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Mark Sisson, author of The Primal Blueprint, has a brand new book out called: Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation – A complete, Step-By-Step, Gene Reprogramming Action Plan. It’s a practical, action-oriented guide for how to eat, exercise and live Primally – a step-by-step, “cut to the chase” resource to make a smooth and quick transition into a Primal lifestyle. In it he tells you exactly what to do every day for 21 days to take control of your health for the rest of your life. Mark explains what this new book is all about, what’s in it and who it’s for.

Mark is looking to score this book on the New York Times best-seller list to gain exposure for the Primal Blueprint message, so he’s put together a loaded special offer. Basically, you order 1 or more copies between October 18 and 24, email your receipt to a special email address and Mark kicks you back a bunch of freebies. It’s a win-win. You get a great book for less than 15 bucks, and a bunch of free gifts, and you and Mark both get to help take the Primal movement mainstream. Check out the details of Mark’s special offer below and pick up a copy of the book today.

In terms of the book itself, I have a copy in my possession and it’s everything Mark says it is in his introductory video, below.


In terms of what I think of the book, well, I think it’s probably going to become the go-to book for the newbie. It’s very, very heavy on the practical and to the point and concise on the theory. It contains dozens, if not more, full-color images and illustrations. Virtually every page contains a color photo, many inspirational but even more valuable, many instructional. For instance, it’s one thing to list a bunch of good and bad foods, but actually seeing pictures — and seeing the side-by-side difference between real food and junk food takes it to another level.

It’s also nicely peppered with before & after pictures and stories.

In short, this is really the book to give friends, family, co-workers and colleagues who have been impressed with your own transformation. And if you yourself are new to Primal / Paleo, this might just be the practical guide you need. You can read it in a few hours, and you can get started the very next day. Each day has a specific list of things to accomplish that take you deeper and deeper into the Primal experience at a relaxed pace and before you even know it, in only three short weeks you’ll be on your way to that transformation.

But OK, didn’t Mark already publish the Primal Blueprint, and doesn’t it go really into depth? What’s the advantage to this over that, and what’s the difference, anyway? Well I wondered the same thing and because Mark & I are friends who chat every now and then, I rang him up yesterday and asked him.

The Primal Blueprint takes a broader, more philosophical perspective that requires the reader get deeper into the science, the evolution and the back-story before getting into the “meat” of it. That works well for a LOT of people. For The 21-Day Transformation we took all the observations and questions we’d gathered from tens of thousands of user experiences through the Primal Blueprint, Mark’s Daily Apple and our forum, Primal Leapers and PAST seminar attendees, and then used that input to reframe the Primal experience for those who prefer to cut to the chase (“just give me the meat, Mark. Just tell me exactly what to do”). It’s a wholly new experience, with new insights, new clarifications on older ideas, and a ton of added value. Plus, it’s more visual and succinct than The Primal Blueprint, making it an easier, quicker read for folks who want to jump in right away.

And it’s only 13.77 at Amazon. How can you go wrong, especially with all these freebees?

What Do I Win for Helping Put This Book on the NYT Best-Seller List?

Order 1 Copy and You Get:


1. Access to the exclusive, password-protected ebook – “Primal Living in the REAL World”: In this 130-page eBook, hundreds of Primal enthusiasts share their challenges, solutions and practical tips for how they get – and stay – Primal. It’s like having the advice of 300 coaches. In it you’ll read hundreds of answers to these and numerous other questions: What is the first thing a person should do to kick start their Primal life? What do you think is the most important thing one should understand as they attempt to go Primal? What was the biggest hurdle you experienced when going Primal and how did you overcome it? And of course, the most important one, What do you usually eat for breakfast?


2. Access to the exclusive, password-protected audio interview – “21-Day Total Body Transformation”: Download a 60 minute, free-wheeling Q&A podcast in which Mark discusses the 8 Key Concepts that everyone needs to know to go Primal. Among many other topics covered, Mark discusses why your body prefers burning fat over carbohydrates and how you can use this knowledge to become a fat-burning beast instead of a sugar burner. Also, listen to Mark riff on why grains are totally unnecessary and why 80 percent of your body composition is determined by how you eat.


3. $10 Gift Certificate to Spend it like cash and order whatever you want, perhaps a cookbook to go with the 21-Day Transformation book? This means for a net 5 bucks you can grab a copy of Mark’s new book today. (The coupon code is good for any single product at and expires on 11/30/11.)

Order 3 (Or More) Copies and You Get:

1. All the aforementioned benefits – the $10 Gift Certificate, the exclusive eBook and podcast, plus…


2. Audio recording of the original Primal Blueprint (released in 2009) – Listen to The Primal Blueprint on your phone or MP3 player with this abridged, digital (MP3) audio book voiced by Mark Sisson. The audio book is four hours long, and covers all 10 of the Primal Blueprint Laws and then some. This is the book that started it all and retails for $26.99. Grab 3 or more copies of the the 21-Day Total Body Transformation and you’ll get it for free.


