Dr. BG, Animal Pharm: I Didn’t Cook This, But I Ate It

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Who knows who Dr. BG is; “Grace”…I guess I can say, since she now uses that name around town and in comments here and there?

Grace has been an enthusiastic promoter of Paleo via her blog, Animal Pharm (link removed), for a long time…as well as her encouraging of all the guys to look their best…and has been a good buddy of mine long time now. Sometime a couple of years back, there was a Meetup amongst Paleos in a park in Sunnyvale, I think, where I got to meet her for the first time and since, it’s been a number of dinners, AHS11 (she presented as well), and we had coffee and then lunch a couple of weeks back.

She lives in Shanghai, China, now, with her family…but for about the last month has been back visiting. Lucky for me, she has an excellent cook for a sister, Marisa. We’d met at dinner in Santa Clara a couple of weeks back with Dave Asprey of Bulletproof Exec and Patric of PaleoHacks (Beatrice and Merisa were there too) and Bea and I snagged an invitation for a meal prepared by Marisa.

So here goes. And this was only 2/3 of it. She has more counter space behind.

IMG 0801
The Spread

Everything was good, but varied…far to much to call out individually. Typical Asian hospitality. It reminded me of being invited over for a New Year’s Day celebration to an officer friend’s house during the holidays in Japan, sometime in the late 80s. He had a Japanese wife (and mother-in-law), and the deal is that on New Year’s Day, you basically have a whole table of food, prepared over days, and you pick at it all day long. It’s always way more than you can eat. …I think making yourself sick is part of it.

…They didn’t have scotch, but that bottle of Bombay Gin went down very smoothly on the rocks.

IMG 0802
Picture Perfect

Now, how can you imagine that I’d only eat about one single piece of that? Silly. Pork Belly, that’s how.

IMG 0804
Grilled Pork Belly

Unfortunately, once I knew what I had here, the rest of the meal basically went to waste for me. Don’t know how many pieces I ate (she kept replenishing), but it was a lot, maybe 5-6 pieces. Really, seriously, this has got to be the way to do pork belly. The grilling was something to behold and I wondered, how can you do that and have it not all melt into the grill?

Upon investigation, I got the recipe, and it is in no way or means for the feint of heart: Emeril’s New Orleans’ Asian-Style Braised Pork Belly.

That’s a couple of days worth of prep, so get it going thursday afternoon and you’re set by Saturday—and then you get to show your buffalo wings chowing buddies how ignorant they are…and what could be more fun, or sweet, than that?

One more thing: the fat was like meat. Envy me.

IMG 0805
Shepherd’s Pie

I missed out on this—something I quite love in pubs, but…Pork Belly.

IMG 0807
Grilled Veggies

There were grilled veggies. Pork Belly.


IMG 0803

Pork Belly.

Thanks to Grace and her sister Marisa, and also to her high school teacher husband, Trent, who was a very great host and someone my school teacher wife had fun chatting with the whole time, talking school teacher shop & shit.

Get this: they have four….FOUR amazing beautiful girls, all lean & fit. Guessing the oldest is around 10-12, but they can all do pull-ups, which they demonstrates to us. Charming sweethearts, one & all.

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  1. Looks amazing. Second kids and paleo – my daughter who is a 15 year old who actually likes to eat real food, can easily do a strict pullup, she’s just strong from good food and a variety of sports that she finds fun.

  2. Mmmmm. Pork Belly. When I go deer hunting in the fall, I bring a cooler full of slow roasted pork belly, for sustenance, of course. Mmmmm, ambrosia.

  3. WOW!! Nice memories of an awesome meal, charming and super company and PALEO PORN!!! It was so lovely to hang with the Queen Bea and the King of Paleo at Mer’s place!

    Marisa outdid herself. She is a quintessential chef and baker. [this is why i run. a lot.] The Emeril recipe makes me tired just thinking about it.

    I miss ya guys… THE EVENING WAS SOOOO MUCH FUN. This has inspired me to try to get some paleo themed parties together here in Shanghai.

    • Grace,

      I’ve sent an email to Richard with my info. so you can contact him and he’ll set you up. I live in Shanghai with my wife and 2 year old daughter, you’ve actually already responded to my recent comment regarding my observations here in China. It would be really cool to connect with you here, although I don’t know if my paleo cooking can compare to what I’ve seen in these pictures!


      • Grace RAmaRAmax says:

        Hey Craig

        Please don’t hesitate to email me at ramaramax google mail!!!

        I’ve been tracking your comments ( eg stalking you)!!!

        You family is lovely and look firward to meeting up soon! I’ll intro u to the few other paleos that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I tried to MSG u via the wellsphere but it appears it didn’t work. Sorry!


  4. Yeah, that grilled pork belly looks pretty damn awesome.

  5. Wow, that look outrageous. Thanks for the Pork Belly recipe…….Really can’t have enough of those-


  6. Slightly tangential, but on Animal Pharm (in the Dave Asprey interview) there was mention of nystatin for gut fungus/bad bugs when other stuff wasn’t working.

    Yay or nay, folks?

    (Yes I know I’d have to replenish flora after a round, but very intruiged by it. Oregano oil, RS, caprylic acid, SBOs just not doing the trick!!)

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