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Oh Ye of Little Faith

I wish I had a nickel for every admonishment to not go there. But, there are minds out there. Notice, nearly 500 comments on my post about failed government, failed institutional religion, and how people get chewed up—and in the meta-sense, just, simply, how a lot of things are a lot of fucked up.

Perhaps we’re not really fat, diabetic and dropping like flies from preventable diseases because of George McGovern, Ancel Keys and the Dietary Guidelines for all Americans. Maybe, just maybe, we’re fat, diabetic and dropping like flies from preventable diseases because we’re….sheep. Maybe, just maybe, we’re just sheep; and it’s not really government and institutionalized religion that’s the problem—but just an opportunity—for opportunists. Maybe, just maybe, authority is the problem. And maybe, just maybe, it’s the natural human trait to bow down and bend over to it like a submissive animal that’s met its match—so long as it’s impressed us with its power and promises of assurances and guarantees. …And the scam kicker? It’s that you won’t have to pay the cost of those assurances and guarantees—you get to kick them down the road. Bread & Circuses here, Heaven & Streets of Gold, there.

Ever thought of living by your own means? Dying on your own terms?

…But here I sit at Free the Animal Wold Headquarters, and I can’t even hardly get people to condemn government and religion, per se. And I’m not even talking about nihilism, or even violence, or even revolution.

People seem to think steaks on the barbie are going to really do something. Just One. More. Photo. Well, it’s good for them, but it ‘aint gonna fix the dietary guidelines any time soon.

The plain fact is that the whole paleo thingy risks having only its 15 minutes of fame. That’s because almost every Paleo blogger but me is generally following the general marketing rulebook. And who wrote that? And who was paying them? And if you drill down, what does it all mean?

Hell, I even have a few very enthusiastic fans of religion in that thread linked above, and they’re still there, having been generally insulted. Why? I don’t know, really. Perhaps because I’m not afraid of what anyone says, any sort of information, anything, so they’re not afraid either. …Hell, I almost never get hit by a troll and I have a working theory: it’s harder to troll totally honest, unmoderated comment threads. They really don’t have much to work with.

Try me, trolls.

And so I guess this little self experiment that goes just a little beyond food pics, macronutrient partitioning, fasting regimes and workout schedules will just have to continue on for a while.

Free The Animal World Headquarters
Free The Animal World Headquarters

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  1. Rich,
    are you still doing any sort of resistance training?

    • Thanks for going off comment on the very first comment, steve, you lower case asshole. :)

      Seriously, yes, and within a day or so Im going to do a post about starch, CT, and……….Kelltlebells in the backyard.

      The latter has been a revelation of sorts for me on the ‘bring fun back in’ scale.

  2. AndrewS says:

    “Rise up against the establishment! Throw back the yoke of oppression!” says the guy living in California. Sometimes I feel guilty for living in Texas instead of Wyoming or New Hampshire. This might be the internet age but we still have next-door neighbors; I think there’s huge potential in living somewhere that the government might *conceivably* be restrained.

  3. richard, in the immortal words of kurt harris, i’m not here to save the world, because it’s quite obvious the world doesn’t want saving.

    for a long time i struggled with my own inner conflict between wanting to be happy, and wanting to change the world for the better. it’s taken a while, but i finally realised that we’ve gone past the tipping point.

    maybe it’s just me taking the copout route, but i no longer give a shit, and i look forward to the chaos that i believe will happen late in my lifetime (i’m 36 now). try to make a difference? it’s hard to soar like an eagle when you’re surrounded by turkeys.


    another lower case arsehole

    • Bixy

      But the thing is, yes, it’s shitty to come to realize it was all a waste, but you now have a free mind.

      And it you don’t use it to your own good going forward, then it’s a waste and a shame.

      • the free mind part i definitely agree with, but i don’t view the process i went through to reach this stage as being a waste.

        any exercise that gives you a better understanding of yourself and the world around you is worthwhile.

      • Well, that’s true enough and we are all products of our past experiences.

      • And, really, the best one can do is to continuously grow themselves into Health (big H-mental, emotional, physical) and be a positive addition to their “tribe” or group of friends. I can’t give a shit about a fat guy in Trenton, I want to be a positive example for my niece.
        There are a few big picture things I pay attention to and advocate for (population reduction, freedom from religion and women’s rights to self determination), but all in all it’s about the people I see on a regular basis that get my energy.

      • KenP

        I could argue with your parentheticalls if I wanted.

        But what would be the point? You and yours want to be on your own, and me and mys want to be on our own.

        See how this could work?

    • As far as happiness and “success” are concerned, I see two primary options:
      Adapt to the current social rules in place, or take a stand and make society adapt to your vision (REVOLUTION!).
      The first doesn’t interest me much, and the second requires a lot of effort. I guess I’ve kind of taken another way out by living in a foreign country for the last few years.

      • “I’ve kind of taken another way out by living in a foreign country for the last few years.”

        Totally rational. There are hundreds of places around the world where productive Americans could live and enjoy their lives and prosper, and not worry about all the bullshit parasitism ramping up here.

        Dump it. That’s what I’m aiming on doing in the next few years. Live for your own sake.

      • it’s pretty much the same here in australia. we seem to take pride in parroting the same stupidity you are all subjected to, in the cities at least.

        my next move is away from the urban prison. if i can’t buy raw milk except under the pretense that i’m bathing in it, i’ll get my own damn herd and do what the fuck i want.

        that’s happiness.

      • Richard, could you name 10 of those hundreds of places?

        The places I would like to move to have a well functioning government.

      • Couldn’t agree more. When people give up the principles that made for a prosperous society (or don’t even know what they are) it’s time to go somewhere else.

      • Jasen says:

        I agree, the U.S. is fucked and there is nothing I can do about it. Dems or Repubs 2 sided of the same fuckin’ coin. I have made a tacitcal withdrawel to Tijuana, Mexico although I stil work in the U.S. I love it here, You really are on your own. Say what you wil about Mexico, Narcos, corruption etc, but I have experienced more freedom here than I ever have on the other side of that imaginary line.

      • And Henry, you need to add civil disobedience to your list. When conditions are ripe, it’s effective.

        Look at what happened even recently in north Africa and neighbors. While there was some violence, it was remarkably low scale for what was achieved. No, it will not usher in enormous changes immediately but the way I look at it, they have about 300 years of catching up to do. O the other hand, they have Twitter and the American revolutionaries did not.

      • Civil disobedience is a great tactic! I really need to read more about Gandhi and MLK Jr. used it in order to further their goals.
        But I guess I should have made my statement a bit more general. To bring out a desired outcome, we can either change ourselves, or change our environment. Most actions would be a mix of both (i.e. we changed our environment through agriculture, but we also adapted ourselves to eating grains.) Then, civil disobedience would fall into the latter category, trying to change the current environment.

      • Ack, typo. I need to read more about *how* those guys used civil disobedience.

      • Civil disobedience is open ended, as is revolution.

        Try civil disobedience first.