3. Plus an additional $10 Gift Certificate to, bringing the total to $20. Maybe this is the perfect opportunity to try a PEK, Primal Fuel or Master Formula on for size!(The coupon code is good for any single product at and expires on 11/30/11.)

Order 8 (Or More) Copies and Help Change The World!

Buy 8 or more books through mainstream channels and Mark will send you one book for every two books you buy! Buy eight and he’ll send you four more. Buy 80 and he’ll send you 40 for free – seriously…and he’ll autograph each one of these promo books! And, of course, you’ll get all the aforementioned freebies.

Do your holiday shopping early. One common frustration from Primal enthusiasts is how to get friends and loved ones on board. This book is the perfect calling card to introduce someone to the Primal Blueprint. Why not reduce the hassle of holiday shopping and give each of your deserving friends and loved ones the gift of life transformation?

100 copies – Personal Touch: A 30-minute private phone consultation wherein you and Mark discuss anything you want. (Well, almost anything.) Mark doesn’t do one-on-one coaching anymore so this is a rare opportunity. Yes, you also get the 50 free signed books and all the aforementioned freebies!

1,000 copies – Executive Decision: Could you co-workers use some guidance and motivation to get in shape? Mark will fly out to your location, present his Primal Transformation seminar and spend the day helping get your co-workers/employees get Primal!

How Do I Win?

1. Order your book(s) online or at your local bookstore before midnight Monday, Oct 24.

2. Email your receipt to the appropriate email address:

If you purchase 1-2 copies email your receipt to [email protected]
If you purchase 3-7 copies email your receipt to [email protected]
If you purchase 8 or more copies email the confirmation that your order has shipped to [email protected]

To reiterate, for 8 or more books, please email Mark the confirmation that your order has shipped (not your initial email receipt) to the appropriate email address above. Also, please include your shipping address so Mark knows where to ship your free books. Please allow 30 days for processing and shipping of your free books. Mark’s going to have a lot of books to sign!

Low-techies can fax receipt copy to 310-317-4424.

3. You will receive your e-gift certificate, eBook download instructions, podcast download instructions, and all other freebies by reply email. (Please be patient. The Worker Bees will be reviewing receipts and sending you instructions on how to access all of your freebies within 24 hours.)

If you have any questions about ordering, or this promotion, please call 888-774-6259 (or 310-317-4414).

Fine Print:

Unfortunately, Kindle and other digital books don’t count toward the NY Times best-seller list, nor this promotion.

Books purchased in physical locations (e.g. a brick-and-mortar Barnes & Noble) count, too. Just scan and email your receipt to the appropriate email address above, or fax it to 310-317-4424.

The 8 book offer only applies to book orders placed in the United States. While international orders won’t impact the New York Times best-seller list Mark will extend the 1-2 and 3-7 book offers to anyone around the world.

Order Your Copy of The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation Today!

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  1. They are running in the water yet not a single drop stains their immaculate apparel. FAKE!

    Mark is a sharp guy but I find his naked self-promotion to be a little bit off-putting. That being said, I think his books (and blog) are probably the most friendly introduction to the wary obese friend or relative.

    • I think Mark does about as best anyone can do to promote a business enterprise and keep things honest and on the up and up.

      For example, he was at the entire AHS, not just the portion where he spoke. And, rather than take a seat, he always stood at the back of the room (there was a partition between the main seating area and the rest of the room where the tables and displays were. This, so he could be fully accessible to anyone and everyone who wanted to come chat with him. He played things very low key. Had you not known you’re have not had any idea of who he was, because he acted like a regular humble guy. He had no display, no table of book, no promotion whatsoever. And his talk was about playfulness. I can’t even recall whether he said much or anything about his books or supplements.

    • Now here’s an example of over the top self-promotion.

      I actually had lunch with him, once, along with Dr. Eades. I did not come away with a great impression, let me just put it that way, particularly in contrast to the friendly and engaging Mike Eades. I don’t make a big deal of it, because anyone can have an off day or whatever, but I think there’s a lot of truth to that post I linked.

      • Heh, I agree Ferris is in another league altogether. Mark is definitely one of the good guys. I’m not sure why I’m a little uncomfortable with his self-promotion, some class warrior left over from when I was a TEAM BLUE cheerleader? Dunno.

        I think the biggest downside to the business aspect of MDA is that we don’t get to see the more sarcastic and less polished side of Mark. This yogurt post is comedy gold. I consider myself to be pretty good at sarcasm and satire but Mark could smash me with his pinky if he deigned to bother, damn him.

      • Heh.

