“Average” is Fat and Ignorant

If you keep this up, you're eventually going to get someone tell you you're "too skinny," that you look "unhealthy," or some such other baseless judgment.

Here's a good comment exchange over on Art's blog. Peter says:

So I’ve changed my mind about my thin “look.” I think we’re all just too fat is the problem, with an “average” look being 40 pounds overweight.

To which Art responds:

It does seem that people are used to a certain look that is, on the whole, swollen from subcutaneous fat and intramuscular fat, along with the puffiness of inflammation and extracellular water. EFers are a new breed that express the health and look of the active genotype.

Eat right -- Real Food -- get some brief but intense exercise, go hungry now and then, and let your genes do the rest. They know what they're doing.

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