Paleos & Primals: YOU are the Key, not Disney or Michelle Obama

You are the heroes.

[For an update, please see: Lemons to Lemonade Documentary – Ed]

Yea, sure. That’s right. Not Disney, not the bitch occupying the White House (or the bitches who’ve come before). You, you have taken it upon yourself to take your life and the the lives of those you love most into your own capable, caring, increasingly knowledgeable hands, and made shit happen.

And since you’re such a phenomenal success at it, I wish to caution you about getting sidetracked. There really is no easy road. Michelle Obama, nor Disney, is going to save you or America or the world. Michelle Obama wants to get her pimp-man elected again, and continue her own false-respect schtick. Her job is to come up with initiatives that no matter how they work, her man gets to get up on stage and lie about how “…and we protected x children in x way…” Politicians and their bitches are liars and manipulators. Don’t be fooled.

I got wind of this article yesterday: Promoting Nutrition, Disney to Restrict Junk-Food Ads

When I saw it and the lede…

The Walt Disney Company, in an effort to address concerns about entertainment’s role in childhood obesity, announced on Tuesday that all products advertised on its child-focused television channels, radio stations and Web sites must comply with a strict new set of nutritional standards.

…I went, “Oh. Shit.” Then I saw this.

The initiative, which Disney revealed at a Washington news conference with the first lady, Michelle Obama…

Do. Not. Be. A. Fucking. Fool. First, what do you think that means? It means what it always does: “here’s a offer you can’t refuse.” Or, if you don’t get the reference: you can do it your way, or you’ll do it my way.

This has absolutely zero to do with a sincere desire to recapture your inner animal, to eat wholesomely and to teach your children to do so as well; and you are better off on your own…and this is going to have zero—FUCKING ZERO—to do with people in the supermarket that you see every day, filling their carts with saner things. And you fucking know it. You know it.

Fuck that bitch in the White House and fuck her…ah…word is…disappointing…”savior of planet Earth.” …Y’know, I can still remember that 2008 election party I went to in the lofts—all my leftie gay, lesbian or otherwise commie-ish friends (whom I love to death in the context of friendship) were just beside themselves in utter delusion. Reminded me of myself, when Reagan got elected in 1980 when I was 19 and had just voted for the first time. Everything was going to change tomorrow. I know silly delusion first hand, and that’s why I can tell the story.

But I was dealing with real adults here, around my almost 50-ish age, mostly, and the fantastical euphoria was palpable to the point I wondered if Sharon & Jeanie’s Irish whiskey was the lesser drink.

Get this: Nothing changes. The government gets bigger, more intrusive, more costly, steals more, puts more people in jail and messes with the rest of the world more and more and more every single day of your life. It never, ever diminishes. It is your worst enemy.

At risk of belaboring my point, I’ll make a final, brief one: Government is what got you into this.

Did you hear that? Now, how many of you, when some business causes you problems over and over, to enormous extent, and charges you obscene amounts for making everything worse, do you go back to it, all giddy about “new initiatives”?

Why is government special in your mind?

Why? …Other than for the opportunity that you get to be as stupid as you want to be? Is that the only reason? Freedom in America? OK. I choose fucking stupid?

Freedom for stupidity? put up a video today: Obesity in America: To Win, We Have to Lose Government. Do make sure you see the kids in the classroom looking at pictures of various foods, reciting in Pledge of Allegiance fashion what’s “natural” and “fake.” Makes me throw up in my mouth.

Have at the misogynist.

[For an update, please see: Lemons to Lemonade Documentary – Ed]

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  1. Well said. I have talked my face blue. To the point of compete withdrawal from those people. Even yesterday I sent out an email to friends and family that have someone very ill in there lives. It was the video posted on MS yesterday. One threw back some acerbic remark about the murdering of innocent animals. Not even taking care that someone she knows could be helped. She would rather save the furry things.

    Sick. Sheeple. Ignorance. Stupidity. I am done with them. Live strong Richard.

