Religion Masquerading as “Science”

Here’s an email out to a friend, who thinks he’s not religious. I beg to differ.


In reference to our discussion of religion yesterday…

In the Telegraph UK:

In view of what is now at stake, such quasi-religious incantations masquerading as science are something we can no longer afford. We should get back to proper science before it is too late.

[emphasis added]

Climate Audit, by Steve McIntyre, the guy who in 2006/7 got NASA to admit to a Y2K bug in their climate model, which had established 2006 as the warmest year on record (i.e., the last year for which complete data existed). Once the error was corrected — which I doubt you heard even a whisper about in the mainstream media — 2006 falls to number 4, with 1934 being the warmest ever recorded, followed by 1998 in second, and 1921 in third.

Anyway, on the Antarctic ice pack, from yesterday, just a few hours after our conversation:

Southern Hemisphere Sea Ice Reaches "Unprecedented" Levels

On a global basis, world sea ice in April 2008 reached levels that were “unprecedented” for the month of April in over 25 years. Levels are the third highest (for April) since the commencement of records in 1979, exceeded only by levels in 1979 and 1982. This continues a pattern established earlier in 2008, as global sea ice in March 2008 was also the third highest March on record, while January 2008 sea ice was the second highest January on record. It was also the second highest single month in the past 20 years (second only to Sept 1996).

Warren Meyer, probably the best layman out there. Not a professional scientist, nor beholden to anyone, he’s nonetheless Princeton and Harvard educated. He has a Climate Skeptic Blog, and his approach is somewhat unique, as thoroughly outlined in his 10-minute video presentation. Guaranteed you’ve never been exposed to anything remotely like this in the mainstream, though I’ve been thoroughly aware of it for some time.

Don’t Panic – Flaws in Catastrophic Global Warming Forecasts

He has also put together a book: A Layman’s Guide to Man-Made Global Warming


The floating garbage…I’d heard about it, but curiously have never seen a picture (like satellite, or even from an aircraft) that demonstrates that "a floating island the size of Texas" is a proper, accurate, and honest metaphor, rather than, say, "an area the size of Texas where the trash is X times more concentrated than on average."

I’ve spent years at sea, and I’ve seen my share of trash, every now and then (I’ve traveled in both those areas, i.e., off Hawaii, and off Japan — extensively so the latter). Sometimes the encounters are more frequent, i.e., the concentration is greater, but it’s never, ever remotely anything like an "island." That’s just true-believe hysteria for the consumption of alarmists and human-haters.

Back to Anthropogenic Global Warming. I’m quite certain there has been some warming, but the amount attributable to industrial civilization and to other factors like solar cycles and cloud-influencing cosmic radiation is simply not determined with any sort of the confidence that ought to be necessary before we go off and starve the third world by using their corn in our gas tanks, standing in the way of their industrial development, and instituting policy changes with economic impacts in the tens of trillions of dollars.

Back when the last IPCC report came out that declared "consensus," and that the "debate is now over," I said with some degree of confidence that that point will one day mark the high-water level of this whole fraud, and it’s tracking right on course. Climate scientists, who were once content to sit by the sidelines and not make waves, figuring the science would get sorted out one way or the other, didn’t like being lumped into a contrived, fraudulent consensus, and they’ve been coming out of the woodwork in droves. Just now, in the last year, skeptical pieces have been showing up in mainstream media. It’ll be another 2-3 years before the public at large realizes that what they "knew" was an element of their ignorance and general gullibility.

…Or, you can just keep reciting your enviro-catechisms.

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