His & Hers White Ferrari Phones: iPhone 5


Ferrari Phone
Ferrari Phone

Get all the plastic knock offs you want. But when I’m thirsty, I prefer the original. Stay with the best, my friends. iPhone 5.

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  1. What makes it the best, again?

  2. Richard Jones says:

    My wife wants one, shes got a 4S. I paid for an iPad, but iPhone I just cant get into. The 5 doesnt seem like some mega upgrade to me. Meh.

  3. Repeating to self: “You shall not covet…anything that is your neighbor’s…. You shall not covet…anything that is your neighbor’s… “

  4. Such an inspiration.

  5. Catherine says:

    omg, if you were a real Libertarian you would know that the only phone to have is pre-paid anonymous Blackberry. (or three)

  6. galaxy s3 smokes it

    have a nice day

    • Steve

      Hey, I. Used to like bells & whistles on bells & whisles.

      I like my finely machined Ferrari. Thanks.

      And I’ve held that enormous galaxy in my hand, too. Well, if you can describe it that way.

  7. Is bullshit! Still no deathray or transporter function!

  8. Heh, so you’ve finally joined 2010?

  9. “iPad yes, MacAir super-yes, iPhone….nah, Evo buries it.”
    Ha, now it nests when I Don’t ask it to. Mac conspiracy! (mark would know? 😉

    • I know BS when I see it. I have yet to be proven wrong about ANY post 😉 So many broken iPhone screens… makes me wonder.

  10. rushing out to buy the latest phone . . . .what? your iphone 4s is broken?

    you kill me . . .a walking contradiction

    • EatLessMoveMoore says:

      @ RG –

      I agree. This kind of thing is not far removed from Melissa’s trust fund-paleo.

      • “I agree. This kind of thing is not far removed from Melissa’s trust fund-paleo.”

        You are without a doubt among the world’s most ridiculous people.

        Jimmy with his “webpire” MM with a trust fund, and now me, because I bought two smart phones. Amazing.

      • EatLessMoveMoore says:

        Jimmy’s probably the most working-class of all the major players in paleo – one reason Melissa can’t stand him.

      • Nice backtrack. Own what you have said, quit pussy footing, or whatever. If you have a change of heart, write it in a comment an say so.

    • RG

      I never owned a 4s, nor did the wife. The 4, which we both got when they came out, we’re getting a bit long in the tooth. Moreover, since I moved my music to the cloud, I only need the 16 gig, instead of the 32 as I had with the 4. So, $200 each. Better yet, because I can sell my 4 units on Craig’s list without them betting tied to a service contract, here in the Bay Area my 32 gig 4 is going for about $300 and my wife’s 16 gig about $250.

      I’m actually making money on the deal. So now what do you have to say?

      • alright . . .guess it makes sense

        but white? c’mon

        don’t tell me you bought it to match a pair of these:


      • Ha.

        I actually tried pre ordering and when I did, not having seen them, I ordered the black for myself, the white for Bea. Then hit a snag. They require they be shipped to your billing address for the service provider, which for me is a PO box in SD. Turned out OK as the line of all of us trust fund recipients wasn’t too bad and I had a good time chatting with folks.

        When the cute girl came down give me “tickets”—and after I winked and asked what kind of ticket she was offering–she said it was for carrier, size, color. She said I could pop in to look, so I did. I just really loved the look of the white one and its aluminum back. So that’s how my black one became a white one.

  11. All smart phones I have tested suck at GREAT voice calls. I had a second line google voice line connected to a cheap flip phone that I disconnected 3 months ago. Bad move.

    I have tested most androids, iphone4-5, and a few odd players. When saying, “I love you” nothing says it like a fliphone/phonemadetotalk/landline.

    The others rock for apps and such.

    This all makes me happy. I now know how to talk better, write better, perform better….rather

    In ways that differentiate me.

    • Well MY Android sounds great, even soto voce, even breathlessly….or so I’m told.

      But Wait, so you’ve learned to say “I love you” on the phone?!
      I’m so proud to see the plugged-in yung’uns coming along so splendidly…..sigh.

    • I bet you were born in the 80s and still use your phone as a phone:


      I’d still be using my Ericson T-10s if it worked, went through three of those…

      • Ha, I pretty much do. Never got much into texting and ill often find that, hey, there’s a text from two days ago I didn’t noticed. I always reply back to call me, because I suck at texting.

