Wrapping Up & Heading Home

Well it has been a glorious week, and we fly out this late afternoon just around the time we arrived last Sunday. It's a flight to LAX, a drive down to Vista, CA, spend the night, pick up the doggies, and drive back to San Jose tomorrow morning.

Here's a fruit plate mom cut up the other morning.

Fruit plate

On another note, I profiled Erwan Le Corre of MoveNat a while back. Chris Highcock also did an interview.

Got an email from Erwan the other day. He's in the LA area, just now, and Steve Maxwell did a writeup. Take a look and enjoy. I'l be back with you soon.

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  1. Hi Richard,

    What is your take on fructose? If I remember correctly, Taubes came out strongly against fructose, so much so, that he even surprised himself.

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