The Great Ancestral Health Symposium Blog Post Roundup #AHS11

For those new, just Stumbling, googling in or, linked here, this is a roundup of blog post assessments, remembrances, and photos and commentary surrounding the just completed first Ancestral Health Symposium, held on the beautiful campus of UCLA, August 5-6, 2011. Click around. Note that the people don’t look like the people do on your average trip to the mall, or, hell, anywhere.

These are people who have ignored every ounce of bullshit vomited by the news media, the “alphabets,” the “experts.” …All of whom are the whores of the big “food” conglomerates that manufacture the “crap in a box” and bottled sugar that is making the world obese, step by step.

If you’re a regular here, just start clicking and reading. I’ve read most of them over the last few days, and there’s some great stuff which should serve to put your butt in a seat, belatedly.

Let’s get to it. They’re going up in exactly the order they came to me.

Lindsay Starke, Wildness and Wonder, who does her best to be a bit different, which is always an attractive trait. Initial Thoughts from the Ancestral Health Symposium. She comes in with a second post: Top Ten WTF Moments of #AHS11.

Jamie “That Paleo Guy” Scott, who speaks English with a funny accent. Ancestral Health Symposium – The Respect Post.

Dr. Jack “The Neurosurgeon” Kruse, Living An Optimized Life, with an early post I’d categorize as stream of consciousness, a welcome thing. My Very Fresh Initial Thoughts Of AHS 2011.

Roger Dickerman. Ancestral Health Symposium 2011: The Best Stuff on Earth.

Emily “Evolutionary Shrink” Deans, Evolutionary Psychology. Ancestral Health Symposium. And her’s her followup: AHS: The People Post.

Chris “The Master” Masterjohn, The Daily LipidReflections on the Ancestral Health Symposium 2011.

“NomNom Paleo.” Two posts with lots of great pics: Ancestral Health Symposium: Day 1 (& Paleo Eats) and Ancestral Health Symposium: Day 2 (& Paleo Eats).

FitBombAncestral Health Symposium 2011. Later, I see this is cross posted at a place called AMP3D.

David “Naturally Engineered” CsonkaSummary of Important Ideas From the 2011 Ancestral Health Symposium.

Alyssa Rhoden, An Omnivore’s DecisionThe Woodstock of Evolutionary Medicine (Part One): 72 hours of awesome.

Frank “The Exuberant Animal” Forcenich. The guy I was personally most anxious to meet. We’re of a mind, along with my buddy Ewan Le Corre. This is more than a diet and a gym. This is deep evolution, deep science, deep natural and playful movement and deep human animal socialization. Ancestral Health Symposium 2011.

Clifton Harski. Leading MovNat courses. AHS11. Holla.

Melissa “The Better Master Half” McEwan, Hunt. Gather. Love. You always just want to pick her up and hug her cuteness. But you also want to pick her amazing brain. Ancestral Health Symposium Part 1.

Whole9Whole9 Goes to the AHS.

Bare 5Ancestral Health Symposium 2011: Notes, thoughts and links.

Emotions for EngineersAncestral Health Symposium Notes.

Tracy of The Food Way. Ancestral Health Symposium.

Debbie “Grass Fed Momma” Young. She was total sweetheart to moi. The Ancestral Health Symposium: Part one.. too much to jam in one post..or maybe five.

Jennifer Hunt. She has a great blog title I must share: Vibrant. Sexy. Strong. This is what I have been telling you, chicks. She knows exactly how to rule the day. You go, Jennifer. Our Ancestors Are Dead Sexy.

John “The Colbert Caveman” Durant, Hunter-Gatherer. My buddy has granted my wife and I a Major Award. Now, who would you rather party with? 2011 Ancestral Health Symposium Awards.

Jimmy “The Big Guy Sweetheart” Moore, Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb. He has a post up listing podcasts he’s done with most, if not all of the presenters, me included. And other Podcasts. I keep telling’ ya: Jimmy Moore has figured out how to be everyplace all at the same time. Must-Hear Podcast Interviews After Attending The 2011 Ancestral Health Symposium.

big think. I know nothing of it, but looks like some digital media attention. EAT LIKE A CAVEMAN? FIELD NOTES FROM A CONFERENCE ON THE PALEO DIET.

Diane Sanfilippo, BalancedBites. I created a dust up. It’s over. We’re cool. Post-Ancestral Health Symposium 2011 Thoughts.

Slyler Tanner, fitness. fallacy. follyAncestral Health Symposium 2011.

Beth Mazur, Weight MavenMy Ancestral Health recap.

Colin Pistell, Fifth ApeAncestral Health Symposium. Plus, I like LA again.

Andreas Eenfeldt, MD, Diet Doctor. Three posts so far: My first lecture on the big international stageAHS showdown: Gary Taubes vs Stephan GuyenetLustig, the number one talk of #AHS11, now online.

J. Stanton, Gnolls.orgAncestral Health Symposium 2011: You Never Forget Your First Time.

Diana Hsieh, Modern PaleoAncestral Health Symposium: My Experience.

Mighty Al, Primal RoarAncesteral Health Symposium 2012 Review and other random thoughts.

Melissa “Meliscious” Joulwan, The Clothes Make the Girl, threatens a series of posts and here’s the first. AHS Recap: Nora Gedgaudas. Her second is about moi: AHS Recap: Richard Nikoley.

Jos, Delightful Taste Buds. Two posts: Ancestral Health Symposium – Day 1 (Aug 5, 2011) and Ancestral Health Symposium – Day 2 (Aug 6, 2011).

Jules, Queen of the Stone Age#AHS11.

