My Guest Post at Mark’s Daily Apple

Mark Sisson graciously invited me to share some of my experiences on his very popular blog. It's one of the top health and fitness blogs on the Internet.

So go have a read at my guest post.

After the first of the year, Mark will be reciprocating with a guest post on Free the Animal.

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  1. I read it. Great post.

  2. Many thanks for your post.

    I like your idea of the "spiritual" quality of fasting, it was new to me. I'm far from religious myself but could this be linked to the importance of fasting in many religious traditions?

    I find that a half pint of double cream (with perhaps one piece of fruit) is a bit sickly if I'm not really hungry but very satisfying and lasts me for hours if I am genuinely hungry, whereas with carbs, like a drug, no amount is ever really enough.

  3. Not sure about the source of fasting as part of religious traditions. If I had to guess, I'd guess it's more likely to have something to do with self-punishment through deprivation, atonement for sins, and/or as a reminder to thank someone other than yourself for your successes in life.

    You know, mentally healthy things like that. :)

  4. When we look at Richard's first pic, it looks like he has never been to the gym, by the last one, he looks like a fitness expert who has hit the weights hard. Ironically, that' what has really happened. Richard has gained immense amount of knowledge about physical fitness training and getting lean. At his age it is burdensome to drop a lot of fat, but he has committed himself to the journey and educated himself along the way and I believe he could hit 10% and heck even get lower. I dont know if anybody on this site reads Arthur Devanym, but even guys like Super Mike who might be the most shredded person you'll see regardless of age(he is 55) took him years to get that physique. I suspect Richard could hit sub 10 body fat in time.

  5. J:

    Those are really nice observations and comments. I'm on my way, actually even accelerating in progress (7 pounds dropped last week).

    I'll be posting on it soon.

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