Random Potatoes

Just a quick dump of recent things.

IMG 1399
First, bake your potatoes, 400 for 75 minutes, let them sit out, ready

They’ll keep for days, perhaps weeks.

IMG 1401
Slice ’em, brush on a little butter, broil ’em a few minutes per side
IMG 1397
Peel & cube, make potato salad, 1 tbsp of fat per potato

Broil ’em with bits of meat & onions

That’s all for now.

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  1. “Just a quick dump of recent things.” – sound like virus I had earlier this week, but you food looking very much tasty.

    Moo mwah, Richard, happy holiday.

  2. Looks good! But is it 1 tbsp or 1 tsp of fat per potato?

  3. Are you still eating mostly just potatoes?

    And are you losing weight?

    • JJ

      I’ve backed off some, primarily because I’m convinced of the power of this, so some days I eat just normal Paleo. The most marked thing is I seem to have a very easy time doing smaller portions, not going hog wild on fat, etc.

      I’m going to save the info about weight loss for my eventual “reveal” around my bday end of January.

      • Thanks for the update!

        I’m eating potatoes for breakfast several times a week now. It’s a pleasant change from meat, meat, meat, and cheese and yogurt ( I hate eggs…) No negatives noticed so far.

  4. Interesting that you can just let the baked potatoes sit out for extended periods. What’s the experience of eating them, when you finally get around to it? It doesn’t seem like they’d be particularly appetizing…am I mistaken?

    • eh… I think I would be inclined to refrigerate them.

    • Actually, the idea came from a commenter who leaves them out for as long as 10 days. Makes sense. If you can leave raw potatoes out, why not cooked, with the same skin still on?

      All the dishes in the post were made with the baked potatoes. That’s the point. It takes but a few minutes.

      In response to Joshua, I initially refrigerate to cool them, then put them out so they’ll be at ambient temp.

  5. Blitzkrieg says:

    Dear Dicky,

    you liking potatoes as much clearly shows your german genes. Over there in the States people call us krauts. But the derogatory term used for us by muslim immigrants here in Germany (mainly turks) is “Kartoffel”, which is the german word for potatoe. Because although we like kraut we Germans love potatoes.

    I’d like to ask you a question regarding your often stated view that you (meaning USA) saved Europe, provided security and thus made possible our spending on social welfare.

    As you may know, Germany lost WWII to England, Russia and the USA. It then was divided up between these three powers and, to this day, is still occupied by England and the USA who maintain military presence here. The financial burden regarding maintenance of operation of our “guests” is nearly in full provided by the German people.

    Directly after the war, Germany was plundered by the Allies (mainly the USA). They took nearly all the good Scientists (even the monster-nazis), and all valuable patents.

    Now, I don’t know if both your parents are from Germany or just your father. But at the time our esteemed friends took over and took everything from a bombed, raped and beaten people at least he clearly was not saved by “you” as you like to say but was one of “them” who had the honor of getting saved. So what does this make you then, oh saviour? :-)

    First, I don’t even begin to comprehend how all those things would help us to pay our social welfare when in fact we Germans even (have to) pay the USA to maintain its occupation here and, through the Euro, pay reparations to the rest of Europe.

    Second, how can you, being the son of your German father, who along with the whole of his people got butt raped by the USA, state such very hard to comprehend things? You being born on different soil, does it make all the generations of ancestors who went before you worthless, who passed their DNA and their values and beliefs through your father (and mother?) to you? Blood is thicker than water my friend.

    The USA isn’t even a real people but an amalgamation of very different cultures. It’s a powder-keg with the fuse on fire. Civil war is imminent and your authorities know this. Thats why they are trying to disarm the public in order to be able to better control them. All the loss of freedom you experienced in the States in the past years is just due to this.

    Best regards, a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


    • Blitz, you have covered too many topics and in a very disjointed way. This makes it very difficult to respond to or even understand your multiple arguments/statements. If you wish, try making one or two clear arguments at a time so that we may dialogue.
      If you wish that I fuck off, I will understand.

