Meet Your Paleo, Primal, LC, or Caveman/woman Match

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You already know Jeff Nimoy from the bread post (there’s another loaf in the oven right now—with mods—and it looks very promising).

Anyway, in addition to being The Cooking Caveman, he’s also the founder of, a dating site dedicated to initially matching people by their food and dietary preferences. Damn fine idea, if you ask me. From this man’s perspective, there’s got to be nothing worse that a date that’s a picky, finicky eater. …Except a vegan; but then, I repeat myself.

Here’s the press release. An excerpt:

LOS is the first and only dating site in the U.S. that matches couples based on the food they eat (or don’t eat), as well as the diet they follow. Founded by Emmy Award Winning writer and producer and blogger, Jeff Nimoy, helps singles to find successful relationships through the one thing we all have in common…food.

Go have a look at the rest of the background, and by all means, share this around the Paleosphere. …And yes, there are categories for Paleo, Primal, Caveman, LC, Atkins, etc.

We need more Paleo babies or our plan for world domination will get seriously behind schedule.

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  1. At first I thought, ‘Stupidest idea ever.’ But with some reflection I thought, ‘Someone who eats a paleo-ish diet is probably someone who is willing to buck conformity so there’s probably a lot of other shared interests’. It’s not a coincidence that so many paleos are also libertarians (or even sadly misguided anarcho-capitalists like Richard), just as most vegans seem to share a hard left political ideology. So diet could be an interestingly useful filter for mating prospects.

    That being said, if you have to use an online dating site, I believe you are fucked. Call me an internet reactionary but I see trying to score a date or mate online as a pathetic bridge too far that will never be crossed or will be crossed at a terrible price. In theory the internet ought to be the perfect venue for finding a mate, market clearing values, etc. In reality, mutual attraction is composed of rather intangible components that we are often unaware of (if you’ve ever argued with someone you just met for an hour then ended up fucking like weasels in a closet you know what I mean).

    • has been pretty fucking amazing for finding friends and more than friends through finding communities of likeminded people, which is very difficult in religious/statist areas – namely, San Antonio. I honestly have met the majority of my real life friends by online networking sites. Put simply, if I had to meet people through my work or through the bar scene, I’d be very let down.

      • I think there’s a big difference between networking sites and dating sites.

        You seem to be talking about using the internet to meet like-minded people locally, this is a great use of the medium. You are implying that you are hooking up also through this medium, but you also talk about communities. Are you getting dates from this or interacting with communities that end up leading to dates, because that was really the point I was making.

  2. I’m on this web site! Love Jeff (Nimoy)! :) I will be on an ABC spot for the site too!! WOO WOO! I truly believe in it! I am going to find me a mate! Anyone single reading this comment? LOL

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