  4. Sheep? More like maggots, with all that implies.
    Warning- maggots and wisdom and..Allah! in poem below from 1000 years ago (yes, really) ….
    and yet we’re Still religious fuck-ups today. Ugh!
    Richard, if you’re gonna move, try Canada, Quebec/Montreal is francophone, cosmopolitan and beautiful, riotous, rebellious and…great healthcare (hey, we’re not getting younger) -France is bureaucratically suffocating, ever since the EU (big government on steroids), but of course the joie de vivre is still there (vive le…! :-)

    “Men talk of heaven,—there is no heaven but here;
    Men talk of hell,—there is no hell but here;
    Men of hereafters talk, and future lives,—
    O love, there is no other life—but here.
    And do you think that unto such as you,
    A maggot-minded, starved, fanatic crew,
    God gave the Secret, and denied it me?—
    Well, well, what matters it! believe that too.”

    ——-The man even had the solution, way back then…. :

    “But here are wine and beautiful young girls,
    Be wise and hide your sorrows in their curls,
    Dive as you will in life’s mysterious sea,
    You shall not bring us any better pearls.”

    ———I’ve always wondered about the pearls….ah, well, guys might get this better, no?

    • “Richard, if you’re gonna move”

      When I do, it will absolutely be tropical. The dream is, have a small hotel or bungalows, and dare all smart people I know to come and spend a few days spear fishing and cooking the fish on the fire.

      • Fantastic, I can really picture that…sigh!
        From Thoreau – I knew there was a Good reason you liked him 😉 :
        “Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.”

      • Honduras. Land is cheap

    • “Richard, if you’re gonna move, try Canada, Quebec/Montreal is francophone, cosmopolitan and beautiful, riotous, rebellious and…great healthcare (hey, we’re not getting younger)”

      Please stop giving away my/our secret. The last thing I want are Americans to start coming here in droves.

      • Ha. As long as Canada (at least “official” Canada) is hysterically terrified of guns, I fer shure won’t be moving up there. The one thing (so far {sigh}) that America has that keeps me from seriously considering going ex-pat is the Second Amendment. Australia the same, most European countries the same, most… hell MOST countries the same! (“…cold dead hands” and all that, but it’s merely self-preservation wisdom. As a woman alone in a dangerous world, I am NOT going somewhere where the power-that-be can disarm me and leave me much closer to powerless!

      • Amen!

      • Elenor, yup, where you live you need that there gun….cause and effect. So do, please!, stay there, no one else wants to be infected with this paranoia, they like their violent crime statistics low.

      • Marie

        Eleanor isn’t interested in low violent crime statistics. She insists on zero violent crime statistics, for her.

      • I know, and good luck with that.

      • And should it come to it, who has the chance of better luck with that? I’ll bet you have no idea how many crimes are thwarted by wielding a firearm here in the US.

        You can find tons of info on that sort of thing here

        Its a pretty even handed site, in that it not only debunks much of the anti gun hand wringing, but also fallacious arguments gun rights advocates spout over and over.

      • “And should it come to that, who has the chance of better luck with that?” – well, I’m glad we’re back to statistics….the answer is: whoever is in the lower crime country, no?
        I think there’s a misunderstanding though, I did say that where she lives she needs them. I have guns at home here too, when in the jungle, you better carry a spear. But Elenor wouldn’t go to Canada Because it doesn’t have guns. I took issue with the logic there.
        And look, I’ll take this even further, I don’t think that the Canadian model would likely work in the US – apart form any cultural differences (and they’re huge) any ‘good’ social/political system, as you’ve mentioned too, doesn’t work at larger scale.
        Yes, I said it again, size matters :-)

      • “well, I’m glad we’re back to statistics….the answer is: whoever is in the lower crime country, no?”

        No, because you’ve abandoned your normal impeccable objectivity to opine in something you’re wholly ignorant about, which fuels trepidation and fear.

        If you were being objective, you’d say something like stats don’t really matter, because Elenor understands the possibility that no matter how low the overall statistics are, she want them zero in her household.

        I have zero idea of what the gun culture is in Canada, or the laws, there or elsewhere. I’ve lived a life around guns, owned my first one at 10, was permitted to have a .22 revolver, holstered and loaded because I’d demonstrated that I was competent and safe. This was on various hunting trips.

        Understand that. At 10 years old, I had a loaded revolver strapped to my side and I was even encouraged to wander around in the sagebrush and find things to shoot at.

      • Nope, that doesn’t wash.
        Of course I “Understand that”, grew up summers in a farming/fishing village. I’m a dab hand at spearing octopus (can hold my breath, still, for 8minutes).
        Used to be able to shoot a 2-inch-wide snake at 50 feet (that was ‘target practice’ when I was a teenager). And of course I’ve lived in upstate NY for 14 years, so am familiar with the culture and the laws.
        And none of it is the point.
        Because neither I nor most people who keep guns at home here, walk around with them all the time. Nor do I think that I’d always ‘win’ in a home invasion. So there there is little chance of ever getting zero for myself or my family. Why do I have one Here? (well, two actually, my husband wields the rifle). Because there are less patrolling police and more home invasions. Math.

      • ugh, cut too fast, meant : “So there is Less chance of ever getting zero for myself or my family than if I live in place with low crime”.

      • Yes, Marie. I’m impressed. Let’s have more than one wine.

      • We really should. The only thing left is to decide who’s buying….so…how’s that quest going 😉

      • Was it evolution or the existence of God? I forget..There is a comment thread over on my blog…..

      • Evolution and I’ll check that out :-)

      • “Why do I have one Here? (well, two actually, my husband wields the rifle). Because there are less patrolling police and more home invasions. Math.”

        Credit for at least being honest.

        And so you support restrictions on others who can do the math too? If so, that makes you….evil.

      • Mean actually, at Math, because it’s the other way around north of the border – more patrolling police, far less guns so less home invasions, store robberies, drive-by shootings, muggings… walking home from the clubs at 1 am in Montreal is relaxing! So shoot me, I like it better that way.
        And I’ve lived long in both, so guess what, that choice at least isn’t based on ignorance or prospective theorizing (will be, would be, could be…) . You can’t knock it ’till you try it.

      • But no, again, I don’t’ support restrictions on other who can do the math Here, in the US, why would I?

      • “far less guns”

        How far less do you think?

      • Now that’s the key, you’re quite right. The less-guns-less-crime is a correlation, causality not determined. But then, if that’s not it, there’s but two options left, and maybe their combination 1) more-cops-less crime…something Freakonomics slaughtered in the case of NYC, and/or 2) Canadians have a better culture/social system..aka.are just so much nicer :-)

      • Nerd alert :
        I had looked at numbers 15 years ago when getting ready to move here (it was roughly 1:2 per capita for all guns for Canada:US and 1:12 for handguns).
        I looked up more recent references. below.

