A Quick Note on CT Science & Tweaking: I’m going -300 F

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Tomorrow by this time, I’ll have gone into the chamber of cold death.

Just talked to the guy at Viking CryoTherapy in Los Gatos, CA. He has a facility within about 5 minutes from me. A commenter hooked me up. We talked a while about my background with things, and he agreed to hook me up with the max.

-300 degrees fahrenheit, somewhere between 2.5 and 3 minutes in the gauntlet. Liquid nitrogen fueled. I’m taking a camera and hope to report back.

…Later, if I survive.

Remember: No woo. No asteroids; just rational science, individual experimentation and results. Even if an asteroid did hit thousands of years ago and shaped human evolution, you’re still the fuck on you’re own right now…today! Get over it, get fucking used to it, and most particularly, quit listening to fucking gurus.

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  1. James says:
  2. Chris says:

    I couldn’t resist.

    [img src=”http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8151/7259076230_49b32105c5_o.png”]

  3. Jeanie says:

    Holy cow, Richard, I hope your life insurance is paid up!

  4. Wow, just watch out for the guy with the hammer. Those liquid nitrogen experiments are always fun to watch.

  5. Tyler says:

    Camera = video camera, right? This madness must be recorded!

  6. What if your eyeballs freeze into ice cubes?

  7. Free the Popsicle.

  8. You’re insane–in a good way. That’s why I keep reading this blog.

  9. Monte says:

    I can listen to whoever in the fuck I want to.

  10. Wouldn’t 3 minutes in liquid nitrogen be game over? Nikoley smashed into a billion little frozen pieces. You’re a stubborn bastad though so I’d imagine you’d be like terminator two, slowly melt into a pool of Nikoley and reform into your original self.

  11. Kruse increased his bench press by 150 pounds by sitting in ice, so if you survive this experience you should be capable of benching 500 pounds.

  12. Chris says:

    Richard isn’t exactly the first person to do this, people.


    I’ve also heard of a similar therapy used to reduce bodyfat, and its apparently quite successful. But much like the cholesterol con, as long as there’s a possible threat, a possible inkling that someone might be right, a possible way to make money or feed one’s ego, then none of the science actually matters.

    • Txomin says:

      Yes, the science is far from new. It has been used, for example, to quickly heal bone fractures in sports medicine.

      His dick won’t fall off.

  13. Elenor says:

    Unless he hits it with a hammer?

  14. gourmetcooking says:

    remember to cover yourself in flesh eating bacteria before you go in the chamber. the experiment will prove nothing otherwise.

  15. I didn’t, charles. More than 2 links and it goes in the moderation queue to make sure it’s not spam. I just put it on through, and thanks for the info.

  16. jofjltncb6 says:

    From the headline, I thought you were kidding…

    …and after reading more, I thought you were crazy.

    After reading even more about it, well, I still think you’re crazy, but this sounds awesome.

    • My main purpose is to see if a mere 2.5 minutes can accomplish the same thing as 30 minutes in the tub. That’s a huge savings in time & boredom (and torture, who can’t take 2.5 minutes of something?).

      • My wife!

      • And how will you know you accomplished anything?

      • gourmetcooking says:

        My accomplishments with my wife take far less than 2.5 minutes. Paleo folklore says that you have to be quick to finish your accomplishments or you’ll risk being attacked by a mountain lion.

      • Joseph Fetz says:

        Yeah, but that’s a lot of capital for a chill. I’d imagine that if this turned out to be effective that it would cost quite a bit of money to do it regularly, especially if you want your own equip.

  17. I expect MAJOR shrinkage.

    Please kindly refrain from posting pics of that, though.

  18. Icing my joints seems to work really well for me. Professional athletes depend on joint health for their livelihood, so if they are doing it imo it probably works.

    I’ve got a creaky knee a creaky hip and a creaky shoulder so I’ll stick with it so long as it works.

    All the studies make my head spin.

    Though I don’t buy the CT as a cure to obesity argument because in my experience to burn several hundred calories I have to bust my ass, so I am skeptical of any method that does not involve ass busting.

    • Go tell my friend that has been doing crossfit on top of running and exercises 7 days a week that she isn’t busting her ass enough since she isn’t losing any weight. I guarantee the response will be a knuckle sandwich. Isn’t this the bullshit that got us to where we are today.

  19. I had a chem professor that stuck his finger in some liquid nitrogen. He said the secret was not to try to move it or the skin would crack. He apparently did this every semester during this experiment. He still had all his fingers too.

    • Shelley says:

      My dermatologist loves to use liquid nitrogen on all my pesky little basal cells (the downside of growing up in FL). I wonder if a full-body dunk in the cryo tank will take care of all them pronto. All I know is I am a total wuss and can hardly stand it sprayed in isolated parts – like my shins where it really hurts!

      good luck.

  20. Awesome! I’ve known about cryotherapy for quite some time but there isn’t anywhere to do it near me. I still say the colder the better–screw Kruse and Kronise.

    As to being fucked and on your own–you may be misguided. The study of epigenetics, involving DNA methylisation, (which is highly diet/environmentally induced) shows our ability to preserve or change our DNA. These changes can effect your own health and offspring. It isn’t all about genetics as this study shows: http://www.i-sis.org.uk/Nongenetic_inheritance_of_longevity.php

    “New research finds that increased life-span can be inherited in a non-genetic manner. The study [1] by US researchers Anne Brunet and colleagues at Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, and Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts, adds to the growing evidence of epigenetic inheritance that increasingly undermines the conventional idea that genes determine traits.”

    Epigenetics – read and blog! you’ll learn a lot, but it’s some heady crap!

  21. jon w says:

    I had to check my calendar, to be sure it’s not april first.

    What’s next, absolute zero acupuncture?

    • gourmetcooking says:

      Yeah, I thought this was an April 1st thing too. Either that or ANGRY DICK’S BLOG WAS HACKED!

  22. Richard,

    Read your story and sure enough there was a cryo facility just 2 blocks from my house. I went right over and subjected myself to 3 minutes of Outer space cold. Legs were shaking at the end. Apparently that is normal. I’ll take the CT over a bathtub full of ice ( ran a marathon, bucket list stuff) for 20 minutes. Going back for more sessions. Will report on my progress.

    As the gas initially surrounds you I wondered if this is what Walt Disney felt like.

  23. annie says:

    Oh. The cryochamber.
    Yeah, this was on Doctor Oz (LOL). Months ago.

    Didn’t seem too strenuous. The girl lived. 😀

  24. Now I know you are just plain nuts!!

  25. golooraam says:

    I’ve done about 17 sessions and am loving it – body comp slowly improving and sleeping better

    your junk doesn’t fall off, and it’s quite refreshing

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