Real Results: Primal in Philly

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While sipping my morning coffee and checking email I came across a Google alert for "Free the Animal" that included a link to this article in Philadelphia Magazine:


It’s the story of Timothy Haas and how he lost those 71 pounds in six months eating primally.

Timothy Haas Treansformation
Timothy Haas Transformation

How cool is that? And even more, how cool is this paragraph, from the article:

Then, at a Christmas party for my son’s Civil Air Patrol squadron last December, I started a game of keep-away with the cadets — I nearly dropped to the ground after 10 minutes. I knew I had to do something. I had a vague idea of going Atkins/low-carb again since it had worked quickly the last time, but my plan wasn’t set until New Year’s Day when my wife sent me a link to Free The Animal, an ongoing record of one man’s impressive weight loss following the tenets of “primal” living.

As I’ve always said, these are my favorite kinds of posts and make it all worthwhile. This is what it’s all about. A hearty congratulations to Timothy.

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  1. That is awesome. In six months! Absolutely outstanding.

  2. Those before and after pictures are awesome!

    Jim Purdy

  3. Congrats, Richard, on being a continual inspiration!

  4. Austin says:

    I really love stories like this.

  5. Awesome story!! Well done Timothy your an inspiration :)

  6. Look at the face! He looks so much younger. Shave that beard, and enjoy your new-found 20-25 years of youth! Again, congratulations!

  7. Some folks just do anything to get mentioned on your blog Richard 😉

    But still ….., good job Timothy!

  8. @Everyone: Thanks for the kind words and encouragement, and especially thanks to Richard for sharing my story.

    @Alex: I’ve had this beard for 17 years; I’m afraid if I get rid of it, it’ll scare the dog — and my 13-year-old.

  9. Timothy rocks, man!

    What an inspiration.

    I wants me some transformation.

  10. Thats what its all about! You were a huge influence in my weight loss also Richard.

  11. Thats awesome !
    And i really love the pics : no photoshop, or shaved torsos !)

    Richard keep up the great work.
    I would like to have some articles about primal muscle building pleaaaaaaase

  12. Paul Verizzo says:

    Great work, Timothy!

    I’ve almost the exact same loss per six months if I subtract “The Stalled Out, Lost in the Desert” months while my father died, my mother had a stroke, yada yada.

    Back on the drill now except I’ve added bike work almost every day and I’m losing 13-14 pounds a month, average, over the last month.

    What really kicked things into high gear, I’m convinced, is doing the bike work in the AM awhile after getting up. I.e., at the end of the overnight fast. God, I long resisted doing this, but between Richard’s insistence and other sources, I gave it a go.

    The first few times were brutal; light headedness, glycogen depletion, dragging. Now, it’s so easy! I think this regimen really and truly “reset my DNA” and changed my cell’s insulin sensitivity.

    Bring on the ketones! Out damned fat!

  13. I read this post earlier when it came out. Very inspiring story. This is what the primal/paleo lifestyle is all about – real stories by real people living how we evolved as humans!


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