My 12-Video Introduction to Paleo, Primal, Real Food, Exercise, Fasting, Human Migration and More

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Alright, I haven’t been blabbing about this because I wanted to be sure it all got done. It’s done.

A few weeks back, this happened.

So we finally dragged Richard into Hyperink’s “studio” (really, our office) and spent a day interviewing him on everything paleo – from his personal story to the proper way to start fasting to his recommended books and workout gear.

It was a lot of fun and the result is about 65 minutes total, in 12 videos.

Screen Shot 2012 09 20 at 8 27 26 AM

So 8 or 9 of the videos are in interview format, then 3 or 4 or them are at the white board to drill down on stuff, and demonstrate my poor drawing and writing skillz! But you’ll get it.

A couple of pics of the action.

richard video 3
richard video 1

Here’s the product page, which includes a sample video of about 3 1/2 minutes. I think this will be ideal for that person in your life who’s interested in Paleo/Primal, but who’s just not going to read a book. This will be enough to give them a good overview and they can get started. It might motivate them to read the book too. The package includes the book in all three available formats: PDF, mobi and epub.

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  1. didn’t you just whine that, “Suddenly, I’m seen as some sort of spokesman, representative—what have you—for a movement that’s now coalesced into having a more formal identity.”

    you wrote a book (two versions), and you do stuff like this. seems pretty obvious, no?

    • Jakey

      I suggest you go look up the word independence. Google works.

      I’m not anti-paleo, in fact I embrace it. I embrace my own take a version on it that people are free to love, hate, or engage in comments on.

      I am independent from any doctrinal movement I became beholden to.

  2. Richard, I just can’t believe this!!!! I actually agree with every word you said, and the way you said it, in your response to “jakey.” Not that you need my approval certainly but…..

    • See Barbara? This is what happens when you live by your own creed, not something shoved down your throat at fear of punishment.

      I want people to staunchly and agree and disagree. We both learn when that happens….independently.

      • Richard, Richard, why do you assume that people who don’t think like you do – me for example who believes in the Catholic faith as opposed to the negation of atheism, have had that faith shoved down my throat at fear of punishment? What? The Pope is gonna come over to my place and beat me up if I sin?

        So I DO live by my own creed. And I developed that belief after study and careful thought. Just as you say you did.

      • Barbara

        There’s a simple fact. You did not come upon this faith on your own. You were indoctrinated as a child, as are all children who hold belief in some form of sky god. And even if it was another religion and you converted, you merely converted from one version of sky god stories to another. Nothing material changed.

        You and I were born atheists. I simply went back to my natural state.

      • Can I recommend a book you might enjoy, Richard? It’s called The Book of Absolutes, by William D. Gairdner (not a religious book by the way). One of the interesting findings of the research in this book is that there has never been a “people” studied that has not acknowledged “an other” besides themselves – not ever – no where.

        In other words from the most primitive to the most sophisticated cultures we have an innate sense that there is something that is not us – some seek it by listening for alien signals – some seek it by looking at the moon – some seek it by looking at nature. But seek we do.

        But no culture until ours, and that only in the past 200 years or so, has sought it within ourselves. This is just not the norm. We seek “something else.”

        No one is born an atheist. Atheist by definition is a negation. But I guess there’s no using words in this. God is good. He gives us life and all the good things we have. He loves us and wants simply that we love him. Very simple. Peace to you, Richard.

      • Barbara, I really have no more time or patience to deal with your childish willful fearful ignorance.

        You already said this was a waste of time.

        I agree with you.

  3. Richard,
    Very nice, I will order for a friend who exactly like you said wont read a book. Video will be very beneficial for him and I’m sick of all his questions :-)

    You said “I want people to staunchly and agree and disagree. We both learn when that happens….independently.” I agree with one caveat..
    Laughter/humor has to be a component of it….because I’ve found that’s when people learn best and are most open to true absorption of the material, when they are happy (laughter/humor)


  4. By the way, I emailed the publisher to see if I could get a *pretty please* updated version of FTA 2.0, since I bought 1.0 three days before it was released, via Amazon. Also, the link in the book to share w/5 friends 404’s to a form page. Zero response. NADA.