      • Blitzkrieg says:

        Neither do I wish that you fuck off nor do I think that 23 sentences in total are hard to understand. Make of it what you will.

    • B,

      Wow, lots of crazy talk and revisionist history here, but I’ll just address the opening bit about potatoes.

      Potatoes are in fact, a plant native to America, mostly coming from South and Central America, but with some wild relatives growing in North America as well.

      They were only introduced to Europe 400-500 years ago. So it’s odd to claim that a love for them is imbedded in your German genes.

      It’s a fact that the brightest, most ambitious, and most freedom-loving Europeans have been emigrating away for centuries, in search of better opportunities in other parts of the world. Many of them settled here in America, and created this place.

      But who knows, maybe they were just looking for potatoes.

      • Blitzkrieg says:

        “So it’s odd to claim that a love for them is imbedded in your German genes.”

        Well, I would have thought that such a good judge of character and knower of history as you would realize not to take this literally but more in a tongue-in-cheek way.

        “It’s a fact that the brightest, most ambitious, and most freedom-loving Europeans have been emigrating away for centuries, in search of better opportunities in other parts of the world.”

        Historically only the poor and disenfranchised left their European homes and undertook the perilous journey in search for better because they had nothing to lose. Of course, the black population in the States was abducted from Africa then tortured and ended up as slaves. In Australia the immigrants were the worst criminals Britain had to offer. That has quite little to do with freedom loving but the natural selection took care that only the strongest and most ruthless lived through this ordeal of colonizing a new territory. The indigenous peoples of course ended up massacred by all these bright and ambitious immigrants.

        Even nowadays the largest group of immigrants into the US are low qualified day labourers.

      • I can certainly agree with the fact that the disenfranchised classes in the USA (recent immigrants, the recently unemployed, the underemployed, the poor classes, to name a few) will use violent means of revolution at some point soon. The specifics of when, where and how big are unknow to me. I would actually be interested in some current affairs lessons in this topic.

      • Blitzkrieg says:

        “I would actually be interested in some current affairs lessons in this topic.”

        Maybe this is something for you then:


      • Blitzkrieg says:

        The videos are more clearly arranged here:


        Have fun watching!

    • No, they didn’t took the German Scientists. Scientists do not belong to a collective, nor are they their slaves. They emigrated on their own. You can’t force people to think.
      Why do you call the Bases of the remaining US Soldiers occupation? I’d be happy if they’re all over the place. Some lunatic killed an US Soldier at the airport in Frankfurt. Not much mentioning in the press, because too much fucking anti-americans in my country. We had the largest Anti War (Iraq) demonstrations in the whole world. Embarassing! Have you joined them?
      Lol @ the plundering! Germans killed millions of people but whatever … we’ve been plundered! We can be happy nobody put a nuclear bomb over The Third Reich. I honestly couldn’t blame them.

      ranting comment i know, but need to adress the revisionistic thinking

      • Blitzkrieg says:

        Look here. A German who is happy about the ongoing occupation of his country and really couldn’t blame anyone if millions of innocent civilians, people of his own tribe, were nuked.

        Now thats what years of brainwashing have done to a lot of my fellow countrymen. Even stating just facts is revisionist and god do they loath themselves.

      • Germany doesn’t even have nukes to defend itself. The “occupation” is the least it can do.

        Not all Germans were at fault, but the Americans were defineteley innocent and they sacrificed their own lifes (draft) to clean up the mess on the European continent. If you’ve innocent Americans and innocent Germans on the enemy’s territory you prioritize the Americans. Germans are full of shit sometimes.

        I doubt I’ve been brainwashed because I don’t know people who agree with me. Most people actually think like you, a silent majority. You don’t just state facts. You call US Bases in Germany occupation. That’s already an opionion.

