Office Makeover & Life Cleanup

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Ever just need to rearrange furniture every now and then and basically clean up; toss stuff, renew life? That’s what Bea & I did, yesterday, and I so love it.

IMG 1355
IMG 1356

My spot is the one by the window. I can never manage to be comfortable with my back or side to the doorway.

The desk is still free of extraneous debris.

Update: BTW, here was the standup desk I put in when we lived in the lofts. I still have that and am considering a reinstall. I have a standup out on the patio but I really like working with my 27″ LED display.

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  1. Gordon Shannon says:

    Very nice. I like the non-fancy desk.

    • Good eye, Gordon. It’s just a conference table from Ikea. Forget what we paid for it, but it wasn’t much. Yea, I hate typical desk desks.

      Here’s the situation I had when we lived in the lofts.

      Damn I miss that view.

      • Gordon Shannon says:

        I considered the standing desk format, but experimentation revealed that standing while using a mouse or a keyboard puts too much strain on my wrists. I know it doesn’t hurt other people, but for some reason I have to sit and rest my whole arm. I’d guess it’s due to a bout of carpel tunnel I got rid of a few years ago – probably weakened my arm.

        It’s funny that you mention your preferred sitting position. Same as mine. From what I see of that office your position is ideal. Only thing I’d change would be the location of the book shelf – would have to be on my left for my feng shui.

  2. I have been standing at work now the entire day (save lunch and meetings) for a couple months. I love it. I can’t quantify the benefits, if any, I have received. But sitting too long now makes me feel like crap.

    Essential points –

    1.The key is a standing mat because the floor in my office is concrete with a thin carpet on top. Brutal on the feet.

  3. Essential point 2.

    Start standing for only 15 minutes or so at a time and work your way up. It is much harder than people think.

    Well worth it.

    The NY Times just had another piece of the benefits of standing vs. sitting. It’s even Paleo if that rules your life.

  4. I have the “Geek Desk” at work, It is both and electrically controlled. I love it and it will move with me if I change jobs.


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