Something You Probably Didn’t Know About Some Jews

At least I didn’t. I’ll fully admit it. But if you’ve got an hour, I highly recommend viewing this video of a Jewish political movement that lasted from the late 1800s through the 1950s in America.

Why do I think it’s noteworthy? Well, I’m not sure, exactly. I call myself the same thing they call themselves, but we are far different in an area so important it’s almost a complete mystery that we could be talking about "the same thing," yet be so far apart. And from what I can see and hear, I’m not dealing with evil people, just incorrect ones. They have made one critical but fundamental error.

I discussed all this with Billy in email through a few exchanges, but I don’t really feel like writing a big entry right now and I could write thousands of words on this and if I get started, that’s what it’ll end up. So, let me just point you to this, and be sure to read his own link to himself in there as well. Take note that the issue turns on the principle of individual private property, in both cases, and that’s where it all comes together — if you can figure it out for yourself.

(video: McElroy)

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