      • Blitzkrieg says:

        “Not all Germans were at fault, but the Americans were defineteley innocent and they sacrificed their own lifes (draft) to clean up the mess on the European continent.”

        The common soldier died because of power plays behind the curtain, yes. Do you know that Hitler was financed amongst others by Prescott Bush, grandfather of Dubbya?

        “You call US Bases in Germany occupation. That’s already an opionion.”

        Have a look at this map:

        Now ask yourself why there are no other countrys in Europe with a quadrillion US Bases all across half of their country.

      • Germany and the US are reliable partners.. You see a problem there. I don’t and I’m proud of this.

        You still call this occupation and that’s the joke. I feel molested by my fellow citizens. They vote to raise taxes, bail-out the EU, shut down power plants and therefore raising energy prices while importing energy from neighbour countries. The Germans brought all this up on themselves. I feel occupied by the Germans. I don’t care if they’re “my blood”.
        The US Soldiers do shit. I don’t even see them on the street anymore. I wouldn’t get my foot out of the base as well considering the ” hospitality”.

    • Michael Field says:

      Actually Germany was divided between four powers (US, UK, France and USSR). The US pays enormous sums of money to maintain a presence in Germany. Germany also pays enormous sums of money to maintain a military presence in the US. Your comments about being “raped” and “plundered” by the Allies is ridiculous. Don’t like being raped, pillaged and occupied? Stop losing wars Blitz.

      Merry Christmas.

      • Blitzkrieg says:

        “Actually Germany was divided between four powers[..]”

        Its a little more complicated. Germany was initially divided between the three powers GB, US and Russia. France lost the war to Germany in the early stages and was occupied itself. After the war Framce nevertheless got a piece out of the British and the US occupation zone.

        And btw., though France was occupied, it was never raped nor plundered. Contrariwise the German soldiers were very well respected and known to be well behaved.

        “Stop losing wars Blitz.”

        I didn’t lose a war. I am too young and I am not even born in Germany and not even of full German ancestry but just a halfbreed. Nonetheless I am of the opinion that you needn’t behave like an animal towards your fellow humans even if in a position of power.

  6. As an american with some german heritage (150 years ago though) I will attempt a response. I am a personal incarnation of your “amalgamation of very different cultures”. It actually seems to be working out OK to me. Could be better of course, but we’re still in the top 15% of free countries & I’d say most of the fall is due to the rest of the world catching up rather than the USA losing freedoms. It’s not like the USA was super-free 25-50-100-150 years ago. I can not predict the future though, so obviously there’s as much potential for strife here as there is anywhere.

    I think you under-simplify the reason for our losses of freedom – there will always be people who want to tell other people what to do. Those people are currently ascendant in the USA. Hopefully that will reverse.

    I would not state the case as vociferously as Richard, but as for how Germany has benefitted from the USA’s involvement in Europe? I think all you need to do is look at the difference between East and West Germany. USA influenced Germany was incredibly more prosperous than USSR influenced Germany. Without the USA’s involvement, I suspect that more of Europe would have been either unpleasant under the Nazi regime, or incredibly unpleasant under the influence of the communists. The USA’s hands are by no means clean, but I think you will find that the worst atrocities happened where the USA had the least influence.

    As for the money we both spend having US troops in Germany, I agree it’s a waste, but I have to think it’s pretty much a wash for the Germans, if not a net savings. Without a US presence in, well pretty much everywhere, more countries would spend/have spent more money on their own defense.

    As for your euro reparations, you have nobody to blame but yourselves. If I was Germany, I would have left the Eurozone about 1-2 years ago.

    • well shit. I meant to make that a reply to Blitzen

    • Blitzkrieg says:

      “I think you under-simplify the reason for our losses of freedom – there will always be people who want to tell other people what to do.”

