Eurotrek 2006 – Week One of Three

We’re right here now; Cadaques, Spain. I’m quite surprised how much I’ve been enjoying Spain — at least this northeastern portion of it: Catalonia.

I’ve got a lot, a lot to write about — going back to Paris, actually — but it’s been go go go and when we’ve stopped I’ve not felt like writing. I had good opportunity back in Sant Pol, with killer WiFi, but opted to spend the day at the hotel pool, reading. One thing is that we’ve been doing as the vacationing Spaniards do, which is to say: napping in the afternoon; going out to eat about 10-11 pm; staying out until 2 am; and sleeping until 9 or 10. Wouldn’t want to make a life of it, but it has its logic in the context of a Med vacation.

Speaking of Internet connections: I am amazed. To say that they (France and Spain, so far) are miles ahead of the U.S. in connectivity is laughable. They are light years ahead. I’ve not had less than a 4 of 5 signal since leaving Paris. Nowhere. No. Where. This includes out in the middle of nowhere, over the Pyrenees, darting in and out of these coves in Spain… Moreover, I’ve yet to hit a town that didn’t have numerous WiFi options.

That said, the hotel I’m at turns off their WiFi at 9 p.m. for some stupid reason, so I’m connected with the same GPRS/EDGE that the phones use for data. This means I can get on the Internet (it’s built into my Sony TX notebook) literally from every square foot of western Europe (so far as I can determine) at about 100-120 kpbs. It’s enough to do just about everything really important, but not practical for uploading pics and such, so those will have to wait.

Well, it’s just about midnight, I’m turning in early, and we begin our assault on the southern coast of France tomorrow.

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  1. Jon Barnes says:


    Reading your Eurotrek posts with interest…locking forward to the next edition. J&B

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