The Wrap Up

Well it’s finally, FINALLY over. Thank God! Honestly, I don’t know how it is I get so caught up in it, particularly as a non voter, but I do. I’d say perhaps that it’s for the sport of it; but then, I’m not much of a sports fan, either. Oh, well; the mystery shall go unresolved.

I must admit that the thought of the anguish and despair the Kerry sycophants must be feeling—indeed, feeling all over the world—delights me to a level I am unable to express in words. It’s been about a year that I’ve been passing the Kerry signs planted in lawns and flowerbeds and the bumper stickers affixed to cars in the driveway during my morning 3-mile walking ritual. Naturally, I was anxious to get out the door this morning, just for the pure pleasure of cracking a grin at each display along my route.

Sweeter still is the debacle over the totally wrong exit polls. Knowing that for the better part of the day, Kerry and all his minions thought they had it dressed and bagged, only to suffer a devastating reversal, just makes the whole thing rather exquisite.

I also can just barely contain my utter enthusiasm and delight over that shitbag of a creep Daschle getting his ass stomped. Jesus; even still, they can’t run his lying ass out of Dodge fast enough for my taste.

I’m hoping that with a 2nd term in the bank and gains in both the Senate and House, Bush will set about to dismantle at least part of the “cannibal pot” social system we’ve built up over the years. Actually though, I’m just saying that in order to hear just how ridiculous it sounds when I read it back to myself. I assure you all that I harbor no such illusions.

It’s a given that someone’s going to be president; and it’s a given that we’ve got a bunch of nutbar crazies running around who not only believe they’re going to some home in the sky when they die, but that they will have virgins in waiting if they take out some infidels along the journey. Christ; what an insane world. Given all that, and given the resolve Bush has demonstrated in keeping on the offensive—ignoring an endless barrage of second-guessing and 20/20 hindsight by people who don’t know jack shit about military operations of any kind (and those who do, but lie about it for political convenience)—he was simply the man for the job.

But it’s also depressing to realize that we came only about a dozen electoral votes and 3.5 million popular votes out of 120 million from electing someone so horribly wrong for the job at hand. Imagine such a “commander-in-chief” just from the perspective of what we do know about him. Then, imagine the possibility that he actually received an other-than-honorable discharge from the Navy prior to having it overturned by Carter’s amnesty program. Details here and here. I’m sure Dan Rather is going to be all over that story.

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