Communique From Cabo

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Yesterday afternoon—Sunday, while all the good football games were on—we had ourselves driven down to the border between California and Mexico by Bea’s favorite nephew. Actually, Beatrice has 10 favorite nephews, as well as 10 nephews. ….She treats each one of them as though they are the most important person to her in the world (the nieces, too). See, I do have a good side. I get to observe it every day: concretely rather than introspectively. I don’t have to take on the burden of living it directly.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean tons to me. I get to see love and tenderness and caring up close every day, just enough to remind me, without having to bother myself too much over my root desire to raise black flags and slit throats. Beatrice tames me, which waxes & wanes over time. I’ve been in a tame mood recently, bored with myself in my worst moments. I’ll get my fill of tame someday, then lash out, and the cycle will renew.

…So there’s this kinda clever way to get through the border, to get to the airport. Not exactly wetback in reverse—we didn’t have to swim the Rio Grande—it’s on foot. Problem is, I had the rather circuitous directions in hand for the drop off, whilst confirming the route on my iPhone en route. So I was looking down, and FavNeph missed the 905 east and then last turnoff on the 805 south until you’re irrevocably in Mexico. Now, had it been my nephew, I’d have just said, “OK, take us to the Aeropuerto Internacional de Tijuanatout de suite! You’ll find your way back.”

But this is Bea’s favorite nephew, you see. Five days of vacation in jeopardy mattered not a bit. “We’re not leaving him stranded in Mexico!” He did do a good job explaining the situation to all the gun wielding border guards; that we were here unintended, and didn’t really want to be in Mexico (he’s full Hispanic too, but doesn’t habla Espanol). Uncharacteristically, seeing we still had slack in time, I just let events play out around me, in silence. After 15 minutes or so, as Bea and FavNeph had been talking with various gun wielding border guards about how we undo the undoable, I made a modest suggestion. How about, since we’re already in Mexico, we go back to the US via the mechanism long set up for such endeavors? Borders are one-way affairs, and you can’t back up on a one-way street.

Call it Border Logic.

Thankfully, the intervening time had let that reality sink in for everyone, and we were off. 15 minutes later, we were back in the Land of the Free, where more people are in prison per capita than in China…orMexico! God Bless America! Wave that Flag and Be Proud! …But I digress.

…So we did the circuitous route to the other border to the east, off the 905, walked across, caught a cab and were soon at the airport with zero traffic and Tijuana issues. We boarded an almost new Airbus 220 on Volaris and were soon in San Jose del Cabo. And that’s where we were set up to stay. Quiet and tranquil.


Then, this morning, I had some business down the road in Cabo San Lucas.


That ended up being an all day-affair; but prediction and enthusiasm wise, very fruitful. It will be about three months before I can talk about it.

…We’re off tomorrow morning, up the west side of the Baja peninsula for La Paz. Three days of tranquility in the B & B of Richard, an expat with his local wife, who comes highly recommended by Bea’s sis & bro-I-L—and who spent every second of time on the phone Beatrice demands before booking the place. 

Word is, swimming with whale sharks is the hot item right now.

We have some inside knowledge about an impossible to find beach along the way—that’s commonly referred to as Paradise-No-Bullshit (I just made that up)—and after that, we’re going to “check out” The Hotel California in Todos los Santos, fully intending to “never leave” when it’s time.

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  1. ¡Feliz año nuevo!

  2. he’s full Hispanic too, but doesn’t habla Espanol

    That sounds like a shamefully missed opportunity, and you should tell your pinche vato nephew-in-law to get on the ball. I don’t think languages are some sacred skill set, any more than learning an instrument or a sport, but if one has an opportunity to easily learn one, one ought to grab it.

    But fucking kids these days, whatchagonnado? Eh?

    Somewhat related: I have a Hispanic uncle from northern New Mexico who absolutely refuses to speak Spanish, even though he’s fluent, or presumably fluent (I’ve never heard him utter a word of it). I had a roommate from Curacao when I lived in Hollywood whose English was pretty bad, we spoke Spanish but his native tongue was Papiamento. Anyway my uncle refused to speak Spanish with him. Just wouldn’t do it. He was from that time and place of a sort of forced assimilation where speaking Spanish in school could apparently get one a whack on the knuckles with a ruler.

