that's 15 books in the Paleoish space at 99 Cents each. Runs for 24 hours, November 25. I was asked to include my book and I accepted. I've previously blogged about my distaste for the "book bundle" promotions, where it's about $40 for all the books in the bundle; i.e., it's all or nothing.

I enthusiastically participated in this one because it's so different. It's a la carte. That is, you can buy any one of the books for 99 Cents, all of them for about $15, or anything in-between. That sounds like a true value deal, to me.

Anyway, there's a glitch. My publisher emailed and said Amazon will only let him set mine as low as $1.99, and that's with lowering our commission from 70% to 35%. So, I check with the promoter and it turns out that happened with three of the cookbooks as well, with one being $2.99 minimum. It's attributed to file size, and I do have a significant number of images in mine.

Oh, well, so $1.99 for mine, total of about $20 instead of $15 for all of them. Still going to be about 11 books at the 99 Cents advertised. Sorry for the inconvenience. Still a decent deal, I think.

So, that's the deal right up there. Or, click this link.

Here's the lineup:

9 cookbooks in the event

  1. The Paleo Kitchen
  2. Everyday Paleo
  3. The Ancestral Table
  4. The Modern No Nonsense Guide to Paleo
  5. Beyond Bacon
  6. The Everything Weeknight Paleo Cookbook
  7. Gather, the Art of Paleo Entertaining
  8. The Paleo Sweet Tooth
  9. Decadent Paleo Desserts

6 reading books in the event

  1. The Primal Blueprint
  2. The Paleo Girl
  3. The Paleo Solution
  4. Sexy by Nature
  5. Free the Animal
  6. The Paleo Manifesto

And, hey, if none of them are for you, that's the way it is. And remember, if you have in the past liked some of what I do at FTA, or ultimately want to support my continuing work at no cost to you, it's as easy as Hitting My Amazon Link when you shop, or calling up My Amazon Store, which I endeavor to update now & then.

In the meantime, happy reading and cooking.

Become a Buck Books Affiliate

UPDATE: OK, my book and one other in the mix have not had their prices lowered by Amazon yet, nearly 24 hours since settings were changed. They've been replaced by standbys for now, until the price changes. To make up for that, I'll be leaving mine at $1.99 (once it finally changes) through the weekend instead of just 1 day. Subsequent to that, we'll be lowering the price from its normal $7.95 to $3.99 permanently. Sorry for the poor execution.

Not trying to undercut the promotion, part of which is to raise all of out books in the bestseller list on Amazon, but until that price goes down to $1.99, my publisher has changed it to 99 Cents on their own sales page (all formats available). Again, sorry for screwing the pooch on execution here.

Life Gets In The Way Sometimes

Sometimes I just need a break from blogging, engaging much in comments, or keeping up with other related stuff—like emails.

So here's just a quick review, encouraging you—if that's what it is—to get away from the screen and keyboards and do some living.

First, I was up at my rental cabin all of last week. Beyond some appliance issues that needed addressing, there was "deep cleaning" that needed doing. While I have a cleaning crew to take care of the place between the 40-50 sets of guests per year, it's mostly about linens and towels, surfaces, bathrooms, kitchen, and floors. So, I spent about 16 hours over 3 days doing "the hard stuff" by myself. Because of the back issues, I had to pace myself moving around furniture, climbing up and down ladders, bending down a million times. Appears to have been therapeutic. It's nice to be sore from exercise rather than aching from chronic pain.

Headed out Saturday with everything intact. It was 45F outside and rainy. Spent the night in San Jose and we headed south Sunday (yesterday morning). Doggies too.

Rat Killers

Drove through LA on about the most beautiful day I've ever seen there. Clear blue sky, 81 deg F. Guys were biking out on the 405 lightly dressed.

Took a PCH detour 'round San Clemente for a few miles. Wall-to-wall cars and people out doing life, enjoying global warming.

Got to Vista, CA in time to feed the dogs and head east about an hour to a Harrah's Casino Resort on an Indian reservation, to watch both the 49ers against—ironically—the Redskins, and the Seahawks vs. the Cardinals. Both won, so both still tied for 2nd in the NFC West. San Francisco hosts Seattle at Levi Stadium on Thanksgiving day. Such football excitement. Well, now that they're not all sporting pink anymore—in solidarity against the very most important disease in the history of the whole wide worldz.

...Tomorrow, we head down to Rosarito Beach, Mexico, for a couple of days; expecting clear skies and high 70s. I have trunks packed.

Back up here to Vista on Thursday in time for the game, and dinner. Then, it's off to Las Vegas on Friday for a couple of days of systemic sin and debauchery. I don't gamble, but it is kinda instructive to observe the Zoo Humans from time-to-time. We'll head back to San Jose from there. And that's the extent to which I'm able to peer into my future.

