One Man’s Tale

A well written, very credible account of one man's experience with the exceedingly corrupt Dallas SWAT, Dallas Sheriff, Dallas Police, Dallas Code Enforcement and the Dallas District Attorney; along with their partners in crime at Granada Entertainment and A&E Broadcasting.

Make no mistake: all of the above are the criminals in this story.

The show of force and weaponry brought by the cops was simply outrageous and unjustified, given the circumstances, but, then again, are they enforcing the law or making a TV show?

You decide. How much of this do you suppose goes on against those unable to express themselves as well as this innocent man, the victim of legal predators.


  1. Stacy Nikoley says:

    The small fines collected may not have justified the use of SWAT, but I'm sure the A&E made it well worth it, after all if they don't use their SWAT team there's no TV show…

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