  3. Happy New year Richard!

    The view from your pictures is fantastic, I always wondered how it will be to spend the winter holiday in the sun. In Romania we have a lot of snow, a lot of food and a lot of alcohool. It’s great but after everything ends (7th of January) you feel like you’ve been raped with a huge dildo.

    I think it’s great to sprint on the beach and after that to have a light meal plus a glas of wine. Next year I’m going to Thailand

  4. Feliz ano nuevo, Richard and all FTA afficionados!

    Another round of the whole 30 starting up on my end and some online blogging journaling to accompany it.

    Any one else going whole30 in the new year?

    • beans mcgrady says:

      I had no idea that Richard and all of us got a new butthole!
      (ano, very different form año)
      But hey, who wouldn’t want a brand new cornhole!

      • Laf. I guess those squiggles are important!

        Reminds me of when I got relieved when I left France. Normally, the “detailers” as we called them try for a 2-week overlap so that you can pass on stuff the the next guy for continuity. I didn’t get that. The guy I relieved had been gone for two weeks, because I had taken a month off and went to Thailand.

        Anyway, it takes some weeks to some months to get dialed into the language, in spite of 6 solid months in a school with 6 native speaking instructors.

        You end up asking people to repeat what they had said. Sometimes, repeat more slowly.

        The problem is, the difference in pronunciation between repeat and “fart again” is subtile for a new speaker. So we all had a good lafs for a couple of weeks–and we wouldn’t dare tell him. He was asking people to please fart again. Sometimes he’d ask them to fart again, more slowly.

      • I know. I WAS wishing a happy new anus to all.

      • beans mcgrady says:

        Of course, should have known, well I will be glad when mine comes!

  5. Richard – Are you going to open up comments on the previous post about the supplement? Thanks

  6. Happy New Year and many, many more.

    Border crossing are never a fun affair, glad you guys were ok.

    @Thailand is much better than Mexico. Border guards and police ignore Westerns unless you are being as ass.

  7. Question 4 Rich says:

    Hi Richard, this is a bit off topic but I just found your 21 Convention presentation on Youtube and several commenters below are commenting on your physical fitness, or lack thereof, and how it does not reflect a healthy lifestyle. Now, I know you can be overweight and out of shape and still be relatively healthy, but the commenters don’t buy it.

    What have you to say about that?

    • Question 4 Rich says:
    • “What have you to say about that?”

      That the presentation was about Epistemology and Sociology.

    • I’ll elaborate further.

      There are now over 1,200 views of the video, 14 comments, 10 likes and 5 dislikes.

      I don’t give a runny shit. it’ll be at over 6,000 views soon enough. I have quit caring about trolls, and I don’t care about bullshit or people who cant directly address issues. Point me to a single comment that contemplates a single sentence in my presentation.

      you can’t.

      This is the wondrous beauty of freedom. Everyone gets to be as stupid as they want to make themselves out to be, and they embrace that freedom. I’m not interested.

      Hadn’t ever seen this before. I knew about the video, but I’ve yet to see a YT comment on any video worth reading.

      BTW, that’s one of my same shirts from when I weighed 240, but I’m cheap and I like it. It’s a tent, but I really don’t care.

  8. Question 4 Rich says:

    Hey easy there. I personally was not making digs at you. I wanted to know honestly, since you do give advise to people about health and fitness and the paleo way of eating. If you were morbidly obese before and paleo has enabled you to lose consistent weight and gain health but you are still not at your goal yet, FINE.

    I just wanted to know if you think you are at optimal health and fitness for your age, currently.

    • Actually, I did take it as an honest question. I’m pretty good at detecting trolls.

      There’s background on the blog. Long story short is I was within 10 pounds of 165 goal, got a cervical disc herniation at the gym which resulted in excruciating 24/7 pain in my right shoulder and arm for about 3 months and in addition to too much self medication in liquid form, I indulged too much crap, put on about 20 pounds and have tried to inch back.

      Finally doing so. Many false starts along the way with re-injury, too much too soon at the gym, etc. After about 2 years since the onset I finally think I have things dialed in. I have had little spurts of pain after workouts and for some days, but it’s manageable.

      I had never had the slightest inkling how chronic pain can not only fuck up your body, but your mind and attitude and pretty much everything. I do now.

      Of course, none of my critics give a shit abut any of that, even though Dr Kirt Harris (popular paleo guy radiologist) looked at my MRI and confirmed the herniation.

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