  2. So true. There won’t ever be a top down shift towards a healthier lifestyle.. There’s too much financial interest in keeping the status quo. Any change will have to be done on the personal level and if there is a positive societal change it will most definitely be done from the bottom up.

    • Evan:

      Thanks for an entry to something I should have probably included in the post.

      Yes, you want change? Then take great food to lunch everyday as my wife does, and feel the envy from the hummus or peanut butter and cracker munchers and other bagged, boxed stuff.

      Send your kinds to school with real food.

      Live it, and you’ll make a real impact, a win-win impact.

      • It’s evAn, you piece of shit! (Edited! Quickly! -Ed)

        I agree 100% though, and love doing it. At the end of the last lunch outing we had (buffet for someone’s going away) everyone went for dessert and some did 2 rounds of dessert. Some people asked if I was going to grab some (since I always pass on sugary snacks at the office), and I said, “sure am!” Come back shortly after with a plate of ribs. The looks on their faces was PRICELESS.

      • Yea. On thanksgiving, my dad’s dessert is another helping of mashed potatoes and giblet gravy.

      • Lute Nikoley says:

        Best dessert on the planet.

    • I feel the same way, but for a different reason: I don’t have an obesity problem that needs taking care of and I don’t care if anyone else does, unless they ask me to care. It’s my job to help people get and stay healthy(er) if they ask me for help, but I’m very careful not to assume anyone else wants my help and offer it up without solicitation. I wasn’t always and learned the hard way after being told to fuck off once or twice.

      It’s not a societal problem, it’s the problem of one person multiple times over. I think. Maybe I’m just talking out my ass.

      • I figure the fatter everyone else gets, the better I look in comparison, it’s like being graded on a curve.

      • marie says:

        +1 Lol. I often love your unexpected views, rob.

      • Nice one Rob.

        But to be something of a radio hole, being graded on a curve is a zero-sum game whereas societal obesity is a net loss. I may be married but I enjoy checking out (or flirting with) all the hot, thin women here.

        When most of the people in a society are fat, your society mostly sucks.

      • Shelley says:


        Ha! The radio hole women are so me – not a joke to be told or most of the time understood! And, it very well be a woman-trait at least that’s my excuse. :-)

        But their mention of Boortz – dang, I’ll miss my talkmaster when he retires at the end of the year.

  3. Amen, brother. Goverment officials may start out as fledgling politicians with big ideas to make change, but sooner or later that goes out the window. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is a pretty much extinct breed. And the ones that do make it through don’t stand a chance with the big machine.

    We would all be better off if we kept our mind on our own fuckin’ business and stop worrying about the others. I definitely see that more and more each day that’s how you’re going to make a difference.

  4. Trish says:

    Well, at least you didn’t call Michelle Obama a cunt, so you got that going for you.

  5. Now that’s a fucking good blog post!!!! I wish I had said that…maybe I will.

  6. michael says:

    You are a douchebag.

  7. EatLessMoveMoore says:

    Can you even call the First Lady a bitch? I mean, without the Secret Service going all Ted Nugent on you?

    • Trish says:

      A direct threat has to be made in order for the Secret Service to pay attention. Many years ago a coworker of my sister’s made a remark that “Reagan needs to die” in the hearing of several, including my sister. Sure enough, a couple of days later up rolled the Secret Service to our house to question my sister. It was a surreal moment for the teenage me.

      • Shelley says:

        I personally know the Mendoza family in Chicago who screamed you stink and those boys died at a Clinton rally. They were hauled off by Secret Service and soon thereafter, they were plagued by IRS audits that wouldn’t stop. Coincidence?

        The sooner government is shrunk down to a reasonable size, the better off we’ll be.

      • Shelley says:

        Also, I lived next to a former Clinton Secret Service agent, and not that I could get a single story out of him, but he made it clear that it doesn’t matter which side of the house they’re on or how great their reputation, all these politicians become/are scum.

