Gonna Write About Green Pastures’ Fermented Cod Liver Oil, But In a Day or So

...In the meantime, I'm integrating and synthesizing presently, about all of it—but mostly dismissing red herrings. Yes, I'm aware of all of the voices, including Masterjohn's. Lots of interesting stuff, and since I was on this trail since 2008, I should speak to it in my particular way.

While I chew, here's a few Facebook meanderings to give you something to love or hate each other over, in comments.

~ But I'll begin with something I hope nobody can argue about: Stevie Wonder the wonder. With Sting. A man who can't see, sings. Love it.

~ I can't wait for Season 3. Kevin Spacey as President.

~ Fart is smart.

~ Of course, laws are the cause of crime, and it's ironically not a reversal of cause and effect. Bonus to anyone who can elucidate that, and bring the proper principles into play.

~ If you have ever in your life received a citation (euphemism: ticket) for a minor traffic violation, you're a victim of armed robbery.

Spend some time driving in other countries. I haven't looked up data, but I've driven in Japan for 5 years; in Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand; in France for 2 years, all over Western Europe, and significant stints in Italy and Greece...and also in Mexico. You rarely see cops, and they aren't out holding you up at gunpoint for money over traffic rulz.

Perhaps it's the case that Americans are such limp-dick spawn that they just shut up and put up with it. Or, they're just too fucking stupid in general to have any awareness, which would be my bet. ...They're too busy worrying about international "threats" a million miles away...and of course, the perpetual Next King erection (not a typo).

After all, every 8 years, we kick out a Bad King and erect a Good King. It's what we do. We're. That. Fucking. Stupid.

Cops are fist and foremost, hired thieves to raise money for municipalities and states to the tune of billions extorted annually. And the insurance companies aren't likely to complain, since it gives them "justification" to take a few more hundred from you annually, even though there's simply no causal link between a person who gets the odd "ticket" and their payout risk. Bedfellows, by statute and commission.

In 2006 we drove 6,000 KM, from Paris to Barcelona, hugged the Med shoreline to Piza and then, via Florence, completed the triangle to Paris via Switzerland and Germany...over three weeks. Saw 2 cop cars the entire time, both in downtown Florence—hanging out in a town square. (I once counted 112 police cars between San Jose and Vista, CA, on a Labor Day weekend dive.)

...It was a very, very dangerous trip, that Euro-thing, what with all the people out on the roads not being stolen from at virtual random so that everyone knows their place.

And the cool thing about Mexico is that even if you do get stopped, which is rare unless you're utterly careless (which some are), 200 pesos—the equivalent of $13—sends you on your way. Far cry from the $300 tickets issued in CA now, and the downstream effects on your insurance.

Fuck cops. Please alert me to any news of a cop killing, so I can smile.

I've perhaps received more negative feedback on my diatribes against cops than anything. Fuck off. You assholes wring your hands over "terrorists" a million miles away, and the fact is, you embrace terrorism in your neighborhood and streets, like a bunch of Stockholm Syndrome drones. Fuck cops. Fuck Republicans. Fuck doG & Cuntry. Follow Cop Block (Facebook too) for just a few days if you're interested in getting the stinky brown stuff out of your eyes.

Lay 100% of all police brutality on the doorstep of Republicans and Right-Wing Religious FuckFaces. Never vote; but especially, never vote for a Republican or overtly religious person. Ever.

Democrats are commies, but at least we'll all know we're subjects of the state and it gets deducted from paychecks and we'll not have to listen to Fucking Republicans act like it's an outrage and they're going to do something any minute but never, ever will.

~ Trumpery.

~ Red Pill memes are immortal.

~ Still immortal.

~ Even when a wild animal looks like a dog...it's basically a dog, even if a sea mammal.

~ Or a land pack animal... (Saw that on FB this morning but in infinite wisdom I'm sure, not in my feed anymore, even though I shared it.)

~ Get out the hanky. There is no such thing as a bad dog. There are unlimited bad humans.

