“Some of the people who are offsetting your cheating”


"Helping you because you can't help yourself."

(via Art)

Later: Well, I was half-tempted when I blogged this to include some crack about Edwards, speculating whether he, as is Gore with his carbon offsets, behind any of it. Now it's official (the affair, that is).

How is it that all these Democrat darling "pretty boys" can't control themselves? Well, let's just say that I come from a time and place where such behavior isn't engaged in just as much due to plain old self-respect as anything else, like causing pain and hurt to someone you supposedly care about.

Then again, Edwards preaches a lot of selflessness and self-sacrifice, doesn't he? I'd say that at least he practices what he preaches, only I see no evidence of any self-respect for him to lay at the altar of sacrifice.

Genuine self-respect has a prerequisite: rational selfishness. Edwards is a selfless as they come. That's why his conscience will permit him to wreak havoc in the lives of others for the sake of his own pleasures and perceived gain.

Pathetic; through and through.

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  1. Bob Sanders says:

    But this is actually a pro-environmentalist website. They believe that emitting "excess" carbon is bad and that the carbon offsetting schemes are not effective at reducing carbon emissions. In essence, they are criticizing carbon offsets *not* because they are an assault on capitalism and liberty but because they are *not enough* of an assault on capitalism and liberty. The creators of CheatNeutral are *not* defenders of freedom.

  2. Good enough, Bob. I just gleaned the humor off the front page and didn't dig any deeper.

    I know I didn't claim that they were defenders of freedom, and I certainly didn't mean to imply any such thing.

    If it's a case of a stopped clock being right twice per day, then that's fine, I suppose.

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