Ice Cream with Bacon Bits

I didn’t suppose this was really anything new, given the vast array of things that seem to come with bacon—not to mention the saying that everything’s better with bacon. I’ve even tried one of the dark chocolate bar brands that contains tiny bits of bacon—not enough in my view.

…I engaged in two indulgences on my birthday, Sunday. The first was that eggs benedict for breakfast. The second, and final, was ice cream after the dinner our good friends prepared for us.

On hand, they had tubs of Trader Joe’s Mocha, and the Dark Chocolate. But Julie had also made a good batch of bacon bits earlier for the bisque (and I also sprinkled some on my ribeye, with butter). There were plenty left, so I had an idea: let’s finish them off on the ice cream.

IMG 0798
Mocha and Dark Chocolate Ice Cream with Bacon Bits

When I made my intentions known, there was a uniform sigh of trepidation. Each of the three others vowed not to even try it. And then I placed it on the table like this.

IMG 0799
Four Spoons

Everyone dug in, and apparently, everyone liked it and focussed mostly on which was better.

I should mention, Julie makes awesome bacon bits because, rather than draining them on a paper towel or equivalent, where they sit in the fat and soften up, she uses a wire strainer so they retain their crunch and crispiness. In all, the combination between the texture, chewiness and saltiness…it was definitely a winner and I can’t wait to serve it up to unsuspecting guests one of these days.

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  1. Rip @ MIPWID says:

    Ever fancied trying Heston Blumenthal’s bacon & eggs ice cream?

  2. A relative shared this photo on Facebook and I immediately thought of you…Then, this post! I had to share it with you & the readers….

  3. Iron Chef Michael Symon serves ice cream with bacon deserts at some of his restaurants. I’ve had his apple pie milkshake with bacon, which was great.

  4. Christian says:

    For another decadent treat, try vanilla ice cream, olive oil, and sea salt…..had this at a restaurant in SF and it’s delicious.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I will vouch for the tastiness of bacon and chocolate anything, having once had a dark chocolate-and-bacon bar that was incredibly tasty.

    A friend and her husband went out to Martha’s Vineyard last summer, and there they had lobster ice cream — basically, vanilla ice cream with chunks of lobster and butter in it. They didn’t like it, but if I ever get out there myself, I think I’m going to have to try some, even if just to say I did.

  6. Holy shit, Richard. LOL !

    I have never even thought to mix bacon and ince cream LOL ! I will try that sometime soon. It looks great. This is not necessarily a “cooking” blog per se, but I think it has some of the best ideas for cooking.

    I have that bacon and onion frittata often . It’s awesome with morning coffee.

  7. hellz cool says:

    come to Portland and you can have brown ale and bacon ice cream. so delicious!

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