Braised Bone-in Short Ribs

These are from Prather Ranch for a really good price. With the bone in, for braising, the flavor is incomparable (you're essentially making stock as you cook). The downside is that the ultimate quantity for a 2.5 lb package is a bit skimpy. Oh, well.

The prep is pretty simple. I seasoned with a tsp of sea salt and a tsp of black pepper. Then I tossed 'em in a ziplock and added 1/2 c each of apple cider vinegar and tamari soy sauce. Let it marinade for 2 hrs. This substitutes for browning.

Then I placed them in a small dutch oven (dump the marinade at this point), added Trader Joe's organic beef stock just below covering them, covered and put in a pre-heated oven at 350F for 1 1/2 hours. Click for the hi-res.

Braised Short Ribs
Braised Short Ribs

When done, I took them out of the pot and onto a cookie sheet and placed under the low broiler, 2nd rack down and proceeded to reduce the sauce.

The garnish is carrot sauteed in butter and chopped baby spinach.

Bea said it was the best sauce ever and I'd have to concur. Beef candy. It was so intense, and here's the deal: I added nothing. No seasoning, herbs, or spices. Just a pure reduction.


  1. Hi Richard

    Did you dump out the marinade, or did you add the TJ’s stock to the shortribs and the cup of marinade?

  2. You truly make incredibly tasting food. I have been visiting your blog more often lately and seem to get starved within the blink of an eye when I come to your site… keep it up!

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