      Its not about want. Its about the might to impose your will on others either by strong arming or by propaganda/ manipulation. And I didn’t elaborate on any reasons just stated my belief that your loss of freedoms is in order to better control (strongarm, see above) you. Thats because propaganda or manipulation is no good against hunger.

      Look at your poor. Their host is getting stronger by the hour. How many more is the middle class able to support? Look towards Greece, there soon will run the script for whats going to happen to the US. At least IMHO.

  7. By cooking and cooling the potatoes, you are unwittingly creating resistant starch through a process called retrogradation..

    Study the effects of resistant starch on colon, brain, and general health and you will have lots of new blog fodder.

    I’m firmly convinced that ‘resistant starch’ is the holy grail of ‘safe starches’.

    I also think that taking grain out of our paleo diet leaves a huge hole that needs filled with 2-3 cooked and cooled potatoes a day.

    • aminoKing says:

      tatertot, when you said ‘resistant starch’ I thought you were full of shit. I googled a bit, and fuck me, you’re on to something here. I’m adding a cold potato to my protein shakes henceforth. Thanks tatertot and merry [whatever you like] to you!

      • Remember a couple years ago when everybody was arguing about the ‘metabolic advantage’ of low carb eating, and it was pretty much agreed that there was none? Well, with resistant starch there definitely is one! Since RS primarily feeds the gut bacteria, they burn most of the food value out of the RS to the tune of 2.2kcal per gram, making the advantage over 50%

      • But don’t the gut bacteria convert those starches into fatty acids that are then consumed by us?

      • It was pretty clear that there is a metabolic advantage to low carb. Read Eades.

        You come off like a slick salesman, tatertot.

        I’m still trying to figure out what your angle is.

      • I’m starting to think there’s a metabolic disadvantage to eating carb + fat at the same time. Fat + protein is OK+ & Carbs + protein seems OK+, but fat+carb = BAD.

      • No angle. I just think that Paleo has neglected an important piece of the puzzle that is filled nicely by the potato diet. We love to talk about all the different kinds of fat (MCT, Sat, Unsat, PUFA, SCFA, etc..) some good, some bad, but we only know carbs as carbs. There is starch, resistant starch, soluble fiber, insoluble fiber, and bunches of sugars–why do we just call them carbs?

    • Eating a potato cold would kick it even further down that “food reward” ladder as well, if that’s your thing. I think I’ll keep eating mine hot, however; almond butter doesn’t tend to melt as well otherwise. But damn, there I go making it taste good, adding fat and salt. HOW WILL I EVER STOP EATING?

      • The RS value is maximized when a boiled potato is cooled to between 30 and 45 deg F, then not reheated over 120 deg. Repeated heat/cool cycles even convert more starch to RS. Same goes for rice.

      • That’s cool I guess, but it sounds like a lot of work. And I actually want the calories I’m consuming; fucking freeloading gut bacteria, trying to steal my kcals.

      • Hahaha. Greedy bastards.

  8. Almost forgot…Merry Christmas!

  9. Richard, I’m curious if you’ll be getting a lipid profile done at the end of the potato affair. Sorry if you’ve already mentioned it somewhere.

  10. aminoKing says:

    Completely off topic: has anyone had any success renovating a chubby girlfriend? I have not been particularly successful finding myself a ‘hot’ girlfriend but I have seen plenty of chubby girls with good underlying structure. If I found myself a chubby girl and hotted her up a bit, that could work, right? Just take her along to the gym as my gym buddy, pack her lunches and the rest should take care of itself I would think. Of course, there’s always the risk she’ll move along to greener pastures once she has a hot bod to work with. I dunno, it’s all too hard these days I think.

  11. The Devil says:

    Now that you’ve tried heaps of potatoes, do you think you would ever consider eating significant amounts of sugar, fruit, and/or honey? If you’re physically ok eating sugar (even white sugar), probably with lowered protein and fat, then I guess the number one thing to get rid of would be vegetable oil?