~ And low and behold, there are also awesome humans. It's definitive proof that crazy dog ladies are not at all like crazy cat ladies.

~ Completely by the book. The 737 is out front and the 747 is behind, on a higher approach. Reversed could be dramatic, but probably not critical. Commercial passenger craft are way overpowered by design, so any adverse turbulence can be quickly powered out of.

~ Fuck Fox News. What's new? "Fox News Says People Who Protest Against Police Brutality Are A ‘Murder Movement’." Basically, it's regurgitate for moron doG & Cuntry, Lawz & Orderz Republicans. Stupid is as stupid does.

~ And in terms of Democrats, you just can't fix stupid. Been trying for over 20 years to explain a simple economic reality to them, to no avail; but an encephalitic—or millions of them—are pretty much like zombie apocalypse.

~ I'm not much on the domination of others implicit in the culture of apology. If you did wrong, just don't do it again if you can help it.

~ Sometimes I can't help but get my dose of principles as absolute.

I always find myself migrating back to Billy Beck for perspectives, because he is ruthless over principles and their contradiction in even every-day pleasantries we utter to one-another...among other ways principles enter swaths of cognitive dissonance in human minds, but I digress.

My way of stating Billy's unassailable identification (A=A tautology style) is that really, the only good cops (policing being an honest value people would pay for) aren't really enforcing laws, per se. They are keeping peace and everyone basically knows how to do that. Professionals are welcome to apply, however, and I salute professionalism—where essentials are emphasized and distinguished from non-essentials—but the job is very LIMITED.

Was Andy Taylor enforcing the law? Perhaps sometimes, but not usually, and I disregard the dramatic elements that compromise the artistic message of what he represented...and especially note the additional element of Barney Fife, the best caricature of modern day cops there ever was.

And you know why that caricature is so apt? Because it was always predictable to people who pay some attention to principles.

~ I began with an FB share this morning with Stevie the Wonder singing a Sting song, with Sting. It's too long to revive my previous share, but here's Robert Downey Jr. being Driven To Tears.


How Wheat Went From Superfood To Liability

This latest from The Duck Dodgers is not a call to go back to eating Hot Pockets, Pop Tarts, Twinkies...or ordering up pizza and Subway on alternate days.

Rather, we aim to reveal what's tantamount to a lost and forgotten history. There are two principle elements to it. First, it does not serve industry or institutions well to shed any light on how things used to be in terms of wheat (and other grain) growing, harvesting, milling and food preparation practices—and especially, how they were observed to promote rather than compromise health, back then. Second, some dietary narratives—The Paleo Diet and derivatives being most prominent—have over simplified and conflated things.

With that in mind, sit back and enjoy the rich history of wheat as a one-time acknowledged superfood—one that was first rendered a liability and because of that, misrepresented in the whole by means and memes of good sounding—but easy to understand—"evolutionary" narratives, that, nonetheless, appear on close critical examination, to be false.

In the second episode of the Netflix Documentary Series Chef's Table, Dan Barber, winner of the James Beard Award for excellence in cuisine, culinary writing, and culinary education in the United States, says:

When we think of Western civilization, you start to realize it was built from wheat. Grains represent 65% of our agriculture. Vegetables and fruits are about 6%. We eat more wheat than just about anything. The problem is that we don't eat true whole wheat. We eat wheat that's dead and denuded, so it will last—it's shelf stable. Part of the reason that it has absolutely no flavor is because agribusiness is looking for crops that last a long time and can travel, or last a long time in the refrigerator and they're not looking for flavor or not looking for nutrition. The real disaster in all of this is that we lost the taste of wheat and we lost all the health benefits. And for something that we eat so much of it's really a true disaster...If we're going to change the food system, we have to change how we grow and consume wheat.

In a previous article, we took Barber's statement a step further and showed that the countries that fortify their wheat with iron appear to have significantly more chronic health issues. We also suggested that it's probably not a coincidence that low carb diets and gluten avoidance are more popular in iron fortified countries. Now we're digging a bit deeper. Did pre-modern civilizations actually thrive on true whole wheat or did they just tolerate it?