      • My brother in law works in a psych hospital in California….one with revolving doors. One patient called the White House and made some comment. Next day, big black cars and men in black show up. They assumed he was a mental case locked up. But what they didn’t realize is that in California, they let nuts in for only short periods of time, because they get $500 from the Feds for every warm body admitted. Besides, there aren’t enough rooms for all the nuts in California.

  8. Your problem with restricting junk-food ads is what, exactly?

    If I ruled the world…
    I would ban all food advertising. The advertising of non-food items & services is fine.
    I would stop all farm subsidies and all government interference in what people eat.
    Every day would be the first day of Spring.

    Individuals should be free to do whatever they want (provided they don’t hurt other individuals) without being influenced by anybody.
    Corporations should not be free to do whatever they want.
    Governments should not be free to do whatever they want.

    • If as a global community we all ceased to eat mcdonalds, then they would close all of their doors in less than a week. Fuck them, don’t eat shit. We don’t need to ban advertisements for their shit-food, or waste time and effort relying upon gvmt to help us out. Just stop buying shit-food. Done.

      • Like that’s ever going to happen while McD’s metaphorically ram their “food” down your throat and your kids’ throats with their never-ending advertisements.

      • Oh, poor Nigel.

        You can’t even turn on the TV, radio, click on a link, read a newspaper or magazine without having McDonald’s rammed down your throat.

        Oh, wait. I know. You believe you have a mind & will of some sort. You just think no one else does. Well, the Brits aren’t anything if they aren’t elitist, I guess.

      • I wonder when these fools will ever wean off of the teet? I know it is a lot to ask.
        They some how think there morality gives them license to determine what others do, say, eat or anything.

        If the world is big and scary and you can’t stand to be free, go hire a dominatrix. Have her tell you what you should be doing.

      • An unbelievable thing to turn off the tv, for a few years? Maybe no more shitty magazines? As if they are god….

    • Great stuff Nigel, I totally agree. I doubt banning or restricting ads in the Disney channel will have much effect though. On a non-obesity note junk foods are banned in my wife and mum’s schools for behaviour reasons. At my wife’s school the parents try to smuggle and sneak sweets (candy for you lot) into their lunches. It honestly seems that alot of parents are engaged in some wierd psychological battle with teachers and schools dooming most health incentives to failure.
      My friends kids go to a trendy city school which has had the “nutritionists in” leaving one kid crying with anxiety over eating strawberries because of the sugar in them. Kids don’t need nutritionists they need parents who are 1: present and 2: who will say NO! C’mon the obese kids problem is not about a “toxic environment” but about guilty parents.
      Being thin is a natural result of being healthy, as a society (but not under control or direction from government) we should place less focus on obesity and more on actually being healthy.

    • Corporations are voluntary unions of Individuals.
      Disney should be free to do whatever they want.

      • That’s the argument that Sean (Praguestepchild) uses. I call irrelevance. Corporations have a completely different motive (maximise profits) from individuals.

        Disney should be free to advertise its non food products & services.

      • “Corporations have a completely different motive (maximise profits) from individuals.”

        That’s right. I forgot. You and all other individuals just give all your money away and eat from dumpsters.

        Nigel doesn’t care anything about maximizing his life here. He’s so compassionate, dontcha see? He just cares about others. He’s literally selfless.

        Who is Nigel? He’s the selfless guy who spends hours on the Internet everyday only to help the less fortunate.

      • Don’t be shy, Nigel.

        We already had a long discussion about this at Nigee’s place. I like Nigel but I don’t think he is very interested in arguing in good faith.

      • “but I don’t think he is very interested in arguing in good faith.”

        Not that I’ve ever seen. The Mayflower will dock in Liverpool before you ever see Nigel say you make a good point, he was just a tiny bit wrong, or anything of the sort.

        But, you know, that gene pool started going downhill in 1492.