        On the other hand, since I skipped the 4s I had never used Siri. Effed around with her last night and am pretty impressed. Easy to send texts completely by voice, also reply to them. So I might start doing that more.

      • Longtime Reader says:

        Richard, you will get into texting when you start using the dictation feature (the little microphone icon next to the space bar.)

        It is astounding how you can talk and text in real time.

        Try it – but be prepared to have your mind blown.

      • Well then let’s see how it goes I’m using the dictation feature right now I was fiddling around with Siri last night pretty interesting.

      • So the obvious question, since I just did that with no corrections, how does one include punctuation like commas, periods, etc?

      • Longtime Reader says:

        You literally say “comma” “period” “new line” “semicolon” “open parenthesis” “close parenthesis” etc

        It sounds clunky, but you’ll be amazed how quickly you get used to it.

      • I guess that rules out dictating a post about grammar and punctuation. :)

      • Longtime Reader says:

        Yes, LOL.

        What’s really funny is you can say “smiley face”, “frowny face”, etc and it will put in the emoticon.

        But the technology has not yet evolved to the point where it will keep you from feeling like a complete moron when you do that, though. :-)

      • I did toy around with the new dictation built into Mountain Lion on my MBA. So now that I have it on the phone as well, I guess I’ll get myself used to it. I’m actually interested to draft a post and see how it might come off differently than writing.

        Was back, I tried some of those early dictation programs for the PC. But you have to talk like a robot. I’m pretty damned amazed with Sri and this other dictation stuff in how normally you can talk.

        Now if they could just integrate it to iPad.

      • Longtime Reader says:

        I think it might work pretty well. Especially as your style is very conversational, anyway.

        It’s not hard to imagine you creating rough drafts of several posts just by riffing while driving.

      • Longtime Reader says:

        Hey, I just discovered you can say “Siri, take dictation” and it will, and then save it into a notes file that’s immediately synced to Notes in iCloud.

        Pretty darn cool.

      • Siri is integrated in ipad with ios 6.

      • Funny, when I read our last comment I wondered precisely that.

        Just used it to set up a route and do route guidance. Flawless.

      • If so, then perhaps only iPad3. I have a 2 and upgraded to 6 yesterday. No Siri, but much of the other stuff like the new maps app.

      • Sean said:
        “I bet you were born in the 80s and still use your phone as a phone:”

        (I love doing the blahblah said:. It feels so powerful)

        Phone as a phone. Novel. I like it. Almost a good tombstone line. If I were to opt for burial verses cremation it would be chiseled into stone.

    • Longtime Reader says:

      The 5 has a high quality voice mode with better-than-landline fidelity. Unfortunately, no US carriers are supporting it, at least for now.

      • I had a drive to Sacramento Thursday on business and there was an interview on NPR with this guy about the Internet and phone/cable service in the US. Get this, US ranks 39th in the world in Internet speed and bandwidth. We pay 32 times what they pay in France. And oh, remember the “Gore tax” (to build out the Internet he invented)? Half trillion collected so far, all used to build to the most minimum of specification. And much more. Check out the interview. Might have been on Fresh Air, but not sure. It aired on Thursday. Around noon PST or so.

      • Oh, an Arnold CA, where we have our vacation home? Still no AT&T service and we bought the place in like 2003.

      • Longtime Reader says:

        Why didn’t you switch carriers?

      • It wasn’t that big of a deal. We have a landline for emergencies and Internet. It’s actually nice to get away from the cell phone. And of course, when the iPhone came out you had only one choice anyway and I was already AT&T. Oh, we’ll. just kind of amazing. Verizon has has service up there for a long while, but very spotty, I’m told.

      • Longtime Reader says:

        Verizon typically has better coverage in buildings and in remote areas then the other carriers.

        That’s because they were originally the Bell System, and in many areas of the US, they were able to snap up the lower cell frequencies. Those bands have better building penetration and also cover more area per cell tower. So it’s literally impossible for the other carriers to compete with Verizon without building many times the number of towers (which obviously they can’t afford to do.)

