Lies, Lies, and Damn Lies

I can’t help it.

Ol’ Ron has turned into more than I could have hoped for in this race. My take: it’s far less important that he wins, as it is that he continually force the others into telling the obvious lies that they obviously don’t believe, but which they calculate their fans are eager to hear, which they are. His presence then serves to expose lies. People, in general, have a propensity to lie to themselves and to swallow lies from others, but that’s because they believe such behavior goes relatively undetected, which it does because everyone’s in on it. Paul is an exposing machine and I just love watching it.

Liefest. That’s what it is, and finally, finally there’s someone who can make enough money to publicize it. I won’t vote, but I’ve already given hundreds to Paul and will continue; because I want someone to expose lies. It’s just that simple. In terms of time is money, it’s cheaper and far more effective than me blogging. I’m buying time. That’s what I do in donating to Paul.

OK, so get a load of this. It’s probably even funnier to see a transcript rather than a video, where you’re more likely to be swayed by non-essentials. What a bunch of lying pandereers. Jesus Christ, already; not that I expect anything more. I think the counter movement has legs. And I don’t only mean online.

Onward, then.

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