Naming Names

The WWW is the closest thing we’ve got to a Public Ostracism Database. This is why I believe in boldly naming names whenever really warranted. So, how about when a guy sits on death row, waiting to be executed, because a bunch of G.I. Joe Wannabes broke down his door one night and he shot and killed on of them in self-defense? How about when city officials fire his public defender legal counsel (one government service my tax money goes toward that I don’t begrudge) because he has the nerve to represent the accused?

Yea, those are names that should be named. Next time, Radley, do it in bold; woudja?

My first call was to the mayor,
Charles Dumas. One thing to keep in mind about Dumas — he’s very close
to the family of the late Officer Ron Jones. In fact, in one December
28, 2001 article from the Jackson Clarion-Ledger, Dumas is described as spokesperson "on behalf of the Jones family."


So I called the board.
Aldermen Terry Brinson and Robert G. Miller didn’t answer their phones,
and had no answering machine or voicemail. I left messages on the
answering machines of Aldermen Danny L. Daniels and Willie Davis.

The only alderman I was able to get in touch with was Sylvia Ward.
Ward told me that she didn’t feel comfortable telling me why the Board
fired Evans, and that if I really wanted to know, I’d have to come down
to Mississippi and ask the board "as a whole." I told her that the
Mayor told me only the board could tell me why Evans was fired, but
that I had reason to believe it was because he was serving as counsel
for Cory Maye. Again, she said, I’d either need to request a copy of
the minutes from Prentiss Town Hall or come down to Mississippi and
make my request in person.

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  1. something tells me there is another side to this story you aren't telling. People typically don't get the death penalty when there are extenuating circumstances.

  2. Well, then just go on over to, and do a Google site search for "Cory Maye."

    Yes there is another side to the story that I'm not telling, at the moment, but Radley Balko has been pretty objective about the whole thing.

    Thing is, the other side's story is bullshit through and through.

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