...In terms of the blog, my chief interest currently is Peter's post about the gene mutation in the 80% of Inuit that keeps them from producing adequate ketones. The assumption is that this means their traditional diet is protective. However, research uncovered by Tim makes that not quite so clear. It's possible it's much ado about nothing much. We'll see; but at any rate, since writing an extensive post on the subject last Thursday, then sitting on it until I understand more (with life getting in the way of that), I'm just not seeing how a population's mutant gene means that a high fat, low protein, very low carb diet ("nutritional" ketosis) is everyone's hunky dory and Duck's and my series of posts constitutes a bunch of wanking in public.

What is clear, though, is that significant people didn't read that series (they just KNOW it's wrong, see), since they misrepresent what was actually written in it, and the research cited, at every single turn.

At any rate, the comment thread over there, at 76 and counting, is a pretty good read (Duck and Tim are there), so check it out.

Until next time, then. There's a small little promotion, where you'll be able to snag my book, or any of about 15 others a-la-carte, for 99 cents each, beginning tomorrow, for 24 hours. I'll have a blurb up on the details tonight.

You’re Welcome To Join In: What Is RAPE, Exactly? The Bill Cosby Files.

No idea this would touch off a barrage of lots of stupid—mostly from men (I guess, writing what they surmise women want them to write).

I engender discriminating and distinguishing minds. I have little use for equivocating minds.

I've disabled this post from comments. The previous post on the Bill Cosby rape allegations is where any comments need to go.

So come take me on, if you have the spirt. Be sure to integrate a 35-year timeframe if you wish for me to take you seriously. Know that you don't get to have your cake and eat it too. You must deal with ALL the known and not fantasize about the unknown. Furthermore, you must weigh evidence, fallibly, as we all do. But, you must do your best.

So Bill Cosby is a Rapist, Now

Hell, I'm sure a niece or friend had sex with Bill in the late 70s', early 80's.

They cry RAPE! 35+ years later?


What I’m Up To

Rigorously running down stuff Woo posted about what Peter posted about.

Not fucking actually. Actually, I've read none of it. Not a word (in amusement, I'm going 100% third hand so far). What I and Duck have done is of record. It's pristine, and from what I've read of that third hand, Even Peter didn't understand the studies.

Aren't they very late to the party, 17 posts and 1,500 comments later? Here's the next thing: The Hormesis Files: Chronic Ketosis and The Case of The Missing Glutathione. Hopefully, it will take fewer posts than 17 for Woo and Peter to get their shit together and stir it up.

...In important news, I got a WiFi Thermostat (Emerson Sensi) working for my backup heater here, a Wlliams gas wall furnace and I can now control the temperature in my Arnold, CA cabin from anywhere in the world via my phone. It required tying into a continuous power source (a "C" wire) to run the WiFi.

Sorry, Woo, just slightly more important.

Woo: go get laid. Please. Or, at least install a WiFi thermostat with a mobile app.

UPDATE: I have added a comment from Duck below that was posted in a separate thread.

Well, Given a Gaudy Shirt, We Sure as Must Need to Put a Woman on Mars, Now

Jannet "Judgy Bitch" Bloomfield's post: It’s not advanced math and rigorous training that keeps women out of STEM. It’s sexist shirts. Watch feminists break the stupid meter.

STEM = Science Technology Engineering Math

Anyway, some geek scientist that helped happen an unwomaned lander land on a rapidly spinning comet in space, traveling at a bazillion MPH wore a shirt that a only a true geek, autistic savant, or Aspergers would wear in public. Or, perhaps an asshole like me, whilst sporting a grin and a middle finger.

Via Amy Alkon: David Burge with the nutshell on the furor:

"Man Forced to Apologize for Sexist Shirt After Successfully Landing Spacecraft on Comet" has to be the ultimate headline for our age.

JB frames it exactly right for my taste.

stupid meter

I love what Janet and others do in the men are men space, it's just not my quotidian bag. I've never been with A Stupid as man-woman deal (avoid plagues); and as an employer, I easily filtered out such Stupid from every person hired (I discriminate). Easy to filter. Just give 'em rope. My mom—and grandmother, and great grandmother, in their living days—lafs at the impotence of feminists and their childlike entitlement angle. ...My great grandmother dumped a number of men, raised two kids by herself during the Great Depression—had her first kid of two at 15. She was 58 when I was born, died when I was 29.

Sorry children-femmes: my great grandmother taught me what a real woman of adult determination was like. She never pouted about men. Actually, I don't think she ever worried much about them, untoward like. She adored her great grandkids, though. I know, firsthand. When I was a boy, a trip to see grandnanna was just the dessert of life, then.

But with feminism, it's those High-School Bitch films all over again.

This blue comet upon which we dwell is now simply swimming in meaningless feelings. Everybody has feelings. Feelings have become as ubiquitous and as faux "important" as the latest narcissist Facebook update you saw of someone's check-in, or what they happen to "think" about something.

I don't give a fuck about anyone's feelings. Not truly. Not when its unimportant; and the world I live in now is most focussed on the unimportant and facile.

Why should you? Care, I mean. If someone has some legit beef about something, U did them wrong in some way; ...or, perhaps they care about you enough to let you know that they think you're just wrong, but with actual adult-like reasons? We don't do that on this comet, anymore. We're all rushing to be narcissist, solipsist children as fast as possible—and there's many apps for that...

