Now I’m Satisfied

At least until such point that I’m not, anymore. But I think that’ll do it. I promise to stop torturing my kind readers with endless design changes.

Perhaps you’ll agree, though. If you begin with where I started, and then look at the various changes, and what I’ve finally and delightedly settled on, you can perhaps understand why I just kept at it.

Delighted, I am. And I even hope it’s pleasing to your eye as well.

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  1. Hi Rich, no need to appologize. I think anyone who has a blog knows what it is to keep uping the design levels. I know I'm always tweaking here and there, and sometimes downright busting it up and changing the whole thing. Your new look is very nice.

  2. Rich,
    I like it a lot. Very easy on the eyes, and resembles the view here in the junipers.

  3. Looks great! I must say I like it better than the other designs.

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