      • “Corporations are voluntary unions of Individuals.
        Disney should be free to do whatever they want. ”

        While true, do note that individual stockholders are shielded from personal liability for the actions, debt, obligations of the corporation via the force of the state.

        A more honest form of organization is a partnership, where each partner is jointly and severally liable for everything.

    • “Your problem with restricting junk-food ads is what, exactly?”

      Read the post, exactly.

    • marie says:

      Nigel, Neal : wilderness here.
      There is just no way that most Americans can understand, let alone Trust, the “government-Serves-the-people” mentality. Nor Should they.
      Nearly half of americans don’t vote, and not because of any principles but because the are overwhelmed – the place is too big, federal and even in many cases state government too removed and so corruption is institutionalized and grows and grows…run-away train.
      Not that governments work that well in most smaller countries, but at least there they Sometimes do and you can justify the hope/efforts to make them work better. Not so here.
      Of course, Some people would like to say that governments never work, irrespective of size/immediacy to their people. There’s a terrific argument there, actually, I just haven’t worked it out in my own head far enough … yet. I keep hitting the practicality problem of anarchy : concentrated powers exist and
      agriculture –> specialization–>property –> protection means they always will. These irrevocable concentrated powers would at the point of a gun, not Let you practice anarchy, because it is not profitable to them.

    • If I ruled the world I would let people advertise anything they want, my only requirement would be that I get two chicks at the same time.

    • Marnee says:

      Nigel you know that corporations are just made up of individuals making decisions together, right? I mean you aren’t under the impression that they are machines or something, right?

      The same goes for the Government, but if you understand the nature of Rights then you understand in what context it is ethical to limit the actions of Government, and in what context it is ethical to limit the actions of individuals, and by extension, Corporations. In other words: The ends don’t justify the means.

      Also, fuck you.


      • “but if you understand the nature of Rights ”

        Don’t bother with Nigel, Marie.

        That ship sailed in 1n 1492. Several hundred years later, the “brain drain” commenced. And a couple of hundred years after that, the sun set.

  9. Heard about this shit on NPR yesterday on my way to the gym and was aghast. Not because Disney is trying to push their ideals of healthy on kids — they’ve got plenty of that on the Disney Channel itself, where the FLOTUS makes regular appearances — but because of two reasons:

    1. This is the most base, blatant attempt at pushing brand recognition down the throats, literally, of children so that they always trust Mickey and Disney.
    2. Their suggestions for food make NO sense at all. The NPR piece had some lady on who was a nutritionist or aura reader or whatever but she made the most obvious point that NPR glossed over (they were too busy counting their “donation” money): On the basis of nutrition alone, what would make Disney say Captain Crunch is not healthy but Fruity Pebbles Boulders *is* healthy? They’re both laden with sugar and aren’t really healthy.

    I was shocked that NPR even aired this lady’s comments about this during this odious product placement commercial. But it does beg the question, just how will Disney decide what sugary, colorful, mostly frankenfood cereal is better than another that’s identical, ingredient-wise.

    • Agreed. Turn off the fucking tv. So damn simple. This shit drives me nuts, all of it. We are such fucking pussies as a country, always bitching, woe is me. Fuck you, do something about it. Too fat, change it… Or don’t. I no longer care how fat you want to be. If you want to be less fat, you know what to do. If you don’t, fine.
      Too fat? fuck me! I dont get to eat candy every day or drink two vanilla lattes everyday or eat wings three nights a week!?! How will I ever survive? Learn to cook!? Impossible! Let the kids watch tv for eight hours and eat a box of cereal! No prob. But somehow they’re fat now! Blame Disney! Not my lazy, non cooking, tv watching, pizza ordering, never walking anywhere, ass. Blame Disney. Or don’t.

    • TandooriChicken says:

      “But it does beg the question…”

      *Raises the question.

      Damn you, Richard. Thanks to you this screams out at me now, too.


