Meet John Durant (and The Colbert Report)

A few weeks back I mentioned this Cavemen and the City article in the NYT. It focussed on a Mr. John Durant, a gentleman I was fortunate to meet nearly a couple of years ago at Art De Vany's Las Vegas EvFit seminar.

John wrote me a few days ago to congratulate me for this blog's recent success with visitor traffic and my recent interviews, and he added:

As a result of the New York Times article a few weeks back, our group has been getting a lot of media inquiries. That Der Spiegel piece came from it (and to you via Art), and there's been more. France, Japan, more from Germany, Sweden, Norway, Brazil, Russia, Italy, and other stuff in the US. I've actually been booked for the Colbert Report on this coming Wednesday, if you can believe it.

Well, he did indeed appear on the Colbert Report, and here's the video. Do note what he's wearing on his feet, and be sure to listen to the end where he talks about the sorts of women he meets in NYC and what his idea woman would be.

Later: Go see John's website at the appropriately named

More later: Apparently this can't be viewed outside the US. However, I've learned you might be able to see it via this proxy site: You'll need to past the link:

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  1. I was informed about this just in time to caught it last night. It was a pretty solid interview and I think Jim..sorry John, did a great job explaining what Paleo is all about with the little time he had. I thought the comment at the end about “sugar addicted vegetarians” was an all-time highlight in the Paleo community. Too true. Is this article you mentioned in Maclean’s magazine set to hit in the next few days Richard?

  2. Jimbeaux says:

    The fourth comment on the video page would be an interesting topic.

  3. Is he just wearing socks?

  4. Jeanie Campbell says:

    Awesome interview! Love the VFFs!!

  5. Benjamin says:

    I thought this was a great interview and a great way to get the paleo message out there. I’ve tried explaining the paleo diet to my mother before, but she just didn’t get it. She’s an avid watcher of the Colbert Report – every morning, she watches the reruns. I spoke to her this morning and she pretty much said “NOW I get it!” She thought Durant himself was a little bizarre, but I attribute that to her being raised on conventional wisdom, not to mention years of vegetarianism (which thankfully have now ended…step in the right direction).

    Durant did a pretty awesome job of breaking both the diet and the lifestyle down. I also enjoyed the MovNat name drop – Erwan Le Corre is a personal hero of mine, so it was cool to hear that mentioned.

  6. Nice to see some cultural traction for our ideas. I am a bit surprised that this is happening so fast, actually.

    Durant did a nice job and Colbert seemed more sympathetic and less archly ironic than usual.

    My only minor criticism is that I would prefer as spokesman someone who did not try to look like a Cro-Magnon version of the cliched Geico caveman: ) Maybe a more roman-looking sort like Devaney himself.

    • “I am a bit surprised that this is happening so fast, actually.”

      It’s been seriously exploding!

      “Colbert seemed more sympathetic and less archly ironic than usual.”

      Wasn’t he though? For sure!

      “I would prefer as spokesman someone who did not try to look like a Cro-Magnon version of the cliched Geico caveman: )”

      The caveman look is in. That look has made Geico & other copycats a ton of loot :)

  7. Wow, he was fantastic. I am surprised Colbert let him speak. Outstanding.

    • animal pharm says:

      Both Colbert and Durant… are ANIMALS.

      AWESOME animals :)

      Thanks for posting Richard — it is so AWESOME to see this coming out…

      Melissa, I concur!! Totally a 100% better than the NYT’s article.

  8. The women in NYC are addicted to cupcakes…it’s pretty sad. Fortunately, lard has made a big comeback recently and is trendy on all the menus these days.

    Overall I thought the interview was more informative then the NYT article and made paleo look perfectly sane and logical.

    • I’m in the Bronx dehydrating jerky as I type this. Cupcakes are trendy and cute and “Sex in the City,” I suppose. But I never liked SATC.

  9. Would love to see this but its unavailable to those of us outside of the USA. Maybe it will make its way to YouTube soon, or if anyone knows any other links to the video please share.

  10. I just posted this update about Durant on Colbert:

    Apparently this can’t be viewed outside the US. However, I’ve learned you might be able to see it via this proxy site: You’ll need to past the link:

  11. Malhar Anaokar says:

    What exactly is he wearing on his feet? I’ve tried to search for it everywhere! Do let me know, am very intrigued by them.

  12. Thanks for posting this, very entertaining! I thought John did a great job of explaining paleo diet and lifestyle. Geez, he really does look like a cavenman! And I love those 5 finger shoes; I’m loving wearing them in the house (and I used to go barefoot inside).

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