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Now that we’re done pining over a time long lost—when human being were doing great things independently, with no thought that they could actually have a whole big institution steal for them and they could call it a “system”—let’s move on. …But, I likely will have a post up tomorrow I’ll write over morning coffee to dissect an especially egregious comment from a commie on one of my last posts. If you want to get a jump on it, it’s going to be all about efficiency. And I’m going to highlight one of the most efficient operations ever. Your homework.

…In the meantime, Beatrice and I went up camping yesterday—Saratoga Springs, a mere half hour from where we live. Here’s where I sit composing this now.

IMG 1006
The look out
IMG 1007
The look in

Yea, we’re right next to a running creek. Nice white noise and it’s a nice comfort to sit for a while with your feet in the water.

I had to show you this, my creation on a cracker. …At Robert & Julie’s place a week ago. Tuna tartare, a wasabi sauce, and fixings.

IMG 0998
Food Art

We also attended a college graduation party and there were real tacos on hand.

IMG 0990
Yes, with grilled jalapeno

This morning, we went to get some breakfast at New Amsterdam Coffee Shop in Saratoga, then took a walk through the Japanese gardens at Hakone Estate.

IMG 1005
Turtles, Koy, and Nice Looking Plant Shit

We’ll head back in the morning. This was so spur of moment, which is why I especially liked it. Planning fun—especially months out—always gets me down. Do you know what I mean?

I’ll leave you with Pink Floyd. Why not? Fat Old Sun, from the Atom Heart Mother album.

…I’ve always liked how it builds, but slowly, not too much…and I love the “understated” drum and guitar rhythm going from about 3 minutes in. Always makes me feel good, happy, content.

So there you go. Until tomorrow, where I’ll be making fun of commies.

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  1. Paleophil says:

    Ah, I should have known that you’re a tinker at heart, Richard. I like the caravan you stayed in, but this is what you really need:, with a couple of horses, of course.

  2. I want to know how to make real tacos. I don’t believe you have a food porn recipe up for any. I might be mistaken.

    • Todd:

      We’re talking basic Mexican taco truck tacos. Two of the small corn tortillas, steamed (I only use one), they’re about the size of your hand. Meat (carne asada, pulled pork, chicken or beef tongue are typical coices, diced onion, chopped cilantro and hot sauce.

      That simple.

      In this case, they had sateed onion and jalapeno as add-ons.

    • Only a few places around here have street Tacos with cilantro and onions. They were my daily fare in Mexico. I still dream about the Tacos al Pastor with cibolitas and salsa verde, although I make a pretty mean salsa….those Tacos you pictured look great.

  3. I’m looking forward to the Commie dissection tomorrow. I find it interesting that people who are pro-socialism/collectivism assume that those who are anti-collectivism, or individualist, libertarian, minarchists, whatever you want to call them, are just selfish assholes. Ultimately, the collectivists are the selfish ones, desiring to live a life of safety and security and at a level of comfort that they could not provide for themselves, so they attach themselves like parasites to a wealthier, healthier host in order to suck the wealth from the productive ones.

    I am selfish. Selfish enough to breed, so MY genes are furthered along. Selfish enough to be certain we have a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, and love in our home. Selfish enough to want my parents and siblings and their kids, my aunts and uncles, my surviving grandparent, and my friends to have the same comforts I have. But I will refer back to my belief in the correctness of Dunbar’s number theory: we are only capable of supporting and nurturing so many people. We may feel compassion or sympathy for others on an emotional level, but there is little we can do to directly affect their lives unless we make a choice to take away from our families and give to others – and that is the crux of collectivism. What are you taking from you and yours so that others can have the same or better treatment? What are you taking from productive people so that others who are unproductive can have better lives?

    America is far from a poor nation. When welfare recipients have iPhones, internet connections, EBT cards, cars, money for alcohol and drugs, and housing all at the expense of the taxpayer, I cannot say there is real “poverty” here. Not that some might not live in outright poverty, but at some point, where does their selfishness for other people’s money end and their own hand in their fates begin?

