#AHS12 Arriving

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I’m on the way. Actually, just about an hour only out of Boston. 39,000 feet, though. Earlier, at 37,000 feet, I met someone who knows my blog. She’s 2 rows ahead of me and emailed when she saw me on my computer. Cool.

Virgin America VX350, San Francisco to Boston. First time on Virgin, and I suppose this is only a taste compared to their international flights—where even some of the true cattle car-airlines do a decent job. Well done, Richard Branson. It’s nice to feel like a customer again, on a domestic flight.

Not much to say.

Oh, here’s a photo for speculation purposes.

IMG 1069
What happened?

Still figuring out how to make a joke about it for my presentation at AHS. Alright. I’ll be reporting from the field. Most real time will be my Twitter feed.

Descent has begun (controlled, so far)…

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  1. You and Stanton threw down didn’t ya????

  2. LeonRover says:

    Bad landing??

  3. Dude, that’s gotta be the wimpiest black eye I’ve ever seen. I’m guessing you got punched by a six-month-old baby.

  4. Looks to me like a mid-air collision with a free range buzzard.

    Fly safe, love the website.


  5. EatLessMoveMoore says:

    The Richard vs. CarbSane throw-down finally happened.

  6. Yep! I caught my own dinner. You should see the shiner I gave it!

  7. Your eye = the poweer of 30 bananas / day :)

  8. dr. gabriella kadar says:

    You’ve got a very interesting ‘shiner’. There is a clear line of demarcation about 3 or so mm below the edge of the lower eyelid. That line appears to be darker red than the rest. Blood drains downwards according to the pull of gravity. Your cheek is also a bit swollen so there’s probably some blood below the skin maybe on the inner side of the cheek.

    I’ll assume you are too sophisticated to require a root canal treatment.

    Possibly there was the application of a sharp edge of something or other to the lower eyelid. You were enthusiastically trying to drink a shot of whiskey and missed your mouth? Just kidding. Binoculars? A ‘spyglass’? Looking at the stars and stumbling onto the eyepiece of the whatever the hell it’s called we look at stars through. The edge of those eye covers used in tanning salons shoved down by accident.

    Something to do with gear you wear when participating in your aerial sports activities.

    My best guesses.

    I hope you are planning to clarify the mystery.



    • “I hope you are planning to clarify the mystery.”

      Oh, I thought I had done that. So what happened is that after my uneventful flight and landing I was packing up my glider and my longtime friend and fellow pilot Page was messing around with his R/C sailplane in the landing area. He flew it towards me so I could catch it and when I went for it, I stumbled and face-planted.

      All better now, just a bit of tenderness in my nose.

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