RIS – Rest in Shame

As if there remained any reason whatsoever to support or be active in the Libertarian Party, this should should remove all doubt.

reason: In 2002, the Libertarian Party called you the worst drug warrior in Congress. No hard feelings?

Barr: To be honest with you that’s never come up in our discussions. I’m not going to let minor disagreements come between us.

It has never come up? Minor disagreement? Honestly, I did not even read the rest of the interview beyond that point. Utterly reprehensible. I haven’t been a member of the LP for about 5 years, and haven’t given them any money either. I used to give them upwards of maybe $500 per year from the mid-90s through about 2001. Whereas I never really begrudged doing that, I’m now ashamed to admit it.

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  1. I don't know how you got past:

    I suppose one reason is I was asked by two individuals I respect.

    I have a hard time respecting someone who makes such a big decision simply because a couple of his friends asked him to. I mean, come on, Barr, where are your principles? Not that I'd ask such a question of a politician.

    He's giving Georgians a bad name. I'm just glad this helps show how fundamentally flawed the LP is.

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