The Funniest Lafs You’ll Get in 2013 (and January isn’t even done yet)

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I don’t know when I’ve laffed so hard recently. Ten minutes of non-stop laf. Morons, not realizing they’re in a parade.

…And people criticize my anarchism? Laf.

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  1. Just heard this and thought was funny, though not related:

    Communist till rich.

    Feminist till married.

    Atheist till the plane starts falling.

    • Which one is not like the others?

      • They are all one in the same. We have the ability to change our [perception of] reality to suit our needs. Image the implications as we become more highly evolved. Today – the perception, tomorrow – the real deal. Perhaps i should become a Buddhist so I can come back to experience this. ☺

  2. +1 for the committee reading the Mentors lyrics!

  3. Russell C says:

    Land of the free… Yeah right.

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