“David, you’re not stupid, by any chance?”

On the other other hand, the researchers are smart people simply doing what they are paid to do: bolster the status-quo.

The really, really stupid ones are those who think that saturated fat consumption is more tightly associated with…health problems than, say, toilet paper use, or sitting in chairs, or wearing shoes, or whatever.

See, the really, really stupid ones are those who can’t seem to define a starting principle, like, say, “hey, we evolved eating meat and natural fats.” So, the really, really stupid ones, for example, will look at a group of CVD victims and point to the meat they eat, not even considering what they wrap it in, bread it with, deep fry it in, or what sweet things they eat it with.

The really, really stupid ones look at the whole 2+ million years of natural evolution on natural diets and conclude that the way to combat the many modern diseases is to eat less of the ancient natural foods we evolved on, and more of the modern ones.

David, you’re not stupid, by any chance?

My comment in response to "David" at Mark’s Daily Apple (edited for clarity).

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  1. Ha! I was just reading that comment now. I saw David's recitation of the ol' party line in my inbox and I'd headed over to MDA to see if I could come up with a quick retort. I'm glad you got there first. Your response was priceless.

  2. Wow. That's pretty stupid. People google their own names all the time, either out of vanity or to make sure there isn't anything out there that might hurt them professionally etc…

    I guess if you are shady and ignorant enough to rip off a recommendation like that you're likely not to realize.

    Good luck Rich.

  3. Richard you are so mean.

    Keep it up! No mercy! I did very much enjoy the other commenter's reference to having more whole foods for ourselves. Let the fools eat cake indeed.


  4. Well spoken sir. Most people can't see the forest from the trees. Or the sandwich for the bun for that matter.

  5. You also have to keep in mind the corruption behind the scene of food politics. I just started reading Marion's Nestle book “Food Politics” and I just have to say wow,how naive was I.

    It's hard to see the scientific truth with all those “donations”..

  6. ..and the really really really stupid ones give into trolls.

    Ha ha, just teasing Richard. David may have been a troll, but I still like your response.

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