Free the Animal Book Mentioned in Forbes, VatorNews and TechCrunch

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I’m just about to be getting things rolling in the positive direction again. Rough few days, but if life was never rough, there wouldn’t be anything that compelling about it anyway.

I hope to post my tribute to my cousin later today, maybe tomorrow, and then things go back to normal.

In the meantime, I learned this morning of three mentions of my book in press pieces about my publisher, Hyperink.

Forbes: Hyperink Launches Blog to Book: Your Blog Published in a Month.

VatorNews: Hyperink launches service to turn your blog into a book - Now bloggers can turn their existing content into an eBook.

TechCrunch: Next-Generation Publishing Platform Hyperink Wants To Transform Blogs Into Books.

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  1. Janet says:

    Super, Richard. I was slow to ebooks, but now enjoy the linking I can do from them in nonfiction such as yours. I am so sorry about your friend. How tragic.

  2. Jane sf says:

    Richard: I am sorry to hear of your family’s (and the world’s) loss. Your cousin must have been an outstanding human being. Kind of strange to feel a loss as well – which speaks to the quality of your writing and the tribe created around Free The Animal. Good to see you back! Best, Jane

  3. Hey Richard. I’m looking into making an ebook as well. I’m starting to get a headache researching how to do it. Have you been happy with HyperInk? The 50% royalty fee seems kinda steep to me.

    • wtfCeliac

      Actually, it’s way more than mainstream publishers give authors. More than 95% of traditional books don’t make back the advance. Not an issue with us. They front everything.

      In having no concern for making money in this, I’ve actually made a pretty good amount. Of course, I had the advantage of my blog. However, Hyperink has done a lot in terms of social networking.

      You can always do your own ebook and market yourself. I prefer to just writes more, because I generally suck at marketing.

      • Thanks for the reply :) I think I’m going to give it a shot on my own first, and if I get in over my head I’ll give them a shot.

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