        Of course, AT&T and Sprint won’t tell you that the laws of physics means you’ll never have coverage like Verizon’s in your area, but in many areas of the US, it’s true.

      • Ha, I get no Sprint coverage when I’m on the shore of lake Ontario. The shore.
        While in the Aegean, in the middle of the sea, perfect coverage. On top of craggy mountains, no villages in sight for miles and miles, perfect coverage, also why the shepherds have cell phones there….for years now.
        From tavernas to trattorias to bistros all along the Med, mom and pop take orders on smartphones and beam to kitchen – cost low enough to justify it even for such low-volume error/waste savings.
        In the information age, we are the Neanderthals.

      • Longtime Reader says:

        In the US, the best cellular frequencies have been sucked up for military use. That’s why coverage is so much better in other areas the world.

      • Longtime Reader says:

        It’s also why there is no channel 1 on your television. There used to be, but the government took it back.

      • You’re right, I take it back. We’re not technological Neanderthals, we just live like ones because we are political degenerates.

      • Back in 2006 I drove 6000km, Pais-Barcelona-hugged the med all the way to Pisa, of to Florence and back to Paris via Switzerland and German. 5×5 everywhere, even in long tunnels down the west coast of Italy and under the Alps.

        Same went we went back in 2010.

  12. This just demonstrates how (former)Paleo is for the middle class.

  13. What kind of case do you put it in? I have an Otterbox Commuter that is perfect.

    • They didn’t have any cases yet. Strange, given what happened with the 4 when it came out and they ran out of bumpers by the time I got mine. I dropped it the very next day, shattered the front glass. Apple switched it out free for me at the Genius Bar that very day, and I didn’t even ask.

  14. Aluminum & Glass > Plastic & Plastic

    Seriously, you can throw everything you have at me about “you can do more with an android!” and I won’t care. I use both iPhone and Droid on a daily basis and I only enjoy using one…

    • “I use both iPhone and Droid on a daily basis and I only enjoy using one…”

      Same for me as a 20-yr MS user, client and server and who still has them at the office but prefers my MacbookAir to any computer I have ever owned. By far.

      I always like Steve’s line: “Wait ’til you get your hands on it.”

  15. Robert Ve says:

    Apple products are to expensive for me, I’ll stick with my s2, works great too.

    • That’s fine, Robert but do note that at least in the Apple phone resale market, I’m going to make money on this exchange. Got the two phones for $400 total and out two iphone 4 (not s) should get about $500 or more in Craig’s list. I’d had each iPhone version since the original (3g, 3gs, 4) except the 4s, in an each case I have sold the previous version on CL in under 2 hours from posting, cash. Each time, the price I got put my upgrade way less expensive, or a wash. This time it looks like I’ll make some money.

      Reason for this is because there’s no service contract attached so they can be used all over the world by switching out the sim card. I hear that in some parts of the world, even older iPhone models go for over $1,000. Try that with a plastic & plastic phone.

  16. Looking pretty lean in the interview. How much working out are you doing? What is the routine?

    • I’m by no means lean, but have dropped 7 lbs quickly recently and the only thing I’ve changed is regular liver consumption. Working hypothesis is that being highly nourished curbs hanger and cravings for addictive stuff.

      Much more on that later. Bea has also spontaneously dropped five pounds.

      • Longtime Reader says:

        That is FASCINATING.

        I would love more input on how people who can’t stand the taste of liver can integrated into their diets.

        And then do one on sardines,. :-)

  17. Nah, I’d rather not support the sue-happy Microsoft of the future.

    I would like to thank Apple for one thing though. Introducing me to Samsung. Love my Galaxy S-III, and am planning to get a Note 10.1 here in a few months.

    Amazing how they could sell me a phone and tablet all thanks to their abuse of the legal system and lack of ability to beat their competition in the market. Of course neither of their sales are of their products, and 96GB in my phone even tosses out the iPod.

    One thing I wonder from your post though. How tiny are your hands to call the Galaxy huge?

    • Morghan

      You must have meant Apple in your first para. Hey, all huge companies are sue happy, Samsung included. In terms of market, funny thing is, Samsung actually not only increased iPad sales, but increased total market share a few points and it domantes huge. All the figures are in the first 10 minutes or so of the keynote address upon the announcement of the iphone5.

