I Have a Book Contract

Last week I received a curious email that I almost disregarded, because it came right out and said they wanted to publish a book with me.

Then I looked more closely. And then I clicked over to a link. Then I Googled to see what they’re up to and found all sorts of recent, relevant press in major outlets.

And I was interested. And I replied as such.

Later, I’ll go through the years of anguished thought that brought me to this point, but I signed with them this morning. And I was finally satisfied to be on a track that I could live with on this subject.

I can’t reveal details yet, before checking to make sure all is OK, which is part of the deal I agreed to.

Big? Well that depends upon your perspective. New & Fresh; disruptive, with the financial backing to disrupt? Yep.


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  1. Congrats! Give em hell.

  2. Congrats Rick; it’s been a long road. You worked hard and have an engaging style; thereby rising to a ‘whole ‘nuther level!’

  3. Congrats! Maybe I’ll get one of these some day… at 23 years old I’ve got plenty of time. Or, maybe I’ll just continue with ebooks… gotta love kindles!

  4. Nice work, Richard. That went pretty quickly. I’m still looking forward to the day I can speak of my book deal in the past tense.

  5. You’re such a tease! I’m sure it’s going to shock and awe whatever the subject. kudos!

  6. Now the Animal will surely be Free to roam the larger population of the known world, wrecking havoc on mere mortals.
    Nice Work Mr. N.
    xo deb

  7. I won’t tell a soul. :-)

  8. Lute Nikoley says:

    Both me and your mom are very happy for you, congrats.

  9. amazing. can’t wait for details

  10. Wow, awesome! Looking forward to the end product. (And the process could be pretty amusing for us all too, I suspect…)

  11. Capitalist whore ūüėČ

  12. Richard Jones says:

    Awesome! Congratulations! I hope it is exactly what you want it to be.

  13. Congratulations, Richard! I can’t wait to read it. No pressure!

  14. Congrats Richard, Looking forward to seeing at the book signing tour for my autographed 1st edition!

  15. Good stuff; looking forward to the details and finished product.

  16. Fantastic news! Looking forward to it…

  17. Amazon?

  18. Congrats! Looking forward to it.

  19. Hope to be hearing more about the contents is it going to be a novel, or more diet/exercise slanted. We are all watching and learning, maybe you are going to inspire more of us to take our need to write more seriously. Congratulations and celebrations!

    • After much back & forth and a number of things in draft, I finally decided that the first book definitely needs to be my take on Paleo for the newbie.

      After all, that’s what the blog is about, what draws people in, etc. Subsequent books will delve into my takes on evolutionary epistemology, evolutionary social structures, sex, drugs, rock & roll. :)

  20. Congratulations. That’s absolutely wonderful :)

  21. Congratulations, Richard. I am probably writing a book too ( about obesity science).

    The public wants an unbiased, analytical approach which presents both sides of the story, but the caveat is the author is not shy about ripping some scammer a new asshole with sound science etc. Gary Taubes is GREAT at doing this. Healthful eating, Paleolithic diet philosophy, “saturated fats are bad” myth , industrialized , sugar rich diets and their damage etc. are some things that generate massive interest with the public.

    I am looking forward to the book.


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