        But of course the numbers are fuzzy: ‘official’, registered, estimated from surveys, estimated from sales, estimated from pig innards…

        This is where Canada’s numbers are more specific for Type of arms but also cause confusion, because Canada calls “Firearms” a long-gun (registered, permitted, Canadians hunt, eh? )but Not a machine gun and most importantly, not hand guns (which are heavily controlled). The latter types are classified ‘weapons’. Go figure…

        For broad strokes, see recent Reuters international report

        This agrees pretty close with :

        This last site has a tool that lets you have fun with comparisons and also breaks it down by type of gun where such numbers are reported (like Canada).

        I’ve tried to stay away from the more rabid pro-con gun control nuts on either side.

        Broad strokes : Canada has roughly One third guns Per capita vs nearly 3/4 per capita for the US (~9mill guns/30mill population vs. ~250mill/310mill population).
        But, there’s only 1/30 per capita for Canadian Hand-Guns compared to ….coffee grinds may tell in US, but from sales alone it seems to be around 110million, so ~1/3 per capita.

        Annnnnd > Does guns per capita affect crime rate? The UN reports that it correlates by country, sure, but chicken-egg? Does TOTAL guns matter more to crime rate? If there are many guns, hard to keep track, more get stolen, more get captured, more get ‘lost’ etc.etc. so maybe more feed the criminal underground. The US apparently has about a third of the world’s guns.

        GUNS RATE MAY MATTER OR NOT, but Crime rate Does matter. This all started with a comment that someone wouldn’t move to Canada BECAUSE they don’t allow guns and so wouldn’t feel safe.
        That doesn’t make sense because Canada’s crime rate is lower (anyone can do your own homework on that, it’s easier than the gun numbers…and Montrealers aren’t walking their vibrant downtown at night in order to commit suicide, just look at how actual people behave).
        SO, since Even if you own a gun, you Certainly don’t carry it all the time (in fact rarely, for most), of course you are safer in the lower-crime place.

      • And you wonder why most countries laugh at you.

      • Eleanor

        Because when seconds count, the cops are only minutes away.

      • Thank God you have guns then.

        Y’all trigger happy folks should just rent a forest and go shoot each other – get it out of your system.

      • Yea, trigger happy.

        This was the last time I was “trigger happy” 2007

        I know who you are, mark. You’re just afraid of guns, just like anyone is afraid of living on the streets, not having cable, or whatever, and you want others to make life all comfy cozy for you.

        There are assholes in the world and while I do not subscribe to the idea that I ought to be overwrought about it and obsess, I am nonetheless prepared.

        Those are single handed head shots, by the way.

        But I’m sure that distinction would be lost on you anyway.

      • *claps* bravo

        I’ve hunted moose and deer… (near Wawa Ontario) therefore shot a few guns in my time, what the fuck else do you think we do in Canada?

        Again – the Paranoia in the US is rediculous.

      • Then what the fuck are we arguing about? :)

      • We not fucking arguing.. Just keep up your blogging job and drop the part-time psychologist. You need more info then that to figure me out. :)

      • Ok, but I have no idea what you mean by paranoia. I’ve been around gun owners and hunters all my life, especially as a kid. It was always just the natural way.

        I’m not actually quite sure what to think about the activists, especially those on the pro side. I’ve nerver been one nor, to my knoweldge, anyone I’ve ever known.

      • EatLessMoveMoore says:

        Amen, brotha. Personal experience. Take my guns away and you got a fuckin’ fight and a half on your hands. :)

      • Mark, did you just thank God? With a capital letter, no less.

        Thank God I have guns. My sweetie is teaching me to shoot some amazing pieces of art.

      • Eatlessmovemore

        I want to be very, very clear. I am not a “gun nut.”

        It was very simply my personal experience that I happened to born and raised where guns were ubiquitous. Everywhere. I was taught from as early as I can remember to treat every gun as though it was loaded.

        As a youngster, I marveled at all the beautiful gun cabinets and beautiful guns in them.

        You see, I have never really taken up the issue because guns were always all around me. It was so natural. I can’t even imagine a childhood without them.

        But I’m not a gun nut, for whatever reason. I don’t even know why.

      • Elenor

        You’ll like the photo in this post. That’s just some of the guns my neighbor and I own.

        A couple I’ve owned since I was a kid. Since I grew up around them everywhere, even on my grandparents’ bed side tables (one of those two is in that pic), I have no fear of them.

        Fear of guns and a desire to have them prohibited has always struck me as similar to fear of homosexuals and a desire to have them prohibited.

      • Nice guns! Didn’t you post a pic showing potatoes somewhere? Have you considered doing another 30 day strict Paleo challenge? Just curious.

      • I’m going to endeavor to not be strict about anything. But it’s a good program and Dallas and Melissa have it nailed down well. I also like that they do their nutrition seminars where rather than just sell a product they get on a plane and get face to face with people.

      • One of those rifles looks like my Winchester model 1894 .30-30. I have a picture of my great-grandfather holding it in a logging camp around 1900. It was actively used as a deer rifle for 110 years, and the only thing keeping it from still being used is that I haven’t started hunting yet.

      • Hey’ Paul C

        Go shoot thtat thing. Lever action is fun. I grew up with people around me hunting mule deer in NE Nevada, in open unbelievably beautiful mountainous spaces, with .243s with scopes. I can still smell it after a rain, the sagebrush.

        Later on, in Oregon, hnting white tails (dogs, in comparison), it was close quarters and so a fellow hunter loant me a 3030 and I loved it.

        Since this blog has a very deep archive, here’s my post from years back about how and why I got that rifle you see in the picture.

      • Maybe. There’s a saying “When everybody is standing on tip-toe, nobody can see.”

        In England, gun crime is rare (I don’t live in a densely-populated, multi-racial area, so all crime is rare here). Felons know that nowadays, just about everybody has a mobile phone so when the emergency services hear the magic words “(I think) he’s got a gun”, armed police are dispatched. Only selected police officers can be armed (unlike in the US, where every police officer is armed), they’re highly-trained and they shoot to kill. I’d rather live in a country where mostly selected, highly-trained people have guns than one where any & every fuck-wit has one.

        Dunno what it’s like in Canada.

      • Don’t know about Canada, either. Can’t believe there is little crime. Here in Texas, on the other hand, I’m glad our “finest” carry. BUT…and a big BUT…here in Austin, the not so wise user of said firearm needs to be MUCH better trained…..too many random innocent dogs getting shot. Don’t shoot my DOG!

      • Care to do an hottest assessment of how hot home nvasion rates have gone in England, Nigel, over the years , since everyone likes to advertise how utterly defenseless they are?

        If you can’t, I can.

      • Densely-populated, multi-racial areas (e.g. inner-cities), or sparsely-populated mostly single-race small towns like Yateley, Hants?

        Here are the crime statistics for Yateley, Hants:-,%20Hampshire%20GU46,%20UK
        See also
        Now let’s see your figures. Tell you what?

        You stay where you are (with armed fuck-wits) and I’ll stay where I am (with unarmed fuck-wits). Deal?