  5. I know you wanted to look professional, but you look confined in the sport coat. It doesn’t jive with your mojo, baby. The gal looks hawt. Might be worth the price of admission right there.

    Looks good. I’ve said it before, but I think you have a very down-to-earth approach to paleo. It’s still the same basic message as Sisson or any of the others, but you pull it off with a touch more personality, IMO.

    P.S. Anyone know of a trusty source for raw oysters in the Midwest? Does Trader Joe’s carry any?

  6. Arthur De Vany is a smart dude . . .

    you’re right . ..his claim is to work out intensely in short periods of time versus mindless gym activity for longer periods of time

    for 70+ year old- he can put a lot of folks to shame

  7. Richard, I saw the sample video and it looked pretty good. However, although by now it might be too late. I have problems.

    Your message – based on yourself and scores of people that have followed your recommendations (myself included) – is one of health and fitness. Trust me, you are not about misogamy, you are not about anarchy, you are about health and fitness.

    The sample video was recorded in what looks like a sterile office. You were wearing a coat. This outfit might have been OK for a pinhead professor promoting a “theory.” But that ain’t you. Would you wear the same outfit if you were invited to the Oscars’ ceremony? Hell no! You’d be wearing a tuxedo.

    Your interviewer, although attractive, looked like she was dressed for a Sunday morning bible class. Furthermore, she had a belly, maybe due to an ill-fitting dress, lack of muscle tone or early pregnancy. I don’t know which, but it’s bad for business.

    I suggest the interviews should have been conducted at locations that people relate to health and fitness. Such as a beach, a pool, a park etc. Use your imagination.

    You should have been dressed more athletic. I’ve seen your videos working out and jumping into the cold water “washbowl.” You are in good shape. You have nothing to be ashamed of.

    Your interviewer should have worn something more athletic. I’m not suggesting a revealing Brazilian bikini, but something like a workout outfit, with a corset or what ever was needed to cover any physical flaws.

    I hope what you have works for you and I wish you good luck.

    • Josef

      It’s a general population thing over the long term. It’s conservative, in that regard. I don’t want to have to redo it as the styles change. This is a cool thing for men, a sport coat never goes out of style.

      It was not done for regular readers, bit for the thousands of Google search landings I get every day for having the very deep archive I have, a result of hard work and daily blogging for nine years.

  8. Simon Carter says:

    “The gal looks hawt. Might be worth the price of admission right there.” – Todd

    “Your interviewer should have worn something more athletic. I’m not suggesting a revealing Brazilian bikini, but something like a workout outfit, with a corset or what ever was needed to cover any physical flaws.” – Josef

    Hi Richard, I nominate Todd and Josef for the best comment of the week! You get to be the judge. With advise like that, your video is bound to be a huge success!

    Todd, trying to find raw oysters in the Midwest? That is a tough one, you probably have a hawt date tonight too? That is a bummer man!

  9. Simon

    This is why you, Tod and Josef have zero credentials and zero success in such matters.

    Let me be frank, because I’ll waste our time otherwise. You don’t matter. Not in terms of the investment and time it took for that. You know who matters? Regular folks, and that’s who I wish to help.

    So sorry to dissapoint.

  10. Simon Carter says:

    Richard, don’t get your knickers in a twist. I was being sarcastic to those 2 ladykillers. I liked the Regular Joe look of the video. No beyond reach buffed body, and a 60 pound weight loss is a significant achievement for your age. So don’t be so touchy for christskes! :)

    • Ok Simon, check. From one thick skin to another.

      • Simon Carter says:

        Richard, you should bring out a recipe book. You are very good at cooking, I think Woo called it food porn! Living in France and Japan obviously added to your knowledge in this area. You also take good photos. It would certainly help a terrible cook like me.