In short—and it's getting embarrassing to post about this anymore—dealing with feminism is simply an exercise in dealing with children. And, as you know, it's always, and always: for the children. THE CHILD...REN! Yea, 100% of feminists bought that pathetic wife of a public presidential philanderer line, and: It Takes a Village.


CAFO = Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation

...I liked this JB riff the best:

A woman made the shirt for him. There’s your first clue, Einstein. That shirt does not offend or demean 50% of the world’s population. It offends joyless, petulant, irrational, victim worshipping feminists cunts like you!

Yeah, yeah, cunt is a bit harsh, but do you know why I like using those words, especially to describe feminists? It’s a way of iterating, forcefully, that their precious feelz matter not one fucking bit to me. Women’s feelings do not matter more than men’s feelings, women do not have the right to walk through life in a state of perpetual comfort, never offended by anything at any time anywhere. It is not wrong to offend women and most women know this already!

It’s feminist bitches who seem to think the world owes them permanent obsequious and obedience. Remember this pathetic attention whore? Tweeting out her butthurt over a Dongle joke that wasn’t even addressed to her?

As I said, this stuff is just not particularly in my wheelhouse (see the meter at the top). I've had my run ins, but they fade away. I never cared a runny shit for their feelings. JB can probably get away with using THE C-WORD, since she's a woman. Oh, wait. She loves and celebrates men, and derides feminists. Nevermind.

...The thing Janet is deriding, though, is the idea that things like a geek wearing a "sexist" shirt (rather than in simple bad taste, like your great grandmother taught you) is what's keeping women from pursuing STEM carriers.

They hear comments about “bitches” while out at a bar with fellow science students, and they decide to change majors.

Futre Stripper, Not STEM

From my perspective on this comet for nearly 54 years, women make it go round one way; and men, another. Neither orbits nor rotations are pristine. It's evolutionary and animal. It ought be free.

Thank doG.

I'll close with Amy Alkon.

Clearly, feminism is no longer about demanding that women be treated as equals, but as eggshells.

Is A High Fat Ketogenic Diet For Everyone? Obviously Not

Here's Kati, in commnets:

I was eating a lower fat low glycemic south beach style diet and dropped to my very happy adult weight, then eventually found ketosis. Gained 40+ lbs in a couple years and could not figure out for the life of me why my eyes were always dry to the point of contacts not staying in, bad insomnia and why the weight was creeping on. It couldn’t be my perfect diet! Fast forward to about a year ago last winter, I thought I was going to die. I kept getting respiratory infections and real influenza hit me hard, And any cold I got turned into a secondary infection requiring antibiotics. I think I was on antibiotics 3 times in 4 months. Anyway, all that to say, I’m glad to be back with what seems most sane, with a couple fasts thrown in per week for fat loss ( eat stop eat- the fat is finally coming off again). I just love you guys here. You have helped so much with me not being afraid of carbs (Paul Jaminet has helped too), and for me starting to regain my once robust immune system back. I love all the articles on resistant starch, chronic nutritional Ketosis busting and even the occasional controversy. It gives me a lot to think about.

And here's Bret:


Thanks for sharing your story. As you have certainly seen, a lot of chronic ketosis advocates seem to believe unconditionally that chronic ketosis is the “right” or “perfect” diet for everyone. Anecdotes like yours are important, because they provide hard proof that such a belief is wrong.

I remember getting swept up in the chronic ketosis hysteria myself. All these smart (and seemingly smart) doctors, authors, bloggers, etc were speaking with such confidence and so many technical details, it was difficult not to believe they were correct. But really, all they did was proffer another hypothesis that, while largely antithetical to the mainstream in its specific advice, was equally fallible and, as we now know, equally flawed.

I have been fooled once by the mainstream dogma. I was fooled again by the VLC dogma. I do not intend to be fooled a third time. Every piece of advice that comes my way now will be taken with a grain of salt and regarded with much skepticism and scrutiny. There is simply too much room for bullshit, no matter who is doing the advising.

But to be fair, here's Mark:

Being a Type 2 diabetic, I guess the importance I see in all this is that the Inuits did eat low carbs ( I saw 30-40 grams re the snip it of Rabinowitch scientific literature presented by Duck Dodger) which is 5-6% of the carbohydrate portion of daily calorie consumption. IF this is so, I feel confident they were indeed insulin resistant and would fail an OGTT. I don’t see where this is proving anything detrimental about low carb, it just debunks the “they ate no carbs” myth. What does anything in any of the “scientific literature” say about them having diabetes or CVD? Did they have any deficiencies due to, I assume, a very low level of resistant starch in their diet?

Collin, I’m with ya on low carb, but I crush 1250 LCHF calories in just my 2 cups of BP coffee every morning then add 3egg&cheese omelet and bacon for breakfast on top of that.

Not saying LCHF is for everybody, obviously it is not. I know the ADA recommended diet is not for me. I do know that I tolerate retrograded starch in Anasazi beans and resistant starch in BRM’s unmodified potato starch and wanting to know more about it.