      • Kate Ground // Apr 30, 2012 at 05:41
        “Don’t know about Canada, either. Can’t believe there is little crime.”
        Why not? See marie’s reply

      • Because, shame on me, slap my hand, I didn’t do my homework. I think there is little crime in Canada because everyone up there is sooo nice. They only get riled up at hockey games. Then look out.

      • marie says:

        Sooo nice :-).
        Typical Canadian talk in bar : “So did you catch the boxing-match last-night? A hockey game broke out, eh?”

      • Mark, don’t’ worry! There are many exceptions of course, but the ‘droves’ can’t speak French (or any other language than ‘american’), think the place is covered in snow, and, apparently, fear they won’t be able to protect themselves against, I guess, pitchforks, by their own argument (the place doesn’t’ have guns, but we need guns to protect against…what?). I shouldn’t say ‘we’ though, I’ve been living in upstate NY for 14 years, it’s been…enlightening.

      • I know – its hilarious really.

        Here’s my average American:

        The average warmonging, gun weilding, SUV driving, Fast food (grains and Omega-6) eating fat ass, that talks like George bush and has no fucking clue about other countries except their own.

      • You live in Waco, Texas?

      • I thought it was funny… no?

      • Yesiree!

      • So I was just talking with a longtime expat, laughing. I lived abroad for 8 years, 2 in Europe.

        We were recounting the America bashing I got in the early 90s counter what he got on the mid 2000s.

        I didnt live his story, but I lived mine. The French are oh so proud of their “systeme social Le plus develope du monde.”

        I was fond of telling them they were welcome, since Americans had finally realized it was cheaper to just spend billions per year on their bases in Eurpoe throught the cold war, going back to the 50s, so that we didn’t have to come over and save their stupid, pussy, lazy, fantasizing asses for a mutherfuckimg third time.

        So, if you want to talk geopolitics, tell me, you fucks, you Canadian fucks, which country has come to the rescue more than any other in history.

        Go fuck yourselves.

      • And if you’re too stupid to connect the dots, western European socialism was paid for by Americans.

        Because Western Eurpoe didn’t have to defend itself, except to have play toys, except the Nukes. See, they only played war with ground & air forces, but since WWII have basically been a joke. But they got nukes.

        So let America defend us to the tune of trillions over 40 or so years, and us politicians get to build the best social system in the world, and then, then, we’ll get moronic Americans to uphold it as a shing example.

        And the same goes for pussy assed Canada. They can have an oh so great social system because they know that they, sitting right along side us, have no fear.

        Canada could never, ever defend itself. Without Amerca, Iraq could have kicked its ass in 2 weeks.

        Fuckimg pussies.

      • Wait Canada is a country? I didn’t realize that, dumb redneck that I am. I guess I was confused by seeing the Queen of England on your money.

        Oddly enough, the majority of Canadians I’ve met who didn’t have this silly anti-American chip on their shoulder were French-Canadians. I suppose they reserved their hate for Anglo-Canadians.

        Tell me again about beating America in hockey, that never gets old.

      • Ah! About time it got down and dirty….
        O.k., if the might of the US shielding these other countries is what enables their great social systems, why didn’t Americans develop such a system too? No connection. Having the biggest, strongest industrial-military complex, up to now, has nothing to do with the average american sheeple, the very Same sheeple everywhere else, oh btw, the different systems are just varieties of bread and circuses to keep the farm animals productive.
        The only difference is that the others don’t boast of being the Greatest Country on Good God’s Earth, loudly, to the rest of the world while they lay waste to whole countries in order to order to secure oil and hide behind their fingers calling it something noble and yes, harping on “saving Europe”, while climbing out of their great depression had nothing to do with it.
        It’s the righteousness that generates the jokes, fucking eh?

      • And speaking of bread and circuses, European ones no less :
        Mercutio’s Queen Mab speech, redubbed:

      • Marie you didn’t write anything about hockey or why you’ve got the reigning monarch of a real, foreign country on your currency.

        Obviously you are afraid to get down and dirty with me. This is understandable.

        Canadian women fear my ability to mock Canada. Yet they dream of the mocking, it soaks into their soul and they can’t shake it. It’s an itch they can’t scratch.

        When it comes to proclaiming themselves the Greatest Country on Good God’s Earth, uhm have you ever spoken to a fellow canuck? Because you guys do it all the time. The only difference that I can see is that you have to preface your chest-beating bullshit with a jab at America.

        I dislike American sanctimony, but it’s nothing compared to Canadian sanctimony. You really think your shit doesn’t stink.

      • Oh no! I’ve neglected you!! Sorry, missed it (really) in rush of Canadian-inspired civic duty this morning as I prepared for my volunteer job on Saturdays teaching a Second language to american lambkids :-).
        Yes, of course you’re right, sanctimony all-around.
        You gotta admit though, Canadians (or Scandinavians) don’t go to other countries and lay them flat before telling them how great, and Right, they are.
        I’m not gonna touch that itchy bit, as Richard hasn’t put a warning on this comments section yet (natch!) but, you didn’t say Canucks, you didn’t…red-jacketed ones? You did…so really now, fess up, was John Kleese your dad? :

      • PS > I think “dad” is roasting on spit at the end, am I right? You would know best…

      • Oh what the heck, so now that I’ve stopped crying from laughter, let me reassure you sir that indeed Canadian women love a good mocking, especially when we’ve earned it, we love to see you rise to the occasion, we’ll soak it all in and come back for more. We like to return the dream inspiration, it’s the fair-minded Canadian thing to do.

      • “O.k., if the might of the US shielding these other countries is what enables their great social systems, why didn’t Americans develop such a system too?”

        1. Political pressure. At least there are as yet enough Americans to put up enough existence to slow the inevitable encroachment.

        2. Because they spend so much on military. Now, up until the collapse of the USSR, this was primarily to protect your assess to the north, and W Europe. Since then, it’s been used to police the world and keep it sake for continued supplies of oil.

        “…while they lay waste to whole countries in order to order to secure oil.”

        Yea, you’ll have a point as soon as Canada and W Europe begin refusing oil imports from the Middle East.

        I’m not defending anything America does and in fact condemn most of it. America currently spends about as much on military as the entire rest of the world put together.

        But the plain fact is that Canada and W Europe are kinda play countries. None are worth a shit militarily and that’s because they default to America for it. They now America will always save their sorry defenseless asses if it comes down to it.

      • Och, I don’t know if I can do this justice, I’m in too mellow a mood again, blame Sean :-)
        You have good points, always, if only Canada wasn’t one of the most energy self-sufficient countries in the world, exporting a heck of a lot of oil, natural gas and hydro-power to the US (and metals…), so Americans Need to protect it, for themselves.
        For a country in this situation, not wasting money on military is a smart move, not remotely a needy one. It’s just unnecessary. If the big bad wolf across the Bering straits turned into a puppy, well, then again Canada wouldn’t need a military.
        But until it does, America Has to do it, for the only reason anyone ever has been able to count on, self-interest. These ‘play countries’ play the middle quite well.