      • Haha, thanks :)

        The reason this struck me as very interesting *and* confusing is that I just went to Disney World in Orlando and approximately 80% of all foods available (in sit-down restaurants, walk-up carts, vending machines, et al.) were all junk food. So when I heard that Disney was going to somehow magically regulate food, how are they going to back up this healthy façade when their parks are filled to the brim with horrible food.

        How can they say “eat this food, it’s healthy!” when at least 75% of the people walking around the Magic Kingdom Park are overweight or obese, especially the children. For the most part, the only people who I saw were NOT fat fell into two groups:

        1. Parents with young children (0-3 years) who were too busy chasing their kids to be fat
        2. Foreigners, from just about everywhere.

        If Disney wants to be an arbiter of food choices, they have some serious product reconciliation to go through between what’s in the supermarkets and what will be available in their parks where those indoctrinated children will eventually visit.

      • Richard F

        And did you notice the fine print, saying this won’t rally take effect until 2015 or 16, or something like that, owing to “long term contracts?” that smells of short term election publicity stunt to me and the memory will be long forgotten when it comes time to turn down tens of millions in ad revenue with investors screaming for more earnigns per share in 2015.

      • Yep, I read that and found it so laughable as to be such an obvious joke. “Oh, we’re gonna do something good but not for another three years!”. I found the whole thing about not advertising certain foods on their channel something odd they’d point out since, to be honest, they don’t advertise any food on their network as it is except for the entire “whole food” promo series they did called “Pass the Plate” from 2009-2011, which still runs but there’s no new segments being created. In 2011-2012, they also ran some promos with FLOTUS about healthy eating which was all based around eating real foods (salads, veggies, lean meats, etc) with the exception of pastas.

        Although their shows do include crappy food ideas, it’s not overt advertising. For example, on the show “Good Luck Charlie”, one of the characters works at a bargain basement KFC knock-off where they routine state the fried chicken is horse meat and no one should eat it. Or on “Shake It Up”, one skit occurred where the youngest character drank Red Bull-esque drinks and went bonkers and then crashed hard, learning his lesson in super sugary drinks in the process.

        So what they’re going to remove from their TV network, I really have NO idea. I understand this PR stunt is a future-forward idea but so far, aside from labeling food in grocery stores, the inclusion of advertising on their network is the odd man out, unless they’re referring to Disney XD which does air normal commercials that other cable/TV channels air (Disney Channel proper airs about 98% Disney-only commercials that they produce in-house).

        PS – It should be frighteningly obvious that I watch the Disney Channel very frequently to notice all this stuff.

  10. “Get this: Nothing changes. The government gets bigger, more intrusive, more costly, steals more, puts more people in jail and messes with the rest of the world more and more and more every single day of your life. It never, ever diminishes. It is your worst enemy.”

    It’s strange that more people don’t realize this. While never having experienced the kind of delusion (“this person I voted for is going to be the next savior) you write about, I also used to vote back in the day — and even told people that “if you don’t vote, you can’t complain”. How foolish.

    Still, at least I snapped out of it in my mid-20’s. The fact that there are 50-year-olds who still believe the next election is going to change everything is both comical and scary.

    – JLL

    • JLL

      I haven’t done my DD on this but poking around Google the other day to try and find out just how many laws and regs are on the books total, fed, state and local, a couple of sources say that since 2,000, there are about 4,200 new federal crimes that didn’t exist before.

  11. Shelley says:

    I figure there’s two types of people and the demarcation is widening (and it has nothing to do with money) – the ones with willpower and able to think on their own; and then there’s the rest who are waiting for their knight government to come save their asses. They will be eliminated from this world sooner rather than later by their own doing only sped up by the crooked politicians who do it in their name – think mass of obesity floating around like a manatee in a Disney water park with a severely shrunken brain.

    I’ve long ago given up caring for the second half; they only weight you down.

  12. LeonRover says:

    Thass cool, Shell,

    “fat manatees” & fat dogs & fat cats & fat . . . . . Lustigs.

