A Warm Note in Passing

This story has been around for a few days, but I’ve yet to see it in anything major. Perhaps not enough time has passed necessary to concoct the standard set of talking points, "explanations," equivocations, euphemisms, qualifications and so on that go hand-in-hand with maintaining propping up beliefs in illusions.

But let me ask you this, in light of all that you see, read, and hear surrounding global warming. What if you were suddenly told from a reliable scientific source (one you trust) that the hottest year on record in the U.S. was 1934? As in: nowhere near the time of your personal experience, where, now, every personal case of the prickly heat is confirmation of "global warming." Shit, even last weekend while standing on a hang-gliding launch north of Mt. Lassen, I was told that "global warming" was making for excellent flying this year. No, I didn’t bother.

Maybe you’re being fooled by randomness (see sidebar). I still say this is all part of a gigantic topping pattern, but we’ll probably see some years of a "blowoff rally," where everyone goes even nuttier than they already are about this fantasy. They’ll harbor all their silly illusions about how they "can help" by variously denying themselves things that people in 1934 could already take for granted. Then, either it starts getting colder on average (it tends to fluctuate, you know), people are affirmed in their delusion that they can forgo plastic water bottles and save the planet, or it’ll get hotter and people will realize it’s too hard and move on to the next hysteria. Either way, the insanity won’t last; and anyway, all the major players will have gotten stinking rich off the con by then, so they’ll be happy to get away with it, if they can.

Warren Meyer has up a good roundup with lots of updates. And here too.

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