        I got on Chris’s case a bit on Twitter over that whole deal. Especially the “15 minute orgasm,” as I recall. That ought to strike anyone with any real experience in these matters as a priori bullshit. The whole point of the Big O is intensity.

      • There are dozens of guys like him, all telling people that getting rich is easy. Just start an online business, sell t-shirts or better yet start promote e-products for other people through affiliate link sites. In no time at all you will have passive income streams and you can go travel the world. The sad thing is you will also have to sell your morals, because the products you’re going to promote will be things like fad diets, penis enlargement products, happy pills. Those are the big earners. Just go to and see what kind of bogus products are being sold. Maybe one in a thousand is something useful the rest is crap. That is Tim Ferriss world. He himself is the biggest scam artist though selling dreams and fantasies to weak-minded people.

  2. I remember well years ago when Mark Sisson came out the the PB blue print he sent me a complimentary copy with a nice hand written note/inscription…. Very clear what he stood for and wha he was about. As Chris highcock just wrote ” mark is one of the good guys”

    It doesnt take a lot to sort out who’s for real . Tim Ferries is no slouch by any means but ego is a tough thing to conquer .

    Thank you Richard for staying true……

    If you need some more fish liver….. Let me know will happily send you some.
    Thank you for all you do and share.


    • Thanks Marc.

      You know, those fish livers were so good, I really need to find a place I can get them. I’m in the SF Bay Area. It should not be too hard. It’s Scandanavian, right?

  3. I hope he succeeds. MDA blog is fantastic. He deserves to get something back for his hard work.

    • Exactly.

      Where would we be without Mark Sisson? We have Robb Wolf but guess what… he just came out with a 30 day body transformation ebook.

      Mark is promoting his book more for several reasons. He knows how, the more he sells the more LIVES HE SAVES, etc. And, people like myself and Richard get to make some money too and thus potentially SAVE LIVES. Our world is dieing and needs help. This book will do the trick. I think its awesome that some people are buying 30 copies.

      • I think Mark is a great blogger and PB is a great intro into a healthy lifestyle but people have to save their own lives. Or SAVE THEIR OWN LIVES in your parlance. Personally, I prefer the Robb Wolf approach, there’s no dichotomy there of business vs message that I can see–again, not trying to rip on Mark, but 30 copies of a Sisson book are not going to stop the world from “dieing”. Anyone who thinks promoting a book is going to save humanity gives me the fucking heebie-jeebies. Humanity has to save itself, and I honestly think it is already doing so. Bloggers/authors writing in the most intellectually honest way they can are making a great contribution to this. Now where was I going with this? Oh yeah, you kids get off my goddamn lawn!!!

      • I’ll pass on the save the world hype myself. On the other hand, individuals can be motivated in better directions and for better or worse, getting on the NYT best seller list comes with clout, influence and credibility that will influence more people to give it a try.

        And as Robb says, “it’s like this shit really works.” that’s really the key element. It works, and there’s a lot of room for error even.

        So, doing a little to assist in the general endeavor seems like a sensible thing to me. And I also doubt Mark is going to be raking it in on a full color book that’s a couple of hundred pages, large format, and costs $13.77.

      • It’s not about saving the world, it’s about saving those who are smart enough to listen.

      • Saving lives is not an exaggeration. Were it not for Mark and his uniquely effective style, I would most likely still be a basket case and my wife would still be chronically ill. My first son would be much less healthy and my second son probably would not exist. My friends and family who laughed at me at first would not have quietly opened their minds on the subject.

        Laugh up your sleeve if you wish, but 15 minutes with Mark’s writing changed my life forever, which then changed the lives of those around me like ripples on a pond. This book, his most refined effort to date, has the potential to free many more humans from the zoo.

  4. Wow, Mark is really, really pushing it. Wish him well.

  5. Richard
    Yes they are scandinavian. But have never seen them anywhere and I’ve looked. Then again SF might just be the place. Send me an email with your adress and I will stick a few in the mail.


    • Erik Cisler says:

      I’ve found cod livers in the various Eastern European markets here in the Outer Richmond area of SF. Tasty stuff.

  6. I hope Mark isn’t still pushing the low carb “carbohydrate curve” idea. It took over 200 pages in PB to finally say that you wont lose fat without a calorie deficit. My final takeaway from PB and my own experience was restrict calories, not carbs.

    • Kelly, for the vast majority of people who restrict carbs, they are restricting calories as well. For most people, I think this only becomes really important for those desiring to become very lean.

    • I hope he does keep pushing low-carb, because there’s a good chance that carbs are the driving force behind many peoples hunger. It would be damn stupid of him to not at least inform people of the possibility that half a dozen eggs cooked in a few tablespoons of coconut oil can stave off hunger for six hours. It’s a whole lot easier to restrict calories when you’re not fighting against voracious, carbohydrate-induced hunger.


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