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I just hate knowing that so many people I know and care for, even loved-ones, were insane and foolish enough to be taken in by that lying sonofabitch.

Michael Moore being shunned by the Oscars was certainly telling, but even more telling is what Moore’s former manager (who fired Moore) is saying about him, as documented in this San Francisco Examiner piece by Kathleen Antrim. Yes, Moore [is] now getting less. Good.

"Michael Moore makes a substantial living going into peoples’ private lives. Sneaking up on them," Urbanski said. So Urbanski feels no compunction in talking about the only client he ever fired. In fact, he fired Moore with a 10-page letter.

"A more dishonest and demented person I have never met," Urbanski wrote me in an e-mail, "and I have known a few! And he is more money obsessed than any I have known, and that’s saying a lot."

Urbanski believes that Moore hates America, hates capitalism and hates any normal concept of freedom and democracy. This seems odd, considering that if it weren’t for America, freedom and capitalism Moore’s brand of expression and capitalistic success would be impossible, if not illegal.

"Michael Moore could not withstand Michael Moore’s scrutiny for more than 15 seconds," Urbanski said.

My only hope is that certain people I know are a bit wiser next time around. You know what they say about being fooled twice.

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