Solid Lesson Learned: Drama is Bullshit

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Since swearing off last year’s drama in one of my firsts posts of the year and sticking to it, I have been justly rewarded.

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30 Days of Visits & Page Views

I’m very comfortable with a solid mission in front of me, using the capital I’ve accumulated over the years: reaching out to people to be a bit of a help to eat, think, and move around better. It’s that simple.

Done spending & squandering capital. Now I’m reinvesting.

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  1. Travis Steward says:

    Congrats Richard. I’m looking forward to reading more of the uniquely interesting content you come up with. You’re really the only one in the paleo-sphere with the right background and experience to produce it.

  2. Gordon Shannon says:

    Congrats. What’s the distinction between red and yellow?

  3. Your efforts on the front lines will be missed.

  4. The battle against certain folks of the feminine persuasion. A male advocate was and is needed.

    • You call those “front lines?”

      I call then a distraction I’m over with. Fun while it lasted, but I don’t have a terrier mindset.

    • Advocate males by being a damn meaningful one. Or are you of the same victim-by-sex mindset as those you criticize?

      If Richard makes good on his mission, he is being a meaningful male. Drama is a tiresome sideshow.

  5. Those losers have no readership, anyway. They could not be more boring.

    When you fight with them, it gives them a reason to live.

    “Terrier” is a great metaphor. They are Rat Terriers. Or maybe Chihuahuas.

  6. aminoKing says:

    Good job. The money/goodwill could you could (potentially) make from a constructive persona/profile/attitude will far outweigh the (potential) money you could make from a negative stance.

  7. Good fucking job man! .. you are appreciated ..

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