    • Not significant amounts, but I’m not irrationally fearful of it. A small glass of fresh squeezed juice now and then, even a real instead of diet cola, now & then, or a milkshake. Just not overboard.

  12. Lots of hard-to-find info on Resistant Starch!

    “Obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer
    have recently become major threats to human health in
    many nations at least in part due to changes in eating and
    drinking habits. Although the etiology is multi-factorial,
    diet has been identified as the most important environmental
    risk factor for development of these diseases. Thus,
    dietary modification, like increases in dietary fiber intake,
    could be a cost-effective way to reduce prevalence of
    these conditions. RS should be taken into account when
    the optimum level of daily dietary fiber is determined.”

    “…In general, tubers and legumes
    had more RS than cereals. Among the selected foods,
    potato showed the highest amount of RS.”

    “…The highest RS content, among the tuber products tested,
    was found in fresh potato (72.0%), which was almost six
    times higher than in the preserved sample.”

    “…According to Åkerberg
    et al,19 refrigeration of boiled potatoes might influence the
    formation of retrograded starch considerably. Therefore,
    when steamed or roasted potatoes were stored at 4oC for
    24 h, the RS contents presumably increased considerably.
    The nature of the RS formed was probably retrograded
    amylopectin, since retrogradation of amylose is favored at
    around 100oC.25 In addition, the RS fractions in the fried
    yam slices and steamed taro were also considerable.”

    • You heard it here first, but I don’t want to do a blog about it just yet.

      My publisher, in addition to the anarchy book we’re working on, has also begun collecting my posts for a potato diet book.

      I’m very busy.

      More later. But yes, RS is what makes the book (this will be small and easy) a really good thing to do.

      • I had considered writing a book as well after I tried it first on Mark’s Daily Apple, but lacking resources and know-how, I will be extremely happy if you write a book!

        It really writes itself! A sordid history, salvation for a starving world, vilified as evil carb, nutrition value, amazing presto-chango Resistant Starch, potato-only diets thru history, the Mayan connection, types of potatoes, growing/buying tips, cooking/eating tips, and finally a miracle weight-loss tool with a catchy name (Potato reset, hack, whatever)

        Good luck! Can’t wait! Delete this post if it gives anything away…

  13. AminoKing says:

    Aright! Another book or two perhaps. How about a $9.99 a month potato meal planner :) Just kidding of course: day 1 – boiled potatoes; day 2 – baked potatoes; repeat…. :>

  14. Potato starch and corn starch have a lot of industrial uses, e.g., as a component of paper coatings, and as additives and retention aids in paper manufacturing. The performance characteristics in these applications dependon the relative proportions of amylose (linear polymer, smaller) vs amylopectin (larger, branched molecule). The amylose form tends to form crystals more readily, and hence is less digestable. This form is what is termed Resistant Starch. In general, potato starches have a higher amylose content than corn starches. People who manufacture starches for industrial applications have developed varieties of potatoes and corn which tend to have either a lot of amylose or a lot of amylopectin, depending on the end use requirements. They also know a lot about how cooking and processing alters the characteristics of the starch. Anyone interested in researching the subject of resistant starches should probably take a look at some of the literature on industrial uses.

  15. I would love to have the complete recipe for the potato salad pictured. Looks awesome and I miss it. Do you use a home made mayo? My old recipe uses miracle whip, potato, egg, dill pickles, and a splash of pickle juice, and mustard.

    • Chris:

      I don’t really do recipes, but here’s the list:

      hard boiled egg (about 1 egg per potato)
      chopped onion
      chopped dill pickle (pickle relish is an alternative)
      couple tsp of pickle juice
      yellow mustard
      salt, pepper, garlic, paprika

      I rarely do home made mayo because I rarely use it, anymore. I keep a bottle of trader Joe’s organic 100% canola oil mayo (at least it’s not soy). Sure wish someone would create a mayo product using high oleic sunflower oil.


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