Bethany Glasser, at her Blog of the same name. Mostly Rosy, but let’s move it forward: AHS: The Good the Bad and the Opposite of Ugly.

Tom “I’m a Fat Head” Nauthton, of Fat Head, the Movie and y’know what? “You’ve Been Fed a Load of Bologna.” Ancestral Health Symposium.

Paul Jaminet, Perfect Health DietAncestral Health Symposium.

Krista, STUMPTUOUS.COM. Ancestral Health Symposium roundup. Very funny.

Denise Minger, Raw Food SOSAncestral Health Symposium Thoughts, Paleo Vegetarianism, and Other Fun Things.

Dr BG, AnimalPharm. Rockstar Edition: THE AHS 2011 (link removed).

Karen De Coster, at LewRockwell.comA Libertarian’s Take on the First Ever Ancestral Health Symposium.

Keith Norris, Theory to PracticeThe Ancestral Health Symposium, 2011.

Don Matesz, Primal WisdomThe Ancestral Health Symposium.

Brent Pottenger, co-organizer of AHS. The Ancestral Health Symposium (AHS) and Its Clinical Implications: If you build a tradition you might just fuel a revolution and The Value of Exposing Ideas to the Envelope of Serendipity: How blogging kick-started the Ancestral Health Symposium (AHS).

Badier, The Lazy CavemanLink Love: Ancestral Health Symposium Edition.

Angelo “Latest in Paleo” Coppola. He wasn’t there (so this will remain at bottom in deference to those who were) but has a podcast about the event, and he’s always worth listening to. Episode 27: Ancestral Health Symposium. I’ll be recording a podcast with Angelo (same format as before) very soon about my take on the controversies of AHS11 (Taubes vs. Guyenet and more).

Blogger attendees at AHS: Post a comment if you have a post but it’s not on the list. I’ll add, then delete the comment. Or, if you know of one I haven’t listed, same thing.

So how about Help Me, Help You? If you’re a blogger, socialize the hell out of this and if you’re on the sidelines, do the same. For the bloggers, perhaps you gain readership and for the rest of you, you promote the movement and everyone gets to nest where they want.

Tweet it, post it on Facebook and Google +. Link it. Email it. Go all out. I’ve had diarrhea of the mouth about my own experience for years now. This is organic Paleo, on the scene remembrances and reflections. Get that natural search and traffic flowing in so that the Fat and Hungry just might find a home.

This is a tough place to take up residence, but there are many other options.

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  1. Hi Richard!

    We’ll be posting coverage of the AHS all week long over on our Facebook page North American Paleo Network.

  2. <! I will have a series going on AHS to get it all in!

  3. I’ll have you know, Richard, that Lindsay tweeted that I had the sexiest accent at AHS… second only to Erwan Le Corre… which is like coming second to Usain Bolt – still a royal thrashing!

    Great summary.

  4. FYI I just tried to navigate to the link and got some kind of fishy javascript redirect — you might want to kill that link for the moment.

  5. Linking this post on my blog now as it seems to be the most comprehensive summary of AHS 2012 blog summaries. Thanks Richard for putting this post together.

  6. Primal toad says:

    Dude. For this moment, I love you.

    This kicks ass. I’m going to do a post myself soon.then another one after I watch all the videos. It may take some time but I will read all the blog posts on this list.

    You can bet I’ll be going crazy about sharing this post!!

  7. You’re going to do an entire post in caps lock about our meeting, right? RIGHT?!

  8. Hey bloggers! In tomorrow’s blog carnival — The Paleo Rodeo — I’ll be featuring posts about the Ancestral Health Symposium. If you’d like to be included, you have to join the (low-volume) PaleoBloggers e-mail list, then submit your post by midnight MT tonight (8/11). (I’ll send you instructions for how to do that.) Join PaleoBloggers here:

    Also, I just posted my scattered thoughts on the AHS here:

  9. Does anyone know where to find the presentation slides for the talk Mat Lalonde did?
    They seem to be missing from the slides available at Slideshare.


  10. Yipee! They’ve started posting videos of talks here:

  11. A Major Award, huh? Is it Frageelay? Must be Italian….

    I am so jealous reading everyone’s experiences at AHS. Wish I coulda been there.

  12. I’ve posted the first of my recaps of what I learned at the AHS. Here’s my first installment on Nora Gedgaudas’s presentation on “Diet and Mental Health.” REALLY good stuff.

  13. My god my head is spinning. There is just way too much to digest from AHS 2011. (Don’t know why I kept saying 2012??)

    • Chris: I have s simple goal. By the time I’m finished, I want every reader who could have but did not attend to feel like a fool. In a good, motivational way, of course. :)

  14. Ah, the link would help. HERE’S my recap-

  15. Your turn! I posted my recap of your presentation — which I really enjoyed. You’re a great speaker, and you got me excited about new ideas — love that!

  16. I turned out a second post, which you can feel free to append: The Top Ten WTF Moments of #AHS11

  17. Richard! It was good to meet you briefly on your quest for coffee. Here’s my contribution to the roundup. Much appreciated and I hope that we get to talk Paleo locally sometime soon!

  18. I did put together a links post – so people could get access to blogs, research, books and publications of all the presenters and poster presenters. I also linked the AHS videos and slides to each person.

    If anyone has any more helpful links – please let me know

  19. Interesting Post, Vengeful Gladiator’s Leather Gloves equipped can interrupt Shade using their Deadly Throw ability.

  20. The Forks Over Knives documentary FINALLY go me to seriously start eating right. I refuse to have a disease that I ate myself into having.



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