If what Barber is saying is true, then it should be relatively easy to find evidence that true whole wheat was in fact nourishing for pre-modern cultures. After all, unlike our Paleolithic ancestors, our more recent ancestors actually wrote about their foods and what effects they had on their health. From Hippocrates to Aristotle, and Avicenna to Paracelsus, all were preoccupied with the digestive processes. Secondly, we figured that we should be able to find evidence of Barber's hypothesis as we transitioned to modern milling practices.

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Support The Troops; Or, Is It Really Patronizing The Troops?

I grew up in the 60s. I was only 9 years old in 1970, and I recall trying to understand what I was seeing on the TEEVEE concerning Viet Nam and such. I remember my dad watching the election results earlier, in 1968, between Humphrey and Nixon.

I vividly remember the 1969 moon landing; though, my most vivid in than 1-day-scene is of my mom, that July—a 28-year old—walking across the living room with a cold towel compress on her forehead. It was hot, I guess. Funny, the silly shit we remember....

Combine that with what was arguably a complete World War—even as touted—in the 1940's, that my own dad almost starved from, in Germany, in the aftermath. The churning, high-risk geopolitics in play—with recently-utilzed nukes in play (Cuban deal already old), and diplomatic cold shoulders—likely out of fear of what we could actually do...already manifest in the lives of 100,000+ Japanese cooked in an instant...

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Sunday Miscellany: Off-Grid, Facebook Socio-Political Posts, All Pills Are Antibiotics, and Whole Grains I’ve Been Eating

...The RV off-grid experience is going pretty well. The two, 6-volt golf-cart batteries are really fantastic. The solar panels I have—equalling only 38 watts charging capacity—have proven insufficient. Since I was going to need a backup generator anyway (for eventual inclement weather over days), I got the Ryobi 2200-Watt Digital Inverter Generator. It's about as quiet as the super-expensive Honda at about half the price. In two weeks, I've only had to run it for up to an hour or two every 2-3 days, and have burned only 1.5 gallons of gas so far.

But, I just got two 100-watt solar panels, and should have the 30-amp charge controller by tomorrow. That should limit generator usage down to only seriously inclement weather over multiple days. And, if I need, I can add two more batteries and two more panels, for 460 amp-hours of battery, and 400 watts of charge. It's very fun fiddling with this stuff.

Tomorrow I get Internet installed, finally. Sunk the 8', 2"-diameter chain-link fence-post yesterday, in order to mount the dish that will hit the tower on the top of Mt. Umunhum, about 20 miles away. It should substantially increase my Internet activities here.

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Did Paleo (and Loren Cordain) Get It Wrong On Carbohydrates? Of Course, But We Knew That Already.

The great thing about icons is that sooner or later, they always fall. It's the job of general iconoclasts, like me, to laf and ridicule (sometimes at myself, even)—to hasten the process—all the while folks are busy holding on for dear life: banking on, , life styling, worshiping, and making livings off their iconic idols. The strong survive, though, so it's just really a process of evolutionary natural selection. Nothing to be afraid of. Adapt, or face scorn and dismissal.

Recent jaunts into this area have been the posts on iron "enrichment" (here and here), Paleo getting it wrong on grains, and a brief history of the astounding popularity and abuse of bloodletting (that's highly related to the iron posts). A forthcoming post will expand on Paleo getting it completely wrong on grains, by means of serious conflation—that's tantamount to holding a position against eating eggs because so many people eat just the whites.

Recently a new study came out: The Importance of Dietary Carbohydrate in Human Evolution.

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“To Serve And Protect” Update: Firemen, Forrest Rangers, Paramedics. The Police Do Disservice, and Brutality.

I won't yet talk details, because of info and sensitivities I'm not at liberty to publish, but what I can tell you is that I've had lots of interactions with firefighters lately; and I use that term rather than "firemen," or "fireperson," because mostly important: it's perfectly descriptive and doesn't come with gender baggage to bunch the panties of silly people who're as ubiquitous, now, as were Dead People in The Sixth Sense.

