I don’t know about you, but I have nothing but a deep and profound loathing for that whole cop-scene looping continuously on the news surrounding the Virginia Tech mass murder. I hadn’t a chance to watch any TV while things were unfolding yesterday, but I flipped around the dial last evening and was just appalled by the display. Don’t know I could put it any better than Billy:

…where all the video shows us these slug-ass cops running to & fro with all their fine army-man wannabe costuming.

Bunch ‘a pussies. Losers.

You got that, Blacksburg Police Department, County Sheriff, SWAT, BATF, and all the rest of you dipshits who got all dressed up so’s you could parade your worthless carcasses around the TEEVEE all day looking all toughass?

You’re putrid and disgusting. Every one of you.

Actually, you’re worse than worthless. I could be grudgingly satisfied — or at least resigned — with worthless. But what you guys do is actively perpetuate the fraud — you get that: fraud — that honest and peaceful people are safe around you — that you’ll protect them; when in point of observable fact, you’re either preening your costumed candy asses in front of the TEEVEE completely out of harm’s way, or else you’re busting down the doors of unarmed and peaceful people where you know you’re not going to face any serious armed opposition.

Anyone with any sense at all sees completely through this charade. You know what? Here’s how worthless you are; you, with your dozens upon dozens of "highly trained officers," G.I. Joe dress-up, assault vehicles, and dogs sniffing who knows what: a 100-lb freshman girl with a decent weapon in her backpack and a bit of nerve would have easily put you all to shame.

You’re a bunch of predators and crooks — and pussies (did I mention?). Go fuck yourselves. And while you’re at it? Blow your own brains out in shame (that’s if you all weren’t such pussies).

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