Life Tweak #57

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If you sit at a desk a lot, as I do, perhaps you've at times experienced an irresistible urge to stand. Often, I'll turn my chair around and work bent over the backrest just to stand. If I get deep in thought about some thing or the other, I'll often stand and pace back & forth.

I sit to the right.


Now, I stand to the right.


That was this afternoon's project. A solid 8' long surface. Four pieces, 12 bolts, and 15 minutes of assembly. $200 at Costco.

Thanks to dad with his long bed pickup and enthusiastic willingness to help haul it up into the loft space. I will get some sort of bar stool, as I'm quite sure I'll not desire to stand all the time. But mixing it up is the key – intermittency and acute stimuli, not chronic.

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  1. Cool, it seems like a good move. will be interested to see how you manage in the lng run keep us updated….. Have you ever considered using a medicine ball instead of a chair?

  2. One thing I know from 44 years of estimating from blue prints, is that you will stand more than sit. It seems more natural to me.

  3. Chris:

    I assume you mean those large inflated balls at the gym. I hate those things, and plus, I think people sitting on them at their desks look silly. I try to avoid that.

  4. Pam Maltzman says:

    I've got old back, tailbone, and knee injuries, so standing isn't an option for me; and I need to be sitting down for my computer work (medical transcription). I also have to put extra padding on my chair (doughnut and low back) no matter what it is. Regular secretarial chairs literally are a pain in the butt (and back, and legs), and they're also not made for big folks.

    What I ended up buying this last year was a Steelcase Leap Chair without arms. It adjusts a bunch of different ways (I got a model without arms). I got a good deal on eBay.

    I believe they have a model that is tall, like a bar stool. There are a bunch of different ergonomic chairs you can check out, if you end up feeling the need or desire for something other than what you have.

  5. Do you remember what this was listed as at Costco? I am looking into something like this for work and haven’t been able to find it at Costco in Canada.

  6. Thanks, Richard. This looks great. Now I just have to see if Costco Canada can get me one of these.

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