So there was a big fire. In the aftermath, I've had the joy of interacting with a few firefighter groups who came back to the scene of the destruction for self-schooling, lessons, learned, etc. It was a large conflagration, exacerbated by a problem of water supply. Anyways, not to divulge further details before I'm in rights to do so, the point is that these folks are consummate To Serve and Protect professionals, and nobody has any qualms about that.

I was even able to go into my Richard, baiting-for-conversation mode with them:

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General Fucktardism: doGs, anGels, Socialism, Bernie Sanders, Freedom, and I don’t give a shit about the troops

 I wrote this yesterday on Facebook:

For true progress to happen on human evolutionary scales, everyone ought be insulting the knowledge and intelligence of all others always.

People hate that. Why? because they live in bubbles of regurgitated "knowledge" and "wisdom" that's not even a bit different from the attached photo at the bottom of this post.

How many of you have truly questioned the very base things you were indoctrinated with as children, defenseless as you were, against bullshit; more often than not, accompanied by lashings and other punishments "to make you 'think?'"

You don't need to blame your parents for their ignorance and failure to use an evolutionarily given mind. Sky doGs and anGels are so comforting and witch-doctor sure—and everybody gets to live in the delusion that in doGs plan, there are no losses. Yep, life is one big bed of roses if you only sacrifice your independent mind to that of the collective one—which does not exist, but is rather a complete fraud conjured up by authorities and rulers you pay and vote for: to whisper sweet lies in your tender ears.

There are many conceptions of this pathetic phenomenon. Bernie Sanders is one and I laf laf laf at all the Merkans, so ignorant of history and how deep socialism laid Europe to waste so many times. I wrote this in a Facebook comment:

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The Fall of Bloodletting and The Rise of Iron

I'm truly at a point where I love doing this blog more than I ever have. No longer a lone voice that's hit & miss, I have a group of wonderful collaborators who somehow manage to put up with me—perhaps, because I truly strive to promote the fruits of their collaborative efforts as best as I can, and without the over-the-top marketing hype that's become so common everywhere.

Here's the entire bank of my knowledge on bloodletting, up until a couple of months ago: primitive, superstitious practice that killed George Washington, the first president of these united states (may not even be true). I always love being wrong because then, minimally, I'm less wrong than before.

I love slaying dragons or, in this context, questioning icons, bromides, and slogans of "truth."

I once again give you The Duck Dodgers.

In our previous article, Iron, Food Enrichment and The Theory of Everything, we hypothesized the link between the rise in modern chronic disease and the rise in iron intakes during the 20th century, through both food fortification and increased meat consumption.

Careful readers are well aware that chronic diseases of civilization began to rise well before iron fortification entered the food supply. When we investigated this further, we found to our surprise that our not so distant ancestors were bloodletting far, far more than we ever imagined.

From the time of antiquity to the late 19th century—for at least 2,000 years—bloodletting was extremely common. In fact, it became so common during the 19th century that its abuse ultimately led to its downfall—along with it being discredited by prominent physicians.

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I’m Hooked On Living Off The Grid

IMG 3407

Looking down at the rat maze...scurrying for cheese...

The events and circumstances leading up to this are a story for another day. Shortly after returning from off-grid living in Mexico for two months, Beatrice was presented with an opportunity to look after a 5-acre property in the east hills of San Jose, 3 miles from her work for some period of time that could be a year or more. There are no services: electricity, water, waste, gas, or internet.

So I rented a ~30' self-contained trailer and proceeded to sort electrical.

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A Few Words About Donald Trump

Thursday morning I took off from San Jose, CA, about 11am, destination Placerville. Next morning, left my X5 and took my brother's new Ford F-250 northeast on Hwy 50 towards Tahoe and after the descent from Echo Summit, cut east and then southeast on Hwy 89 over Monitor Pass, intersecting Hwy 395 just south of Topaz Lake.