      A bigger issue for me is a nice fit in my pocket. iPhone is perfect and getting better. Most remarkably, both wife & I are blown away by the reduced weight. 20% is huge. It’s like a quantum leap in that regard.

      • Yeah, the 5 is down quite a bit in weight. Now an iPhone, just like most Android phones, can wear an Otterbox and still weigh less than a 4S.

        Wweird aspect ratio though.

      • “Wweird aspect ratio though”

        Now watch how everyone copies Apple for 16:9.

      • A lot of the Android phones already had 16:9. Many have 16:10. The older iPhones are 3:2, so it’s Apple that’s moving to be like everyone else in this.

      • Yeah, the 5 is down quite a bit in weight. Now an iPhone, just like most Android phones, can wear an Otterbox and still weigh less than a 4S.

        I suppose you’re right about pockets, though wearing either Carhartt cargo pants or a kilt I wouldn’t know about that from personal experience, definitely a weird aspect ratio though.

        Yeah, all companies do sue too much, though the billion dollar win was mainly for such basic functionality that even a backwards US court should have agreed with the UK decision that said all but one patent were invalid.

        Even back when Apple was the best without room for argument I skipped out. Having used one I realized that many things I wanted to do would require a jailbreak to do on an iPhone, while Android didn’t need to be rooted. There’s also the SD slot and removable battery.

        For me the S3 is almost perfect, the Sprint version doesn’t have world roaming, and none of them have a physical QWERTY, plus a big honkin’ battery would be a big plus.

        Though power save mode drops consumption to the point where I get longer than almost any phone, it’d still be nice to have several days per battery, there’s lots of space being shaved off of all of these phones that I’d rather see be used on holding a bigger battery.

  18. Backwards US Copyright Court.

    Dropped the qualification in the last post.

  19. Ryan Banfield says:

    Such a wasteful and horrible industry, mobile phones. I had a smartphone, but in trying not to contribute to the mass production and almost 100% outsourced production(apple has even outsourced it’s headquarters to avoid paying taxes in the US), I bought a used ‘dumb’ phone and pay less than $20/month for service. Those aluminum frames for the iphones and unibody macs actually produce a lot of metal waste…

  20. There dominance will fade quickly now that they are all about accounting – say good bye to revolutionary thinking and more milking the sheeple.

    don’t forget to buy the new iPhone 5 chargers LOL

    • Well, one did come with it and I welcome the change. The old 19 pin was prone to pocket lint and so thin it was hard to get out. All solved, plus a much smaller connector. I’m happy about that.

  21. Considering your political views, it’s odd to me that you’d be gung-ho about a phone platform that is so limited and tightly controlled by dictatorial corporate overlords.

  22. I love the idea that when the glass shatters from a 2 foot drop, or while I lean on something with it in my pocket, I can always get little shards of broken glass in my thumbs while I attempt to text on the non-physical keyboard.

    Droid Pro = No breakage. physical keyboard. faster texting.

    Every one of my friends with an i-phone has broken the screen at least once. Every one. That’s no exaggeration.

    I’ve never seen a shattered Android. Ever. Unless it was run over by a car. But the screen was still intact, and the phone still functioned.

    It’s also really cool that now you have to buy a bunch of new shitty adapters and plugs because they decided to change their proprietary plug-gizmo. Sweet move for their bottom line tho.

    • Pepsi vs. Coke, Apple vs. whatever, Chocolate vs. vanilla….

      It is a personal choice with no right answer. Are you happy with your Droid Pro? Good.

      I am happy with my iPhone.

      Newsflash – Google tries to make money and so does Apple….One is no better or worse than the other. They both answer to shareholders.

    • I’ve had every version since the original, 2007, except the 4s, so has my wife. That’s 5×2, 10hones over 5 years and exactly one was broken, mine, my 4, the day after I got it, walking back from The Improv at 1am with drink in me. Apple replaced it fee the next day.

      • Robert Ve says:

        Everybody likes their own stuff. Besides, you buy into the ecosystem and you’re kind of stuck. Not much of a problem though, both samsung and apple make great products. The new microsoft is supposed to be good too. The more the merrier I think. This fierce competition is good for us.

  23. half navajo says:

    such a consumer and slave…

  24. half navajo says:

    you got them man… right.. man…

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