Medicine Men and Witch Doctors

Read all about ’em. According to Radley Balko, they’re the top 100 quotes from Fundamentalist Christian chat rooms. I figured to add that, because I had second thoughts about so insulting the intelligence of medicine men and witch doctors.

Oh, be sure not to miss the condolences to the mom whose son committed suicide because he was homosexual in a Fundamentalist Christian household, and well…you get the picture.

Why do I post things like this? Well, because these insane people vote, that’s why. Why do you think I’m against the state, anyway? Look right up there. It’s plain to see. Now, you can choose to spend your life fighting for control of the reigns of power with nut jobs like those, but just as soon as you knock them out, more will take their place. There are plenty of nuts, and they all want the power to control your life.

I’m perfectly happy to have lots of such nuts around, just like I’m happy to go to the zoo and watch the monkeys at play. But monkeys don’t vote. If they did participate in state, would you be anti-monkey-voter, or just go right to the root, to anti-state?

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