From that point, it's mostly south by southeast, then after lots of hours, a cut southwest on Hwy 14, then northwest on 58, ending up late in the late afternoon in Tehachapi, not far from Mojave, to pick up a 6,500 lb. package from another brother. This morning, I headed west to Bakersfield, then northwest on Interstate 5, back to San Jose for the delivery. 17-hour, drive-time loop.

...The truck was equipped with satellite radio, so I found myself on the part of the dial comprising NPR, BBC, and a few commie and fascist talk channels—lafing my ass off about all of it.

Yep: Donald Trump.

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Did The Paleo Diet Get It Wrong On Grains?

Many are already convinced that the original take on the Paleo Diet got it wrong on starchy tubers (and starch in general), legumes, honey, and perhaps a few other things...like the idea one is best suited to a high fat, high protein, and low carb, or even ketogenic, diet.

There's many posts here on all of that stuff and in terms of potatoes, going back to 2009 even. Curiosity gets the best of me and I'm never comfortable or satisfied with pat, just-so answers to anything.

Moreover, way back, the science of the gut microbiome was a gaping hole in terms of integration into the diet. That's perhaps the most understandable, since it's only in the last few years that the science has skyrocketed. There is no shame in ignorance, only in refusing to correct it when new facts present themselves.

Before I delve into why I think Paleo may have gotten it wrong on grains, let me post an email I got yesterday from a long-time reader and commenter, Steven.

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Recognizing Ignorance Requires Quality Knowledge: Paleo Epistemology and Sociology…and a Juxtaposition of Daves

I'm gearing up for more posts on the iron enrichment hypothesis to explain dietary "paradoxes" (debunk please). More researchers are weighing in. There are a couple posts in the works, and believe it or not, the most delicious of the two is the history of bloodletting (in barber shops) and how people flocked to get bled regularly (bleeding reduces stored serum iron—like pre-menopausal women do every month). Some people are hooked on donating blood regularly—which some chalk up exclusively to social conscience—but might it really be a selfish endeavor, even beyond the selfishness inherent in feeling like you're a community value?

On a practical level? My just-begun experiment with making artisanal whole grain breads and cereals a dietary staple, combined with lowish fat and lowish protein, with protein being accounted for by sardines, clams, mussels, oysters, and various liver pâté—and otherwise small portions of meat and fowl. Simple tasty mini-meal-esque stuff.

In the meantime, another post on the list is my individual take on the non-aggression principle, 25 years in the chewing. My two most recent Zac posts (here and here) about living in a largely American community on the tip of Baja California for 2 months had comment threads that in a couple of cases gave me the impression I was dealing with toddlers that will eventually raise their hand to hit you after you've been explaining algebra to them for a while. It's a perfectly common reaction from a toddler. When dealing with adults, what's going on is that they're ignorant to such an extent that they don't recognize that they're ignorant. They lash out like toddlers.

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The Right Probiotic Could Change Your Life

You hear stuff about the gut microbiome all the time, and probiotics have been a rage for even longer. Then someone comes along and applies new science and technology to do something really revolutionary in terms of mega-high dose for a short regimen that's actually designed to get to your colon quickly. That would be my biomedical engineering buddy Karl Seddon, in the UK, who developed Elixa Probiotic. Here's the posting history on it and you can see many testimonials of great things at all of them:

Now, just like with most everything your mileage may vary, but I can say that the vast majority of reported results have been very positive and that I can't recall any negative, only no effect noticed. Here's the most recent testimonial, from Pam.

Thank you for your post mentioning Elixa probiotic. I have suffered from chronic diarrhea for over a year and endured a series of "cures" including colonoscopy, antibiotics, anti-fungals, restrictive diets, various probiotic and prebiotic concoctions... I elected to give Elixa a try and took two 6 day rounds back-to-back... on day 11....."normalcy" returned.....spectacular...... I have not yet experimented with resistant starch but it is "on my list" thanks to your info,... love "free-the-animal"....!!

You can try it yourself by clicking here and placing an order.