      • Good one,HA

      • That’s the Austin in you talking, isn’t it? Is “irreverent” the city motto? :-)

      • Then again, “and may you always be irreverent”…must be a proverb somewhere, maybe Irish?

      • Actually that HA was for Monty P. I have a pretty good respect for our military and what they do. Those guys work hard, their commanders are just stupid. What our liberal press and our conservative public spout about things they pretend to know…like why we went into Iraq, and the weapons of mass destruction bullshit, well, we/you need to really look into it a little deeper. It’s the big wigs in office I disrespect. We, them, have fucked us up pretty bad, and continue to do so. Now, Canada, it’s a nice place…And Austin? Our motto is Keep Austin Weird.

      • Oh don’t get me wrong, I respect the military people too, my step-son served 3 tours in Iraq, and family up the line have served. It’s how they’re used I will take issue with -so yeah, we’re on the same page about the big wigs in office.

      • I’m ‘out’ now for tonight, have a date with my husband 😉

      • Marie, the Scandinavians, unlike Canada, haven’t been involved in an offensive war for hundreds of years that I know of. This can lead to a lot of santimony that I’ve seen, especially from some Swedes (but then most of the Scandinavians I’ve known were Swedes). I’m not a big fan of nationalism, but I do think Thatcher makes some great points against this idiotic sanctimonious reporter here addressing this.

        Canada has followed Britain into every war because they are/were a British colony. By some strange twist of logic being a British lapdog gets turned around into some sort of sanctimonious point (we were in WWI and WWII first). Americans might overly preen about WWII, but they don’t drip with that Canadian sanctimony.

        The Swedes have some things to be less than proud of, such as this. They were either afraid of the USSR or were sympathetic to this brutal regime because there was such heavy communist sympathy.

        But what I really don’t understand is why you canucks hate the Swiss?

      • Ah well, a matter of perception, the entire rest of the ‘west’ finds ‘americans’ overbearing, self-righteous and hypocritical about their foreign policy and americans find these countries lilly-livered, whining hypocrites. All governed by the same masters, who feed this nationalism both overtly and subtly/’culturally’. What’s not to joke about – the KiH are pretty subversive, eh?
        Annnnd, I’m impressed, your humor ranges wide sir :-)

      • But you’ve got to admit, canucks are great at self-mockery…almost as good as the Brits 😉

      • Alex Good says:

        Quality over quantity.

      • “Ah well, a matter of perception, the entire rest of the ‘west’ finds ‘americans’ overbearing, self-righteous and hypocritical about their foreign policy and americans find these countries lilly-livered, whining hypocrites.”

        Obviously you’ve not spent much time living abroad. You are showing your true colors here and your true colors are ugly. If you want to buy into some Canadian/pseudo European cliche of how Americans are perceived then you can go fuck yourself. If you think the cliche of Americans as over-bearing idiots extends beyond Canada and Britain then you are truly an idiot. Try traveling to Spain some time and see what their perception of Americans vs Brits are.

      • Marie, you could also try traveling to Greece, the Czech Republic or many other countries where Americans are far from the most obnoxious tourists or people in general.

        Or maybe you’d like to pull that self-righteous stick out of your Canadian ass.

      • Laf. yes, I could try traveling a wee bit. But it’s hard to do with that stick, you know, airport security being what it is these days….
        British-American confluence : Benny Hill in NY :
        “You Are mocking me!…”

      • I’m so glad I live in Texas.

      • Yes, thank-you US for being the world’s bully.

        Per Capita – we’ed fucking kick your asses. You just have 10x the numbers.

        Keep up the good work bitches.

      • I like going to Cuba for vacation – no fat fucking loud mouth americans on the beach.

      • Does most of America still think 911 was a terrorist act?

      • Who is we? And are you really going to go for the 9/11 bullshit to try and prove a point? You don’t need to believe in the 9/11 conspiracy in order to acknowledge how evil the US government is. Once you accept that one New Yorker’s life is just as important as one Iraqi life, then you just need to count the millions killed in the most recent wars in interpreting the evil that is the US government. No need to reach when it’s right in your fucking face.

  5. Richard,

    It’s obvious that you’ve become bored with your own blog. Inviting trolls. Insiting conflict among those who follow your schtick. I’ve read your blog for the last several years and believe you have helped a great many sheeple. The establishment is what it is. Powers far greater than you or I either are unwilling to change or can’t change. See welfare state. For an idea of where America is going see the movie “Idiocracy”.

    While one man cannot change change the future, one can change the present. You have the power. Keep being the voice of free the animal. You’ve shown you can defend yourself better than any blogger in the paleosphere. Your journey through Paleo has been some of the most honest and commercial free there has been.

    Nearly every other paleo/ health etc. etc blogger has something to sell. Not you. Keep doing what you’ve been doing. Help those who cannot help themselves. Because if you help just one person you have made a difference.

    I’m off to watch another episode of Preppers and get ready for the zombie attack.

    P.S. Could you post some recent photo’s. Just want to make sure you have not let yourself go.

    • “Nearly every other paleo/ health etc. etc blogger has something to sell. ”

      And there is something wrong with that? Are you anti-capitalist? We-are-the-world-kumbaya? Or are you writing from some “occupy” campsite? {eye roll}

    • Hi Mike

      It’s not as much that I’m bored as that I don’t want to bore others. I’d be happy doing food pics, but I’ve done that for years, everyone does it, so what does it offer that’s different.

      Essentially, I view it as that it’s time to take up other subjects and just hash them out. Yea, it has also not escaped my notice that of all the niches out there, the libertarians, anarchists, atheists and other similar niches have been the very first to take serious interest in Paleo. Have you seen Lew Rockwell’s amazing transformation? This shit is powerful to those people because they’re basically evidence based from the start. Doesn’t mean they can’t be stupid and in error just like anyone, but if I have to pick the people I want in my comment threads….

  6. Heh…just read the following on the home page of the LA Times & thought of you, Richard:

    Report: Thinking can undermine religious faith
    By Amina Khan | 9:05 p.m.

    Those who think more analytically are less inclined to be religious believers
    than are those who tend to follow a gut instinct, researchers conclude.

    • A- bloody-men!! to that

    • I followed my gut instinct as I do with just about everything else, and, although I am not religious….they too are sheep, I believe in God. But if I wanted to I could over analyze it to hell and back. Been there done that and I still came to the same conclusion. I, here on earth, stand alone and have the faith I do. Why is it amongst so many that if you believe in a superior being you can’t be a thinking person? And who the hell trusts the LA Times? And “researchers conclude”….I love that phrase….that makes it legit? HA

      Word of the day. Anal yze…..hmmmm

      • “Why is it amongst so many that if you believe in a superior being you can’t be a thinking person?”

        Cause if you start thinking logically it contradicts the existence of a superior being.

  7. Great blog but I just lost all respect for you. Honestly Richard, Apple products?
    Seriously though, I might disagree with some of the stuff you say but why read it otherwise?