      • Simon Carter says:

        You should bring out a recipe book. You are very good at cooking, I think Woo called it food porn! Living in France and Japan obviously added to your knowledge in this area. You also take good photos. It would certainly help a terrible cook like me.

      • I don’t know, Simon. There are so many, in fact two new ones just last week by the same Victory Belt folks. I’m on their list to get advanced copies and I’ve got to get off it before my house is filled with paleo books, mostly recipe books.

  11. I am sure you have nothing to do with price setting but $27.00 is pretty pricey and significantly higher than just the book.

    • Yea, it’s on the steep side, and $3.99 for the book for its first 4-5 months was maybe on the low side. They had to hire the interview gal, the videographer, two cameras, then editing but yea, they set the price.

    • At least the videos might provide a few laughs. The book’s a turgid mess.

      • Go fuck yourself. Go tell it to Nasim Nicholas Taleb and Paul Jaminet, both with 5 star reviews on Amazon, among the 20 or so others.

        Some people got the point of it.

        Does anyone love you? If so, you might give my book a try with them first, beside your own pumped up self, because that is the only objective. To help on a simple way with people who don’t get it.

        But, know I don’t give a fuck about you one way or the other.

      • This, from an overweight blogger whose greatest success stories include “the fattest people in Paleo.”

        Some fucking help.

      • “This, from an overweight blogger”

        Show me one time I’ve denied that, fuckface.

        Over many years.

        Show me the hundreds of you helped me, you saved my life comments and emails. You’ve never received a single one. Not a single one.

        I told you already to go fuck yourself. What’s so hard about that?

        Do you really imagine you’re going to sway me in the slightest? Do you imagine you’re going to sway anyone else?

        You are nothing in this realm. Zero. I am important in this realm. Deal with the fact, fuckface.

      • You bloated turd. Your realm’s a cesspool.

        Go fuck yourself as well.

      • Laf.

        You can’t even get a decent rant on.

        What are you, 19ish?

      • Maugham

        You must know how much I love this sort of thing. A do nothing ever anyone is aware of vs me. With all my warts. Yet people flock, and they improve themselves, in the thousands,

        I’ll bet you just hate that, you do nothing wanker. Don’t you? You do, don’t you? You really hate that people lose a lot of weight improve their lives, serve up a new perspective. It annoys you.

        Let me throw you a bone: do better than I have done over years and Ill have a photo made of me kissing your feet. Everyone who knows me knows I would love to do that, because it would mean more people helped, more synergy,

        But that will never happen, will it? Will it?

        Make me wrong or go fuck off,

      • No, you’re just fun to bait. It keeps things lively around here, in between posts about fried liver.


      • Maugham

        “No, you’re just fun to bait. It keeps things lively around here, in between posts about fried liver.


        If you’re serious about that I can let you off the escalating hook sooner than you know.

        Cheers from me, too. Life is fun take it both seriously and unseriousy, but only to extremes. Never in the middl.

        Be well.

      • I am serious about that. I do find this blog inspirational, and I’ve been vegan for twenty years. There’s nothing else quite like it in the blogosphere.

        Be well, as well.

      • “I’ve been vegan for twenty years.”

        I never will understand what some of them get about this place, but I always love about me whatever it is I don’t understand myself that keeps some of them around.

        I wish you all the best, sincerely.

      • You need to coin a word for “loving an aspect of oneself that you have proof exists but can’t define and don’t understand”.

  12. Is there new content in the videos? I am ready to pull the trigger on the book and am deciding whether to pony up the extra $20 for the vids. Thanks

    • Het EF

      I don’t know about extra content. It’s just s different format, designed for those who know nothing, both to generate interest and provide a simple way to get started.

      • Thanks for the response. I purchased the book on Hyperink today. I skimmed it and it looks really great. I know most of the principles because I have been following your blog for a couple years but it is great to have it all in one place as a reference.

        Congratualtions, you should be proud.

      • Thanks EF

        Make sure the people you love the most get it. Forward it. I don’t care…about that. Work it.

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