Update: Amongst other anecdotes in comments, here's one with some particular authority behind it, from Jake.

Have done two rounds.

Karl and I have communicated a fair bit over this product and his professionalism is second to none.

I know degrees don’t = expertise, but I’ve got an MSc in Sports Nutrition, and I personally am a sub-elite athlete and coach elite and Olympic athletes every day so have a decent idea of what it looks like when the human body does or does not work…

…and this stuff is the real deal!!!!

Everybody gets to go to hell in their own go-cart, but I left Los Zacatitos anyway.

IMG 3304

The final chapter.

It may come as a surprise to many Zacatitans, but I really don't think Zac is a problem to be fixed. Read the post title again. Just wasn't my cup of tea, that's all, and that's life. Adults understand and accept that life is a far cry from that of a big one-for-all and all-for-one Kumbaya circle-jerk. Sure, I could have toughed it out to see how it would be like in "winter" with full occupancy, as I was advised to do. But I think I got taste enough of that via the 500 member Facebook group.

I found Zac far too tightly nit, high-school clique like, and intransigent—reminiscent of some Sovietesque zeitgeist born of diasporatic origins; but modernized...dominated by various forms of politically correct and progressive thought, adjudicated by uppity white connected women with plenty of husband money...where dissension is not tolerated from outsiders, with bromides like "community" tossed about as endless admonitions—such that insiders get to evade the fact that they're really being chided and chilled into conformity with what's expected; a cage of their own design. Or, they don't get invited into pretty cages, euphemistically called parties.

I have no need of solidarity or conformity in my life. I associate with whom I please; don't much care about others...until I do—because they've become meaningful to me. There's no such thing as a group, community, or social "conscience." Only individuals possess that faculty, exercised individually; and in terms of reason, the individual mind is a reality integrating organ, not a reality creating device.

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Tribalism, Equivocation and Moral Ambivalence in the Lost American Suburb of Los Cabos


N'est-ce pas magnifique?

They call it Los Zacatitos and for the time being, I live here. But it's really just an American suburb in Mexico, operating exactly the same as any uppity white suburb in any upper-crusty part of the U.S., Facebook Group and all.

I'll save all the reasons for my imminent departure for a subsequent and final post on this life-chapter; but for this installment, it's simply time to shine a light on hypocrisy. In a discussion with a fellow intellectual traveler the other day, discussing various means of bringing social pressure to bear, he wrote very succinctly:

The universe is about the message, not the messenger.

So, to be intellectually consistent, unwilling to live in cognitive dissonance, one ought strive to discern the true message emanating from messengers, rather than focus on the messengers. One way to focus on messages rather than messengers is to identify what principle or set thereof are implied or explicit in messages. In that way, one understands that it matters not a whit whether it's Charles Manson or President Obama that says it's wrong to kill young blond movie stars in Hollywood's Hills by means of personality cult. The message is that murder is wrong, the operative principle being non-initiation of violence.

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Thank You, Mr. President. Let Our People Go.

There, I said it.

It was November of 2007 where I titled a post Fuck Obama and His Stupid Bitch, that by now, has been read a few hundreds of thousands of times. I've had innumerable occasions to reiterate. But I'm a sucker for redemption, even careful, party-political measured ones.

I've been blogging this shit from time-to-time since 2005; and finally, Mr. President, AKA Choom Master, gets on board at the end of his 2nd term and calls it "mistakes" and "doing something stupid"—which of course is the usual standard political lying excused by people who feel empowered in getting a 1/300 millionth say in their own affairs at a curtained social masturbation chamber, AKA voting booth.

These are like a minute each, all you time-crunched people who spend hours reading blogs.

Now, I have many quibbles, but I'll just quote my post to Facebook once I saw the second video.

I've got to salute the man and I'll just go ahead and call him Mr. President as a show of respect for once. This is an act of statesmanship. Sure, I could quibble, in that he's doing this near end of term, where hundreds of thousands have entered incarceration and hundreds of thousands endured it over the last seven years.

