Romote Control Killing

I wonder what sort of visceral reaction Your Average Joe has to something like this.

Personally, mine was distaste–on a number of levels. But first, I’m no veg; nor am I opposed to hunting. In fact, we went on hunting and fishing trips a lot when I was growing up. Guns were a regular, ever-present part of our upbringing. These were the days where your guns were on display in the den in a gun cabinet.

It’s not that people are engaged in hunting by remote control that I find distasteful, from the perspective of my own values, but that it’s apparently killing for nothing but the thrill or sport of it. I’ve never in my life understood that. I’ve killed or assisted in the killing of a fair number of animals, but always, always for the purpose of food. When someone in camp did kill a trophy rack, it was a bonus, but always the lesser value. The primary values were the food, the struggle of the hunt to obtain it, and the friends and family that all participated.

Anyway, if you read the whole article, you soon realize that this is no big deal. Most people wouldn’t be interested anyway, for various reasons. Of course, I’d never presume to stop anyone, ’cause it aint my business, and I always mind my own business.

You also get to read about the buffoon chicken-little legislators nationwide rushing to ban such "abominations." ‘Course that’s commonplace, now.

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