Have a little Heart

I’ve been waiting for two or three years to catch them when they blow through, but always foiled. Until now.


So the venue is really great. Small winery amphitheater, but as I recall, really nicely raked; such that, essentially every seat is a great seat. I was only there once before, about a dozen years ago and very spur of the moment thing (like: grab the keys and go) for a jazz deal of no particular notoriety.

What can I say about Heart, the band?
I’ve been loving their music since I was in high school in the 70s.
I’ve got their albums and some DVDs; and of those DVDs, The Road Home
is hands down the best (that Amazon page gives you a performance of
"These Dreams" from the DVD). It starts off with mostly acoustic
arrangements and gets louder and more electric as it goes. It also
shows off what depth as musicians these sisters possess. They both play
multiple musical instruments and, of course, Ann Wilson is just a power house in vocals —
to me, totally reminiscent of Grace Slick in her Jefferson Airplane

Alright, thanks to YouTube, I’ve dug up some goodies for you. Let’s go newest to oldest. "Alone" is from just a few years ago, completely soft, slow and acoustic. Now, back up a dozen years or so and here’s "Alone" gone electric.

Now, those are both fine, and in fact you can grab other performances right there from the sidebar. But let me save you some time, because this is the best you’re gonna find. Stepping back almost 20 more years to the 70s, Here’s "Crazy on You" in the best performance of it I’ve ever seen. I’m a complete sucker for almost anything that starts off slow and acoustic and then electrifies the house. Just a complete helpless sucker. And hey, even if you don’t like the song, its in video dummy… Get it? Ann & Nancy Wilson? 1975?

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  1. "Dreamboat Annie", the debut record and the one that includes "Crazy", didn't drop until 1976.

    That's from the "Dog & Butterfly" tour, which means it can't be earlier than '78.

    I remember watching them fly that octagonal lights rig at Cornell University. It was the biggest monolithic rig that I'd seen to date.

  2. Yea, and I have "Dreamboat Annie," too but I don't think I acquired it until around '85 or so (in CD), so I've always had kind of a nebulous idea as to when it all got going.

    I do recall seeing "Little Queen" in vinyl, in the stores but not exactly when, though it seems it would have been pre-'79 when I graduated high school. I was "mesmerized" by that album cover, as I'm sure other guys were my age.

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