And, it's not "mistakes" and "stupid things." The stupid law is a mistake. But it's something, not nothing, and babies ought never be tossed out with bath water.

Well I'll be dammed. The choom master is going to go down in history as the President that turned the insanity of the Nixonian War on Drugs around.

Golf clap.

And so there you have it.

It’s the most important political thing on the radar. Currently, there are millions of people in prison who harmed no one. Millions of families have been destroyed to the delight of Christian Conservative Republicans who also delight in the idea that people who don’t believe in their sky doG will get eternal torture in some fantasy Hell.

So while stupid knows no bounds and hell hath no material furry at all, there are hundreds of thousands unjustly sitting in a hell of Christian Conservative making, and families have been devastated for decades.

For The Record: My Blindsided Assault and Battery in Los Zacatitos, Baja Sur, Mexico

This post is a testimony of my recollections surrounding what took place in a local bar & grill on the evening of July 14, 2015, when a resident named Tim "Herb" Mullen—in the company of fiancée Michelle Suderman—approached me surreptitiously from behind and delivered a roundhouse forearm to my throat, knocking me backwards to the concrete floor from the height of a barstool.

Injuries sustained were a bruised windpipe and bruised ribs on the upper back. While initially—the first day following—the windpipe inflammation and phlegm production were the most difficult, making breathing labored and swallowing painful, it's morphed into where the bruised ribs are now the chief discomfort. Every cough to clear a sore throat is met with stabbing pain, many movements are similarly painful, and sleep is less than restful. Indications are that this will run a 3-week course or so, until the ribs have healed.

I recorded a video testimony at 6 a.m. the following morning. There's a number of Zacatitans who're just certain they know all about me, never having met me or exchanged any values with me, so I thought it important to put it in a video.

There's one material element I hadn't recollected at the time and will outline below the video. I'll also explain what transpired prior to the assault. But keep in mind, this post is primarily the video. If you make any judgment or comment without watching it, you're doing so on a small bit of the info and risk being called on it.. For example, how come I didn't retaliate? How about my awareness? How about Presence of Mind?

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The Tyranny of Assets

In 1979, when I graduated high school in June of that year and moved with my parents to the Portland, OR area, then drove across country diagonally to Chattanooga, TN in August to begin college at the Born-Again Christian enclave of Tennessee Temple University, everything I owned needed fit easily into the back of the 1974 Mazda RX-3 wagon I'd bought from my dad for $1,000 worth of work in his painting company. I didn't even have to put the rear seats down.

How did I possibly survive with no collection of assets? Perhaps, not being weighed down, I focussed on other things; like: observing the world around me, asking questions, discovering the joy of Very Bad Things-so-called, and even engaging in some study now and then to collect grade assets...and maybe, with nothing better to do than thrive by working in fast-food joints and auto-parts stores, paid the lion's share of the cost of acquiring a college diploma-asset. Eventually.

That stint lasted only a freshman year, and when I returned to Troutdale, OR that late spring, not only did all my assets still fit in the back, but there was room for the stuff of two other guys from the same Born-Again church, sharing the ride and drive.

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Justin Blok, cali420king on Facebook, Threatens to Have Me Killed and Buried in the Baja Desert

"Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel." — Mark Twain

Let me introduce you to Justin Blok, cali420king on Facebook. Apparently, he wishes it to be known that he's the king of potheads in California; and since he's in Cabo San Lucas, we're talking the whole damn thing—from the Oregon border to the tip of Baja Sur. Pictures...well, you know how many words.

Justin Blok
Justin Blok, cali420king on Facebook

Here's the brief history.

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Non-Intansigence, via Alanis Morissette

 One could do a lot worse for a life theme song. You Learn.

I recommend getting your heart trampled on, to anyone
I recommend walking around naked in your living room
Swallow it down (what a jagged little pill)
It feels so good (swimming in your stomach)
Wait until the dust settles

You live you learn
You love you learn
You cry you learn
You lose you learn
You bleed you learn
You scream you learn

I recommend biting off more then you can chew to anyone
I certainly do

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