    But even the need to be altruistic or to help improve another person’s life is ultimately selfish: the hubris that you can make a difference and the dopamine rush you get from being thanked for your kindness is something you feel good about – SELFISH. Some people do good works and don’t expect to be thanked, but they still have the satisfaction of going to bed at night feeling good about their mission – SELFISH. If it is in your own self-interest to be altruistic, that is fine, but don’t pretend altruism is always 100% all about the other guy. People help others because they get a genuine good feeling from it – if it isn’t forced.

    And the coercive force of taxation prevents me from feeling good about the altruistic intent of our welfare system, et. al. I have gladly helped poor people get educations (that they did not want and spat in my face over it, in an inner-city school where I lasted two years), get food at soup kitchens and food pantries, and get clothing for job interviews and their kids when I volunteered to distribute goods at a local charity. I give toys to local churches and civic organizations for poor kids at Christmas time. I get a good feeling from those things. I don’t get a warm fuzzy from seeing 30% of my husband’s income go to taxes to feed the local welfare queens and their thugs-in-training and provide medical care for people who have no desire to keep themselves healthy and out of harm’s way.

    Sorry, Richard. Your blog, not my place to rant. But it feels sooooo good – SELFISH! :-)

    • Oh, and to your point about the Wanssee Conference: I think people forget that National Socialism is what the diminutive “Nazi” means. They were collectivists who gave a shit about other people – German people. Surely there were many Germans who were happy to see Hitler come along and revive their economy and give them hope for a future, but the costs of the collective structure of the strong government and stringent social policies became too much to bear after a fashion.

      Of course, we have the Right People in charge now, though. Our socialism cannot fail!

    • I think breeding would be a good topic by itself. I’ve refrained from it on account of you know going in that your children are going to experience a lifetime of suffering.

      Imo it makes more sense to purchase a non-human as a pet. The dumber the better, think lizards, fish. In some parts of the world they keep cockroaches as pets.

  4. Rocco Privetera says:

    If you ever riled me up with a post you bought a lifetime pass for putting up this fine, fine Floyd. I occasionally put on a stage show where we play The Wall, and re-create the facist rally from the movie (complete with jackbooted thugs and chanting and propaganda videos). It’s on youtube someplace if you ever want a laugh.

    As always the food porn looks brilliant. I always wondered if you ever had any cooking training or ws it just a self-taught thing?

    • Hey Rocco:

      Beatrice and I saw Roger Waters do The Wall about a year and half ago when he rolled through San Jose. Quite an experience and great to hear him sing it as he did way back. Something about his voice is so talor made for some many of the tracks on that album.

      Nope, no formal cooking training and I rarely watch shows on TV. My mom and grandmothers did a lot of home cooking and I observed. Other than that, it’s just get it and do it, don’t be afraid to fuck something up.

  5. Jacob says:

    Paleo post of the year:


  6. AndrewS says:

    I love snowboarding and, not living anywhere near snow, that means planning ahead of time. To me a lot of the fun is the anticipation leading up to my next trip.

    Relaxation vacations, like the one Richard describes here, I think are better done spontaneously.

  7. tacos looks divine. I LOVE grilled jalapenos

  8. CMHFFEMT says:

    Like the camper. I have been wanting to build a teardrop myself for awhile now. Love camping next to running water.

  9. since my mother was actually in the death camps as a guest of the nazis, i’ll be running your points by her to see if you know what you are talking about or not.

    • “since my mother was actually in the death camps as a guest of the nazis, i’ll be running your points by her to see if you know what you are talking about or not.”

      What’s she going to tell us, that they had free food and medical care?

    • i’m going to show her what you write and see if she thinks it is bullshit. she was also a nurse for 40 + years.

    • “i’m going to show her what you write and see if she thinks it is bullshit. ”

      What makes you think I give the slightest fuck what she thinks about anything?

      BTW, what gives you the idea I’m going to talk about nazi death camps? Is their some dispute that they existed, or that people were killed in them?

      My dad and his 5 siblings and parents all lived through WWII. My dad got caught on the Eastern side, in fact, and it took his mom years to get him back. If you think you have some exclusive monopoly of what Germany was really like and in my dad’s case, what near starvation was like post war, under the commies, think again.

  10. actually she was experimented on by the nazis as well as almost starved to death. but your comment was cute anyway. it reflects your “winning” sensibility very well.

  11. Pauline says:

    Just adding a song I am enjoying. I feel I have so little to contribute to these complex discussions but I listen and learn.

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