Just Food: “Over Medium Omelet” and “Barbequed Beef Liver”

Actually haven’t felt much like blogging the last couple of days so I thought I’d just be lazy and toss up a couple of food pics.

Here’s a new thing I do called an over medium omelet. Here’s how it’s done, and it seems to work best with 3 eggs in a medium non-stick pan. Heat up your fat of choice, drop your three eggs in (don’t mix them as for a standard omelet), then start shaking the pan back & forth, side to side, around and around. One or more yolks might break, might not, but doing this spreads the white around so it’s ready to flip any time. Flip it, preferably in the professional way, without a spatula. If the yolks haven’t broken yet, they’ll break now. Then slide it off right away. When you get it right it’s like an omelet with soft and runny yolk in the middle.

Over Medium Omelet

Not much to look at, I suppose, but I quite like them this way. Oh, and I found out why I wasn’t liking bacon too much. I found that, at least for now, I prefer thin sliced.

Last night’s dinner was Barbequed Beef Liver from this recipe at allrecipes.com. The only change was that I added some chopped onions. The other thing is that I messed up and tossed the liver in the pan before realizing I hadn’t dredged it in the gluten free flour and consequently, the BBQ sauce wasn’t thickened.

Beef Liver, Fried Okra and Potato Salad

My parents had come over to drop off their dog for doggie sitting and my mom cooked up fried okra for us for to accompany the liver. I don’t know the specifics but I think it’s basically okra, corn meal and just a little flour (gluten free), all fried up in bacon drippings. The potato salad is yukon golds mixed up with some asiago cheese and green onion.

Fried Okra

Alright, I’m off to Half Moon Bay for dinner later at the Miramar Beach Restaurant.

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  1. Joseph Fetz says:

    Love fried okra, never been much of a fan of white potatoes (though, I like sweet potatoes and those little dutch yellow potatoes). As for liver, I prefer chicken and lamb liver over beef. Beef liver just has too strong of a taste. Either way, if I was over having dinner at your place, I’d still eat it up pretty quickly, and without complaint.

  2. marie says:

    Oooh, food porn, and liver again! I was due for some important eating yesterday, had fasted for two days after extravagances of the very long (for me) holiday of Canada-day to July 4th. So reset hunger signals and neutralized sugar overload…then saw the liver, perfect! Thank you.
    I’ve been to the Miramar, on road-trip last time I was in San Fran. Quirky history to the place, really good food, glorious sunset, from what I remember, and there was a piano man (o.k., so I’m partial to that…). Thanks for the memory :)
    Now, serious business “haven’t felt much like blogging the last couple of days” – my best wishes that everything’s o.k. with you. Hopefully you’ve just been too busy cooking and enjoying your impromptu weekend ‘collective’, yes? When you get over the commie indulgence, I’m really looking forward to your next post!

    • As am I.

    • Marie

      Thanks. No, just the bla, nothing interests me to write about that happens sometimes. I’ll get over it. The Miramar is a long time favorite of my parents, along with the seafood chowder. It’s was their 53rd wedding anniversary.

    • marie says:

      I’m relieved, and glad actually, you of all people need those breaks, you are perhaps the most productive blogger I know and do a hands-down amazing job with the comments/discussion as well, it’s a big draw here.
      Though after the last ‘tease’ and the homework, I am all primed for that anti-collectivist post, been thinking of sharpening my Canadian long-knife to further exsect the promised dissection, doncha know.
      Or not, it’s a glorious summer on the shores of lake Ontario and laziness rules the day :)
      Congrats the the parents, what an achievement!

    • laf, marie.

      Most of my posts go 1-2 hours from conception to publish. I’m more than 10 hours into this one, and it’s not near done yet—I keep editing all I’ve already written and already edited.

      It’s important to me. I put Greg off on the usual Sunday posting for this, but had no idea what I was getting myself into.

    • marie says:

      Heh heh, don’t forget you can sit in extra-cold tub to clear the mind.
      Or just give it up and move to Canada, eh? :-)
      (and if that doesn’t urge you on, I don’t know what will, I’m trying here…)

  3. I get my bacon in a 2 – 3 kg piece (organic, nitrate-free) so I can slice it or dice it as needed. Don’t let the mainstream conventions constrain the way you use bacon. Bought this way you can also remove the main layer of fat in a single slab and use it for the eggs or to add to meat that’s too lean. And only 3 eggs? I find 6 about the right basis for breakfast, providing there is something extra for texture.

  4. For all the liver haters out there, as a former one I can attest to calf/veal liver being MUCH MUCH milder. Please try it! I get a grain-fed calf liver from the grocery store next door. It’s $1.99/lb and I use an Indian/Pakistani liver curry spice pack and cook it with ghee. EIther way the smell and taste in a veal liver is _barely_ detectable.

  5. Pauline says:

    Ordered and received the Uni-Liver supplement recently – thought I would mention that I offered some to my daughter, who noted that a warning on the label on the information section stated ‘For State of California residents only : this product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.’ That seems to be quite an alarming thing to note as a warning. I wonder why that is? Any ideas? Is it the iron? My partner looked up the content and there seems no indication of iron content just a long list of Amino acids and Niacin, Riboflavin, vitamins B6 and B12, Calcium, Phosphorous and Choline.

  6. Looks amazing!

  7. yerac says:


  1. […] end, I've also put up two other completely different liver preparations, Smothered Beef Liver and Barbecued Beef Liver. I particularly like the former and I think offers the best chance at liver not tasting so much […]

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