Ricky Graham, “Fat Bastard.” Part 1

I did this interview in 3 parts, but the 3rd is pretty short.

Here’s part one, which embeds all his Fat Bastard photos. Not sure what exactly I’ll publish in terms of his story — with before and after photos on Thursday. I just don’t know. For right now, this is all I’m putting out…the first 15 minutes of about a 40 minute chat with this Englishman.

If it matters to you, he’s spent time in the recording studio with any and all rock stars you can name.

He’s fun to listen to, this “funny talking” guy, which I why I decided to do this one different.

I’ll have part two and the short of part three up on Thursday.

In the meantime, watch the video, dammit.

Ricky Graham 1
Ricky Graham

Update: Parts 2 and 3 are up.

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  1. Interesting interview. Thanks guys.

  2. Looking good Ricky – you look so much younger.

  3. Wow, the lifestyle started taking such a toll in the early twenties. Stress+cigs+shitty diet, bam! You’re proper fucked. Pretty amazing transformation.

    Also, when did two fingers replace the middle finger in Britain? Interesting how these memes evolve, I wonder if it will ever jump the pond…ah a quick Wiki shows that it already did, sort of.

    • Hi sean,
      The two fingered salute is reputed to be from the medieval period. The story is that French would cut off the two forefingers of captured Englishmen to prevent them from using their bows. Showing the French (or anyone else) that you still had your fingers became a kind of insult from that time. So maybe the question is “why don’t North Americans use a two fingered gesture”?

      • That rings a bell now that you mention it. I read the rest of the Wiki entry about it and it seems possible but as Desmond Morris says, the origins are murky.

        It was not until the start of the 20th century that clear evidence of the use of insulting V sign in England became available, when in 1901 a worker outside Parkgate ironworks in Rotherham used the gesture (captured on the film) to indicate that he did not like being filmed.

        I was under the wrong impression that it was relatively recent, turns out it was the victory sign that was popularized by Churchill that’s recent–well WWII recent.

        Also the MIL (who is Czech) uses it (she always drives like a crackhead late for a score–so she uses it a lot), apparently it isn’t just limited to perfidious Albion and her colonies. Strange that it’s basically unknown in the US, perhaps less so in Canada.

  4. Nice to see I’m not the only caveman over here! Nice work Ricky.
    Your story sounds alot like my Brothers. A highly gifted young athlete raised in a (by 70-80’s standards) healthy environment. Made fat by a sedentary job healthy fruit juices and vegetarianism. Hopefully h’ll make the change too.

  5. Interesting that Ricky remembers the day he started cause so do I, August 8, 2008.

    I turned 49 today … since then my weight went from 225 (I’m 5’9″) to 172, then back up to 188 over the past year and a half from weight lifting. My waist is still shrinking little by little, I’m down to 33″ with a goal of 32″

  6. great interview!! that’s the same here with me and my fiance…we just had reached a point where we said, “I can’t keep doing this! something’s gotta change.” 30 pounds later!! still have many more to go…but we’re on our way!

    • Jill:

      It is precisely for you and those like you that I refuse to engage in what is becoming the increasing “Paleo masturbation.” Pay no attention to it.

      Just look out for you.

  7. Thanks for the kind words everyone :)

    Everyone has their own catalyst moment to do something different so that they become who they really, always were and more. Hopefully my video and the others that Richard has will help form some intrigue and action in people to experiment and trust themselves


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