Interview with “Free Workouts for Busy People”

I answered a few short questions for these folks by email.

Here’s the link if you want to give it a read.

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  2. I hear the “I’m too busy” excuse pretty often, mostly with regards to exercise as people are generally too embarrassed to admit they eat crap food, the only response I can ever come up with is “well then I guess you don’t get to exercise.”

    Marketing to those people is becoming a huge industry, the 30 minutes workout is now down to the 4 minute workout and the race is on to see who will develop the 15 second workout.

    • Well you know what rob? If peole would build up to a 300lb deadlift or 250 lb squat and just do that once per week for 15 seconds they would see a lot better results than trudgery over hours n the treadmill.

      • I always make time to lift very heavy once a week with a couple lighter workouts during the week. I’m ready to go about every day, but I have to say no to compulsion and the guilt
        associated for not working out. I read from a few successful power lifters stating if you
        are lifting very heavy low reps, your body sometimes needs 1 week to recoup.
        I’m finding this true because I was doing heavy deads and squats every other
        day and finally gave out and lost strength.

      • Al Ciampa says:


        As people are discovering, there is little magic to it.

        For health and strength, hit a max lift once per week, with infrequent exposure.

        For performance and strength, it gets a bit individual: progressive overload, but to one’s own recovery capacity. Maybe a down week in 4, or 6, or 3.

        I’d be cautious (almost to the point of ignoring) of what I read of “successful powerlifters” as there are usually performance enhancers of the controlled kind involved. Same with strongmen, bodybuilders, and as we learned from Richard’s previous post, baseball players.

        There is no comparison between natural and juiced. Repeat that a few times and let it sink in. You just can’t compare beef and oranges.


      • Exactly, even if they are juicing, they are claiming 1 week rest for 4 rep and less max lifting. So for those who aren’t juicing….

        I just did a 4×4 DL@ 310lbs and was sore fore almost a week.

      • Al Ciampa says:


        This is kinda where I was going with that last (in my drunken state). Steriod use means you can completely break the rules, and not necessarily in a linear fashion (i.e., if they work out more, I must work out less).

        Soreness is indicative only of doing something the musculature is not used to, and nothing else.

        If you’re getting sore at 1/week, this may be too much rest. It may be enough to recover and detrain some, leaving you open to soreness on your next bout. If you’re in it for strength and health, who cares. If you’re trying to max performance, try it 2-3/week and see where it goes. It doesn’t have to be deadlift, just some other variation of a large lift.


      • Well, like I said. I lift very heavy once a week, and then
        the other two days that week I’ll do something different,
        but not as intense. I also do 4×50 yard steep up hill sprints
        once a week too. I was under the impression that I may be
        going to hard. I just know from doing squats @ 5×20’s with
        a pair of 50lbs db’s, 3 times a week, just broke me down.
        Same way with the 3 day’s a week with the 4×4 dl’s @ 310lbs.
        It’s a work in progress I suppose. Thanks.

      • I do think it’s important to make a distinction Tim Ferris made. There really isn’t too many builders that are natural. There is nothing natural about eating 5lbs of chicken breasts everyday. It’s more like over the counter.

      • The treadmill must have gotten popular during the decade and a half that I didn’t exercise, I’ve never known anyone that used it, doesn’t do much for your Alpha Male status (“Yeah so the other day I stopped by the gym and totally dominated the treadmill, 73 minutes at a 4.2% incline, had it begging for mercy”).

  3. Danny B says:

    Richard I’m with you on the heavy compound movements 3x a week. walking alot in between. I found after doing crossfit for 2.5 years, and eventually burning out completely that rest is more important than the lifts themselves. You can lift yourself into the ground and make no progress. Our you can lift all out, rest it up, and repeat with motivation instead of dread. Still trying to figure out the bestway to add some conditioning in, probably best to sprint once a week after a lift.

  4. I painted my house over the weekend ( I an wondering if that would classify as Paleo/primal exercise. Love to hear your comments. Thanks

    • Only if you painted on stick figures of deer, elk, and bear, along with those of stick figure humans with spears. :)

      Hey, it’s movement, it has a point, and it sounds worthwhile to me.

  5. Not related to anything, but interesting and I wanted to get this out…

    Based on this study eating before a work out may be detrimental at leat in men. The article specifically mentions carbs, but it ma be applicable elsewhere. I’m sure there are a variety of reasons for that.

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