    • Totally OT but my wife just got an iPad, and I have to admit it’s pretty damn cool. I got an iPod many years back as a gift and I put on rockbox because I hated being forced to use iTunes to transfer tunes. But I guess I can live with it now (plus the iTunes only resides on my wife’s computer).

      Which reminds me, I’m probably gonna get the Nom Nom Paleo app that just came out, although 5 bucks is a bit steep–yes, I’m a cheap bastard.

    • Hi Daryl

      You might find this of interest.

      That’s about the point in 2007 when I went traitor after 20 years of PC, power user and I can set up Windows server and clients in a jiffy. I had to, building my company.

      But that’s old news.

      There’s no denying that I’m simply an Apple whore, now.

  8. james mooney says:

    I’d like to see a list of place to go – it is already next to impossible to move money

  9. I am also beginning to sense a little Lenny Bruce and Bill Hicks in you, Richard…I dig these posts a lot.

    “What matters most is how well you walk through the fire…”

    You are my kind of a guy…equal parts asshole and heart, aka human.

    Keep it up man…

  10. Are you Rich enough to buy a small island somewhere nice? 😀

  11. Some evolutionary theorists posit that the advent of agriculture allowed stupid people – the veritable sheep of the post in question – to thrive. According to this evolutionary subtheory hypothesis, in a world where there aren’t doctors and lawyers and accountants and other civil servants lined up around the block to keep you alive, out of trouble and out of debt, one does indeed live and die by the choices they make. But we don’t live in such a world. We live in a world where the cluster, the hive, the collective, feeds off of and feeds one another. To question the collective is virtual mutiny. To question the collective on a blog is literal virtual mutiny.

    The problem with this hypothesis is that it doesn’t make people feel good. People would rather hear that we start off on a clean slate, all the same, and that we are tainted and corrupted and changed as we go through life. Inherited brain structure and chemical makeup couldn’t have anything to do with it, because to posit such would be a form of bigotry. Truthfully, as in all things, both positions have SOME merit to EACH of them, and are deeply intertwined. Add to this the notion that people hate change – especially, well, stupid people – and you have a powerful formula for denial and suppression efforts (I’m reading Diabetes Warrior on another screen), especially, oh so especially, when the hive collective mind is questioned.

    To sum it all up: the sheep will eat what they’re told when they’re told by the loudest voice. When the government, and their churches, and their people that keep them alive, out of trouble and out of debt tell what to eat, they will do so. The problem, perhaps, is not so much that we have to change the minds of intelligent people; perhaps it is that we simply have to yell and shove and stomp about until we get our way. Is that worth it, in the end, to have idiots living longer and more healthful existences when they don’t even know, or care, why?

    I don’t know.

    • What has failed humans is we allowed the stupid, sick and weak to pro-create. Equal rights for all. So much for survival of the fittest. Down the drain we go!!!

      • +1 No, wait: +100!

      • Yeah, no. I don’t DO this whole degrees of intention thing – mother nature doesn’t care, and I don’t see why I should either. It being a free world you can misinterpret what others say and put words like ‘eugenics’ in their mouths if you like – and I can correct you.

      • “we allowed the stupid, sick and weak to pro-create. ” Gee….is there a litmus test for stupidity?

      • There should be. All other living things have one.

      • Disclaimer: I don’t mean to offend the sick, stupid, or weak. Go and have kids and vote – its your right.

      • The ones with a brazillion kids are the stoopid ones. 😀

      • Oh gee, I had 4 kids. That’s above the national average. Shoot me now

      • But that’s perfect Kate! You’re above the national average too, see how that works? 😉

      • I’ll go get my…..oh, wait! Hardly anybody owns a gun in England.
        Why 4 kids rather than 2.4?

      • “Hardly anybody owns a gun in England.”

        Yea, you’ve been counting on Yanks with guns to come to your rescue since 1914 and counting.

      • I keep forgetting that the U.S. won both World Wars for us.

      • CubSteve says:

        So who gets to decide who is “stupid, sick and weak”? Suspect there would be a long line to cut off your balls as many would feel you fall into at least one of those categories. The great thing about civilization is we get to act civilized.

      • “The great thing about civilization is we get to act civilized.”

        Jesus Christ that was funny. Ah, the Zombie apocolypse is alive and well I see.

  12. Richard – I am liking your new direction (or is it your return to your original esprit de blog?).

    Normally I’d stay off the polticial and religion posts – I don’t have the intellectual firepower for those topics, and I ain’t afraid to admit it – but this one got me wondering. I see the validity in your arguments about not voting, about politics, big business, and organized religion being parasitic systems of mind control. Still, I wonder if there’s another option besides simply throwing up the middle finger at the whole thing (as intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually liberating as it may be).

    Not to get all “space monkey” on you, but if we’re confronted with systems of authority and oppression, why not take those systems down from the inside out? It may be just a fantasy, but do you think it would be possible for sufficient number of like-minded people eventually to work within/mainipulate those systems of control to obtain positions of authority, leadership, and control and then work to shut the whole thing down? Would those “pioneers” within the system ultimately be corrupted? Are the opponents to such a strategy – everyone who still buys in to the system – too numerous strong? Are the systems of control just no longer susceptible to a concerted effort to turn them off? Does stuff like this only work in the movies? Or do you think it’s ultimately just less effort, more fun, and more rewarding for us all to tell it all to go fuck itself?

    • ” It may be just a fantasy, but do you think it would be possible for sufficient number of like-minded people eventually to work within/mainipulate those systems of control to obtain positions of authority, leadership, and control and then work to shut the whole thing down?”


      The like minded people should cooperate to do their own thing with one law: no initiatory force, no exceptions.

      And then they should exclude everyone who doesn’t pledge an oath to that universal principle, or who violates it.

      Ostracism is really the end game of where my ideas go to in a social/political context. Even should that ostracism be lethal.

  13. Most people spend many years looking for the” answer”, because the fact that there is no answer terrifies them. The only thing that matters is the integrity of your own mind and that wonderful, incredible individuality of the human spirit. Question Richard: are some of your best blogs fueled by that glass of bourbon? we see in the pic? Not judging just wondering

    • “Most people spend many years looking for the” answer”, because the fact that there is no answer terrifies them.”

      Yes – bingo. To accept the fact that you are from the dirt, live, then feed the dirt is to big for many – so their MUST be a heaven god damnit!! You have one life – so live it.

      Human spirit – Do people still think this is some type of “soul” that lives on after death?

    • Ron

      Yes, some are (though usually plain whiskey & water, or scotch). You can’t get blurry eyed, but I’ve found that a couple of drinks get creative juices going and allow my to write things that I might otherwise not.

      It’s a very practiced thing, though. Too much, and you just post total shit and don’t care–until the next day.

  14. Gee willikers. I’m glad I happened upon this blog when I did. Oh, thanks for actually honestly giving information about bare footin’ it. (I looked back). All but for some stone bruises, I am getting my feet back. But if I get a pedicure does that make me a non-thinking person?

    • I would think that what makes one a non-thinking person is the following of ideas because ‘so and so said so’ – a lack of research and personal trial would illustrate a willingness to not think about a topic, I think; but then again, bias and subjective interpretation do exist, even in scientific circles.

