Blogging to Resume Shortly

Well, I’m two chapters away from completing version 2.0 of Free the Animal: How to lose weight and fat on the paleo diet. It’s actually been a lot more work than version 1 for me, for various reasons but mostly because I really want to improve it a lot. Anyway, that’s what’s been taking up my time.

In other news, my publisher has begun putting up excerpts on Amazon that cover various topis, 5 in all, so far:

  • Natural Disease Prevention and other excerpts from Free The Animal
  • Eat Like A Caveman and other excerpts from Free The Animal
  • The Paleo, Primal, Ancestral Lifestyle and other excerpts from Free The Animal
  • A Primal Weight Loss Plan and other excerpts from Free The Animal
  • The Cholesterol Con and other excerpts from Free The Animal

They’re 99 cents each.

Now, I’m off to San Francisco to the publisher’s office where he’s arranged for a videographer and an interviewer to do about 90 minutes of footage about the paleo diet. More on that later. It’ll probably be something like a beginner’s instructional guide in 5-10 minute chunks.

Here’s a couple of photos I took while Beatrice and I were in Santa Cruz Monday. It’s a juxtaposition, needing no explanation other than that in the second photo, it’s what we actually ate, and that was after splitting and finishing off a whole dungeness.

IMG 1063
A picture worth a thousand words.
IMG 1064


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  1. That 2nd picture looks delicious. Never had a deep fried Twinkie. Can’t remember if I ever had an unfired one.

  2. But… But…. Oreos are YUMMY!!!! 😉

    They DEFINITELY belong on the Paleo list, right next to the porterhouse and spinach. 😀

    That’s THREE oreos, mind – not three PACKAGES like I can eat… (Exaggerating, BTW. Half a package will do for me even when i’m eating out of frustration. I hope the upcoming book has a solution to computer programmer’s frustrations. :-) )

    • I was a weird kid, never liked frosting, especially on those kid birthday cakes from the supermarket. Never liked Oreos very much, but when I did have them, I’d twist them apart, scrape off the frosting and eat the two chocolate biscuits.

  3. Oh man……..Those crab legs look sooooooooooo yummy!!!

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