  13. Interesting article in the mainstream media on the NYC soda ban and how “we” is the most dangerous word in the English language

    • Shelley says:

      Great article. He makes my point in that there are two distinct types of people with:

      “People will either see the light for themselves, or they’ll become victims. Trying to change their minds is fruitless.
      In the meantime, when you find yourself philosophically and ideologically separated from the majority of other people… isn’t it time to consider relocating to greener pastures?”

      I dump these kinds of “WE” people that happen to wander in and let their chips fall where they may while trying not to allow them to take away whatever freedoms “I” have left. A hard task at hand, that’s for sure (see above for the manatee shrunken head syndrome).

    • Yea, without even reading it yet…exactly.

      Every stupid article I’ve read in support of that nonsense just drips with that “we’re all in this together” collectivist bullshit. Uh, no we’re not, and you can go fuck off now.

  14. If you can read this then you are the resistance.

    Why would any sane person spend 4-6 million dollars on a congressional seat that pays $140k a year? That one makes me nuts.

    • Shelley says:

      Because they have power, power, power that they can wield over the minions (the dumb-asses)….that, and they’re set for life.

  15. Paul C says:

    Lucky me, I got to listen to Margo Wootan talk for an hour on the radio about how the new Disney standards relate to her Center for Science in the Public Interest nutrition policies. She was slightly disappointed that Spaghettios would still qualify, and happy that some breakfast cereal may be reformulated with less sugar. She was also sad that fruit and vegetable growers don’t make the kind of profits that would allow them to advertise on Disney.

    • Yea, Paul C.

      The crux of the issue here is that they have pencil pushers right now working on how they end up capitalizing on the conscience Paleo and other closely aligned real food people are doing, in order to “reformulate” and profit even more from crap in a box.

      When Disney starts advertising grassfed beef, pastured pork and chickens and their eggs, I will be more than happy to let the world know I was a shortsighted fucking moron.

      As much as I have a queer affinity for doing that from time to time, I think I’m pretty safe.

      • Shelley says:

        You never know, but if it were to happen it would be Epcot advertising grassfed beef, which live in their The Land exhibit grazing on hydroponic grasses & herbs fertilized by their fish fed who knows what, tomato trees and Mickey-shaped pumpkins. Though I’m not sure what they would do with all that grain they help produce.

      • Ah, this was the same lady I heard on NPR the other day, glad to have now identified her name so I can look up more info.

        As for capitalizing on paleo or primal, I’d love to see how they do this. I know this will up end as a real food push — which they’ve done off and on for years — but the real place it can succeed is in their parks. When I went last month, I had a HELLUVA time eating primal, to the point where we planned out where we would eat all of our meals, in accordance to their gluten-free menus. I wrote a nice little blog post about it when we got back: .

      • Shelley says:

        Richard F: Nice write-up. We were annual passholders for so many years that I knew all the places to eat and all the others to avoid. Plan on never eating anything at Magic Kingdom! Epcot has some good food with Le Cellier Steakhouse being the best IMO; Animal Kingdom is ok; the best restaurant that I like, though, is Boma with their African cuisine at the Animal Kingdom lodge. But I think in order to eat good food, you really have to know the ins-and-outs of Disney.

      • Thanks :)

        You definitely need to know the ins and outs to get the decent to good food. When we were in the Magic Kingdom, I didn’t eat a single thing except the Larabars and bananas I brought, there was zero food there I wanted to eat. I liked Epcot and Hollywood Studios for food, for the most part.

      • Here’s a tip, something I found attending a conference in Orlando years ago where the conference property was one of the Disney World properties, and I’ve been back a few times when opportunity presented

        It’s in the Dowtown Disney area, the river boat restaurant, whatever it’s called.

        Go in and sit at the bar and have their chilled seafood app, with a non-paleo cold ale on tap. It’s got a few raw oysters, a few shrimp peelers, and a few crab claws, all on crashed ice.

        Have two for a totally complete meal.


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