      But as I said to mark, mother nature doesn’t really care, and neither do I. Live your life leave me alone.

      • Very well said…

      • Kate, “all but for some stone bruises” – have you tried Vibrams? You’d need to try-on a few, even the men’s sometimes, to get really good fit, but I have 2 pairs, one for around home and one for the hills, they really work. Fwiw.

      • +1

      • I got some New Balance minimus and I really like them to run in. I grew up barefooted. (barefoot and pregnant) and even up to about 5 years ago, I went barefoot a lot. But at my job I had to wear boots. Now I am trying to toughen them up again. I would love to actually run barefooted.

      • and I don’t like things between my toes. That just feels weird.

      • I have a friend like that. Maybe Invisible Shoes or Luna Sandals are the answer for you. If not, and true barefoot is the only way, slowly building up would be the best course of action, non?

      • Give Nike Pegasus a try, I’ve been wearing them since the 80’s

      • I go only barefoot except on a long hike in unfamiliar terrain. At MoveNat, Erwan and a few others were barefoot 100% of the time, all week, even in hikes through the forrest with no trails,

        I walked the dogs barefoot this morning, about a coupla miles,

      • Thanks for the MovNat suggestion.

  15. “But as I said to mark, mother nature doesn’t really care, and neither do I.”

    Very true – we don’t give a shit about nature – and that my friend will be our end cause she won’t save our asses. It amazes me how dissconnected to this absolute people are.

    • My motivations are entirely selfish, as I say to people that mistake for some sort of ‘treehugger’. The planet will be fine. The planet does not care. I, however, care about my existence: I want clean air and water, pure food and green grass and tall trees and majestic mountains and biological diversity because these things are good for me. People are free to poison themselves. And like you said, mother nature isn’t going to save our asses.

      • “I want clean air and water, pure food and green grass and tall trees and majestic mountains and biological diversity because these things are good for me.”

        Yet this is exactly what is being killed, depleted, and contaiminated. You make no fucking sense.

        I poison my water – means your water is un-touched and prestine.

      • It doesn’t make sense that I want things that are good for me, regardless of the fact that people are depleting them?

        So how’s this campaign of yours to force people to stop depleting resources going, mark? What do you find works best? Whining like a fucking douche or forcing people at gunpoint? Crying like a drippy-nosed cunt or blatant terrorism? No? Neither works? Funny.

        Because those are your two options.

      • “mother nature doesn’t really care, and neither do I.”
        ” I want things that are good for me”

        I give up – you win… Enjoy your bottled water.

      • Ahh, I think I see the problem here. You have failed to reconcile the two statements, because you misunderstand, at the very least, the first one. Allow me to explain: mother nature doesn’t care if humanity as a whole lives or dies. Neither do I. People are going to screw themselves over regardless of what I do or say. My single voice is not going to prevent nuclear winter or worldwide human-caused plague, so ultimately, why would I make myself sick worrying about those things? I have to accept that the end is nigh, because no amount of stressing out about it is going to change it.

        Therefore, it is prudent only to take care of me and mine. That is all I can do. If someone listens to my rants, awesome. If not, hey, nothing I can do about that. Of course I’ll speak up. But I have the ability to reconcile my hopes for the future with the reality that those hopes might fail. To do anything else is to either piss and moan or resort to force. Neither of those will solve anything.

      • Cheers! I get it.

        You can’t deny though that I’ve single-handly coverted some Religious folks … I’m the fucking new deity, messiah, and prophet of mythological reality (or at least a source for URL’s)

        praise be to me. (this is where you all get on your knees and say) “Amen”

      • I’m not familiar with ‘mythological reality’ – do you have any text sources? Nothing against YouTube, I just prefer to read. Is this a position you take, or a position you’re against? Honestly unawared and curious.

      • Why must one have a position? Just curious…

        Google D.M Murdock and read her books – fucking brilliant. I’m half way through “Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection”

        My position is that all religion is based on Myth – which is correct.

  16. It’s all fairy tales people.

    Brightest person I’ve seen/read in the last 100 years.

    • mark, 100 years? Oh ancient one, what’s your longevity secret? Please say ‘paleo’ :-)

      • LOL You can read books from authors that lived a 1000 years ago. Your point :)

        No Primal…

      • Granted, I can read poems from them :-)
        But syntax! : Eats shoots and leaves (pandas)….or…Eats, shoots and leaves (americans)- that last was too easy, I had to! :-)

    • To show people that Religion – the origin of Religion, is actually Astronomy is hilarious…

    • “Propaganda is a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position. Propaganda is usually repeated and dispersed over a wide variety of media in order to create the desired result in audience attitudes.As opposed to impartially providing information, propaganda, in its most basic sense, presents information primarily to influence an audience. Propaganda often presents facts selectively (thus possibly lying by omission) to encourage a particular synthesis, or uses loaded messages to produce an emotional rather than rational response to the information presented. The desired result is a change of the attitude toward the subject in the target audience to further a political agenda.”

      Quick definition from Wikipedia. Listen to how this woman speaks…She is “right” whether she is or not. There is some validity in what she spouts, but to insinuate you have the study Mythicism to get a PhD? But you don’t have to because the Klan….yes, you saw her pictures….forces the Big Think Tanks such as Harvard, etc to stick to the strict Christian doctrine? Really?

      Again, man…humans….make up a lot of bull shit. And yes, there are Christians spouting their own propaganda. Loud and clear. But a thinking person learns to discern what is spouting and what is intelligent thought. Oh, when I have time…I will look for the sources of historical background showing Moses, Noah and yes, even Christ. Josephus being one, oh and the Roman historian Tacitus.

      • If anyone is aware of the hidden agenda of Leonardo da Vinci’s work may want to peek at this

        I think Leonardo was telling us a “hidden truth” about a bunch of “gay men” sitting on the same side of the table for their last meal..

        This bright Scholar even defends it and proves it.. (care to debate with him?)

      • Expound upon your point, mark.

        What, because Jesus had gay disciples that’s why we REALLY should dismiss him, and not because he was simply a non-productive parasite that nonetheless had a power of persuasion such that he became a convenient savior a couple of hundred years after his death, winning the savior lottery?

      • LOL – who else has a last supper with 11 men squished on one side of the table with their arms and fingers pointing everywhere and on everyone else?

        That was my own funny observation – get it? no, anyways…..

        The meat is in the theory that Leonardo fucking new that Christianity was bullshit and he hid it in his painting with the true “explaination”.

        Take time and read through that post – very interesting

      • I dunno, I read The Da Vinci Code, as well as Angels & Demons, the latter far better read for me.

        But I didn’t take them beyond just very clever machinations by a very talented suspense novelist. I thoroughly enjoyed both reads,

      • Leonardo was the camera of his time. Would you want a picture of your Thanksgiving meal with a the backs of everyone’s head? Besides….he was getting paid. So if I hold my hand in a certain position, and curl my pinky when I drink, I must be gay and so is Jesus, not that there is anything wrong with that….

