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From the Modesto Bee, via my dad.


No breakfast at all

Some people say they’re not hungry when they wake up, but because you’ve fasted all night your metabolism — and fat-burning ability — slows down. Those who skip breakfast are also more likely to be overweight and eat more fat and calories the rest of the day, said Susan Biali, a physician who specializes in dietetics in Vancouver.

Bypassing breakfast also makes you less productive and less likely to excel at school or work. If you think eating breakfast makes you hungrier the rest of the day, you’re probably starting off with too much sugar. But if you’re wrestling between a bad breakfast and no breakfast at all, choose the doughnut and try to limit how much you eat.

The short version: "experts" say eat when you’re not hungry. Now stop and think about that, and how astoundingly stupid it is.

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  1. Well since I'm never not hungry, I guess I'm a perfect specimen for these experts. I should be the healthiest leanest-meanest person on earth.

    Now if they can figure out some way to keep me from NOT being hungry all the time, then they'll be onto something.

  2. FlagGal says:

    Before discovering low-carb/paleo/primal eating, I had followed an “intuitive” eating philosophy. This came from the “Overcoming Overeating” book, which really looked at how we viewed food as a soother, boredom-reliever type of substance. The philosophy was that no food was bad, that we could eventually get to where our bodies would tell us what food was needed, and, most importantly, we shouldn't eat unless hungry.

    It helped in some ways. Nothing was off limits, including fat. Unfortunately, I continued to eat the sugary garbage fats and gained weight (it's hard to give that stuff up!), but I did learn to pay attention to hunger. Eating “prophylactically” ignored your body's desires and shouldn't be done. I had to learn to identify real hunger over cravings (referred to as mouth hunger). I certainly learned to ignore this “eat breakfast no matter what” type of advice, got over any fat phobia, and allowed myself not to get too negative if I did eat crap (I still apply this when I don't eat as primal as I would like).

    Unfortunately, eating crap set me up to want more crap, so it didn't work as a weight-loss method, but Overcoming Overeating did help with understanding that experts ignore what's going on in our minds and bodies and insist on inflexible rules.

    • @FlagGal – “eating crap set me up to want more crap”

      Sure does.

      I definitely don't eat whenever I'm hungry. I follow the Primal Blueprint's food guidelines, but force myself to eat Warrior Diet style most of the time.

      If I don't follow the one meal a day plan, I eat or think about the food constantly. They're all good foods I put in my mouth, but I get almost nothing else done throughout the day beside feeding my face. The grocery bill also gets REALLY out of hand with my huge appetite.

    • “Unfortunately, eating crap set me up to want more crap”

      Yep. While there is some reasonable advice about keeping the sugar
      intake low, the big bowl of oats is still going to stimulate a lot
      more early hunger than bacon & eggs.

      I maintain that the biggest advantage to primal / paleo and some
      fasting is it's fabulous ability to bring hunger into a normal
      paradigm for most people

      • Bacon & eggs also gets my vote. I had 3 eggs fried in butter and 2 middle bacon strips for breakfast at 8am today. It's currently 4:15pm. I'm not hungry. Hunger will hit me around 6pm. How can we make this more clear to the people who barely survive the gap between their big bowl of sugary cereal to their morning tea muffin break?

  3. I'm truly speachless….

    Not eating breakfast will make you fat, so please, eat a doughnut instead of eating nothing at all.

    “Expert” my tuhkas.

  4. 30-second breakfast: 4 raw eggs in a glass, with 1/2 inch of cream for extra taste. Beats a doughnut for breakfast every time.

  5. What a bloody idiot.

  6. Patrick says:

    Whatever you do, DON'T listen to your body. Listen to the “experts”, they know better.

  7. your metabolism and fat-burning ability are slowed down? did I miss something or does that mean that eating breakfast makes you fat?

  8. Comments such as these from “experts” would be genuinely funny, if so many people werent being harmed by them.

    How the F*** can anyone suggest that eating a doughnut is good for you?

    • KatMStrange says:

      At my gym, there is a big flat screen that asks the trainers health advice. A recent post asks trainers:

      “What is better for you bagels or donuts?”

      And the trainers actually answered this!!! Most of them said bagels. How about hidden answer “(c) None of the above” ??

  9. This advice reminds me of the “women who start their day with a bowl of Special K cereal typically weigh less” commercial. Amazing.

    • Dave_RN says:

      Women who start their day with an injection of heroin also typically weigh less! Correlation is not causation…

  10. I've gotten to the point where if I hear the information comes from a “nutritionist” I immediately tune them out. These people were never trained how to discern good from stupid information, and merely regurgitate whatever stupid and outdated information they were taught by other simple thinking people. Harsh words I know, but I'm so sick of the damage these “experts” cause everyone.

  11. donmatesz says:

    “But if you're wrestling between a bad breakfast and no breakfast at all, choose the doughnut and try to limit how much you eat.”

    I can hardly believe I read that. Whoever wrote it does not have a clue about how to create health. Bad, bad, bad advice.

  12. It’s interesting to watch. My wife and I had dinner together at 7:00PM. She had cereal for breakfast, I had nothing, she had a snack at 10:00 am, I had nothing, at 12:30 she said “lets have lunch, I’m starving”, I had no hunger whatever. I fasted until dinner at 7:00pm, meanwhile my wife had another snack in the afternoon. BTW, we eat differently all the time, I’m zero carb Paleo while she’s SAD. I’ve tried explaining why I don’t feel hunger during the day but she won’t believe me. What can you do?

  13. I haven’t been convinced by any study that tells us we must eat breakfast if we’re not hungry. Paul McKenna had it right: if you’re not hungry when you wake up, don’t eat.

    GGP has the right idea about what to have for breakfast if you ARE hungry.

    • Yep Rip. I’ve been following that principle for a few years, now. Breakfast for me is typically anywhere fro 10-1p, depending on when I get hugry. And I want to be really hungry.

      Hunger on real foods is invigorating.


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