Make Your Life Count Big

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The blog goes dark until further notice. That is, no posts, no responses to comments, no responses to all the comments I have yet to respond to. You win.

I just got word about a an hour ago that one of my favorite people on planet Earth—a cousin—just enough older than me by a few years to have influenced me in more ways than I can even count, drowned in a riptide in Florida this afternoon.

He was an avid outdoorsman, rock climber for 40 years, a mountaineering instructor. He was on the beach in Phuket, Thailand when the tsunami hit, and he saved a dog.

Geoge “Jorge” Knott. The only retired US Navy officer in the world—I’m sure—to sport dreadlocks.

The next post on this blog will be my tribute to this love of my life. George lived more and bigger than almost anyone did or does. His 55 years count for a lot.

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