      • This is hilarious. So you are saying Leonardo actually painted Jesus and his band of 11 mery men?

        Read that post – it explains Leonardo actually painted the true meaning of Christianity in his painting which is the Zodiac signs. (Early Astronomy) I’m afraid there wasn’t a god damn last super. The sooner people realize this the faster we can move on as a species.

        Richard: Nothing to do with the Da Vinci Code. – I’ll wait for your summary.

  17. “Oh, when I have time…I will look for the sources of historical background showing Moses, Noah and yes, even Christ. Josephus being one, oh and the Roman historian Tacitus.”

    Can’t wait.

    But her forum has allready debunked that crap. – go give it a shot though.

    • I heard recently that if you put everything Jesus ever said together, it amounts to less than 2 hours of conversation, which is pretty amazing given the size and duration of his religion.

      Maybe the secret to lasting fame is “Don’t say much”

  18. I keep seeing “Armadillo World Headquarters” when I look at this post.

  19. gallier2 says:
    • Who ya going to believe? T. Colon Campbell or your lying eyes?

    • Bacon is God – at least in my kitchen.

      Let us pray…

      Take this, all of you, and eat of it:
      for this is my bacon which will be given up for you.
      (blah blah blah)
      for the forgiveness of sins
      Do this in memory of me.

  20. Alex Good says:

    I’m still here because I thrive on contention.

    Although I’m a little miffed that you’re putting up a post about people being sheep when you totally acted like one in our last argument.

    • Alex, you just don’t own up and you still didn’t acknowledge that lying and dishonesty are not synonymous.

      Which is the last thing I recall.

      And you are being so dishonest about the logical use of arbitrary, and I have lots of commenters and I’m sorry, but you made yourself no longer worth my time.

      Now, if you can look at my commenting record and tell me I’m sheeping away, or afraid, or whatever, then have at it. The simple matter is, is that in the eyes of those who read and will be reading, I schooled you, you simply won’t admit to it, and my time and attention are limited, and I could not give even a runny shit what you think about that.

      • Alex Good says:

        As I recall the only people to reply to either of our arguments agreed with me. The fact that you won’t accept the possibility that you’re wrong means you’re closed minded.

        Oh and define both terms then. I honestly see them as synonyms.

      • “I honestly see them as synonyms.”

        I explained it to you already. At best, you’re honestly wrong.

      • Alex Good says:

        How is calling me dishonest any better than calling me a liar? Either way you ended our last argument with the same sort of deflection that bible thumpers use.

    • Isobel Riel says:

      Alex: The guy at Unleash the Beef, when he insults fat people, is funny. You are not.

  21. Richard, I just wanted to let you know that your blog has been deeply inspiring to me, especially lately. I come at this from the POV that individual autonomy is sacrosanct, and my beliefs about everything else in the world follow logically (I would say) from there. (I also believe that individual autonomy is sacrosanct because there’s a power greater than myself here, and that power has given human beings free will. We should be allowed to exercise it.)

    So while you would no doubt class me as a nutjob religion whore, I’m okay with that. What you think of me is none of my business. But I just wanted to let you know that I find your writing very moving and fortifying as I live in a world full of people who really don’t get it. (And I’m in NYC, which is…don’t get me started. Love the city, but it’s full of paternalism junkies.)

    The picture here is big – really big. As you keep saying, it’s not just about food. It’s not about wearing a label of Paleo or thoughtlessly regurgitating dogma. I don’t think many people out there truly understand this, so I’m very grateful that you do and that you are telling it as you see it. Please keep doing that and I will read you forever. You are exceedingly fair and honest in your writing, and I love that you don’t try to make the pill easier to swallow. The world needs more like you.

    • Thank you JackieD

      You strike me as a smart sweetheart right off the bat.

      I’m always a total sucker for strong mind and ideas, with a heart in the right place.

      Don’t know how old you are or life experience, but living in NYC probably is hyper life.

      I’ll just tell you this. In 1990, in the fall, reflecting, laying on my couch in Toulon, France where I was living at the time, I lifted a middle finger to the heavens, never looked back, never regretted it and my life has been my own every since, for better or worse,

      I truly wish you well.

  22. Uncephalized says:

    Well, Richard, I have to say that your explanation of why you don’t vote (because it’s the same thing as pointing a gun at someone and telling them what to do) was the spark that started me thinking and reading about anarchy a while back. And now I’m pretty much an anarchist, even though I’m still shocked to even think of myself that way. So there you go.

    It’s amazing how much different the world looks when you realize that, for instance, the police have no right to point a gun at me or put me in a cage. And that bureaucrats writing made-up rules have no right to take our property or tell us what to do under threats of violence. You realize that they are doing it because they can get away with it, and because they have successfully convinced most of the people that black is white and up is down, not because they deserve it or because it’s the right thing to do. It’s quite empowering.

    Of course, it’s also depressing, because it makes you realize you’re a slave. But hey, at least it gets you thinking about how to subvert the shitty system instead of just passively going along with it.

    • The first step is that you’re just on your own. The second step is to realize it was always that way anyway. Third, step’ you’re liberated. Fourth step is up to you, but make it good.

  23. One simple book explains humanity. George Orwell “Animal Farm” Even a 10 year old can read it.

  24. “Maybe, just maybe, we’re fat, diabetic and dropping like flies from preventable diseases because we’re….sheep. Maybe, just maybe, we’re just sheep; and it’s not really government and institutionalized religion that’s the problem—but just an opportunity—for opportunists. Maybe, just maybe, authority is the problem.”

    Nail(Head) <- Hit

    Not that there's anything wrong with sheep-people living lives of sheep… except where it affects us collaterally. People (and pretty much every other animal really) just tend to follow the path of least resistance all the time. It's easier to delegate thinking. It's easier to shop at the big mart next door. It's easier to stay in the same old dull job all your active life despite the lack of progress and vexations of your hierarchy. It's easier to not lift a finger when paramilitary police raids your neighbor's house by mistake early in the morning, and just nod at how awful it all was the next day with the colleagues around the coffee machine. It's easier to go and vote, and outsource it all to the fatherly-figure-of-this-term, and then resume munching on the grass. It's easier to have someone tell you what to eat, than spend time and efforts researching it yourself… especially when this someone has a vested interest in guiding your choices.

    Note that it makes economical sense to have a specialized workforce for taking care of the specific tasks of law-making and enforcing, just as we have specialized workers for making glass, rising cows or designing computer chips. Just, a monopoly isn't the right way to do any of these, at all.

    The first step is waking up and finding yourself inside the Black Iron Prison :)

    • That is really interesting and it’s a guest post that is readable. Anyone who is disappointed in how paleo didn’t solve their inflammation issues would be interested in this article.

  25. Richard, sorry for your loss.

  26. peterlepaysan says:

    Hey lay offa the sheep willya!

    To compare americans with sheep is to insult sheep.

    Yes, i am a sheep farmer.

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